With Hope comes Love

Cadence Celeste Harmony wakes up to nothing and has to start life over with help from Man in the Moon. and she realizes she had a past life and now serves a part in protecting children. but then she meets Bunny, and he might win her singing heart


5. At the pole


~~ North's P.O.V.

                        "I'M BUSY!!!!!" I yell to my right hand elf dingle. But he starts jumping and pointing to the globe and the lights are blinking purple. I was like WTF. I SAID "prepare to have the guardians come to the pole." Seconds later bunny comes to the poorer and stands my the fireplace rubbing his feet. He hates the cold. A little while later sandy shows up. Seconds later tooth flutters in.we wait more minutes and jack still isn't here. So I send sandy in his sand airplane to go find him.

                JACK'S P.O.V.

                            I'm in Finland making it snow when I see the aurora borealis but I've wasted enough time. Winter is already late because  I had a snowball fight with jamie. I mean who can say no to a snowball fight! I'm just finishing up when I see sandy fly over to me in a golden plane. I know I'm in trouble so I try to lighten the mood. " nice ride sandy can ya get me one?" I say with a chuckle. He just glares at me. Then he smiles and I let out a sigh of relief and the he grabs my ear and pulls me in to the passanger side of the plane. And I just pout like a little kid and let out a huff of fusteration. Minutes later we are at the pole and north picks me up me by my collar and I hear bunny chuckle in the background and tooth gasps which causes me to smirk. North scolds me, " you know that when we send the singal you MUST come no matter the cirmustances. I nod my head in reply. Out of bordem I glance over to the globe and the lights are flashing purple. I was like what the hell! Then everyone turns my way with bewilderment on their eyes. So I say" did I say that out loud?" They nod as in yes and I just point to the globe " North says yes that's been happening a lot lately that is why I called a all of you here today. Then the window to the moon opens and we hear a voice say. "It seems to be that time again."

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