With Hope comes Love

Cadence Celeste Harmony wakes up to nothing and has to start life over with help from Man in the Moon. and she realizes she had a past life and now serves a part in protecting children. but then she meets Bunny, and he might win her singing heart


1. Meet Cadence



    ~~(Just a reminder there might be some lanuage but I will keep it to minimum and there may be a few disturbing scenes )

Name: Cadence Celeste Harmony

Age:looks 17 actually is 243

personality: an open individual with people she knows ( friends church groups school.) But shy when put in public behind closed doors she has a troubled past.

looks: brown hair blue eyes tall (5'7 ) athletic long slender legs ( but strong )very tan.

weapon: bow and arrow knives and a special talent found out later ;)

crush: bunny :D  

Favorite season: summer (wup,wup!) 

Friends: anyone who is nice to her

Dislikes: pitch and bacon ( well, some people dont like bacon!)

likes: music animals drawing school reading and the outdoors

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