Life Is Not Always Roses

Sakura, experiment number 835429, has had a rough childhood and wants to know the truth of her past. The Festival of Roses seems to have some sort of connection but it could be a coincidence that is on her birthday. Dealing with a changing government she must find a way to stay alive and well.


1. The Pain That Stole a Childhoon

Experimental House Rules
1.No Talking Back
2.Do As Commanded Without Question
3.Don’t Run Away!!
4.Don’t Start A Fight With Anyone
5.No Loud Talking Amongst Each Other
6.No Plotting To Hurt Or Kill The Heads/Males Here
7.Everyone Must Attend Meetings, Failure To Do So Will Result In Punishment
8.All Showers Are Scheduled Going Against The Schedule Without Approval From A Head Will Result In Punishment
9.No Switching Cells Ever Even If You Want To Be Alone
10.You Will Share A Cell With 5 Other Girls Unless Selected For The Special Cells
11.Additional Rules Will Come And Go On A Person As The Heads Pleases




Experimental House Intake
♥Date: 9/7/4991
♠Name: Sakura Rizzo
♥Age: 2 years old
♣Birthday: 10/26/4988
♥Given by: Namgung, Hyun Jung
♦Relation: Mother
♥DNA markers: Locattiss Tribe and Selimon Kkoch Mudangs/Miko no Kiba
♠Number: 835429
♥Cell number: S.P. 100
♣Dates of runaways: 11/16/4991

Notes: Rare combination and the 1st one of her kind to come to the experimental house, though the child is very young will help us study her DNA markers combination. She is 2 years old and will be at least 7-8 years before full study can be started considering her age. The head has taken a special interest in her despite this and is to be alone in her cell with no roommates. As for why just her mother, we are aware that her father doesn’t want this and the people on the ground was told to make it look like she ran away and then captured.


Namgung, Hyun Jung has 8 children with Dante Rizzo: Daisuke, Giovanni, Kenji, Benito, Ryouchi, Emilio, Sakura, and Antonia 6 boys and 2 young girls. No one knows what Hyun Jung has in mind to do to Sakura who is 2 years old and her family that she has created with Dante. Sakura is tucked into her mother’s arm as she is running in the small town of Homestead, Kypler since Dante is at his office since he is the mayor of Homestead. Why only Sakura, well her boys certainly can’t go and Antonia is only a baby for what she has planned. Reaching an unmarked white van where two males are standing near and she slows down.

“Ms. Namgung,” states a person. “I take it you have the girl?”

“Yes I do, gentlemen, she is young 2 years old to be 3 in late October with the DNA markers for Locattiss Tribe and Selimon Kkoch Mudangs in Bok Chutopian, Miko o Kiba in Aleumangi, or Kāihuā jìsī in Theonizion which ever one you prefer. My parents were Bok Chutopian and Aleumang both of which had connections to their priestess.”

“Ah or better known in English the Flowering Priestess. A very rare combination indeed and we have no data on the combination she will be of use. She will be taken care of and be given the attention she deserves so you don’t have to worry about her.”

“I won’t be but her father will, make it look like she ran away before she was picked up.”

“You helped with that but when don’t we when one parent isn’t on board as well.”

Sakura is handed over and immediately she puts up a fight after hearing that since she didn’t know what her mother was doing and was thrown in the van as her mother is given a wad of cash. The men get in the van and take off without bucking Sakura in.

“Stop!” yells Sakura. “Take me home!”

“Shut up back there, brat, you are to be grateful for your roll. We normally don’t get ones as young as you do but the years we can have with you is good so we will know how your overlap works. Now be quiet!” mandates one of them.

“No! Take me home!”

“Listen, you aren’t going back home you will be given a new home since your parents didn’t want you. Any more remarks from you will result in a spanking.”

Sakura gulps and in the moving van gets into a seat and tries to buckle herself in. Why her mother did this to her is beyond but surely her dad didn’t approve of this considering all of their fighting over something especially the children they have. Also why were they talking about combinations? Something seems off but being 2 Sakura cannot pinpoint what is up. Tears escape her eyes not knowing if she will ever see her family again and if she does will they want her back. A 2 year old should never have to go through this hell no one should have to but they do. Though it seems that the parent ships the girl off when she is 10 years old not 2 and near or in puberty already.

Dante is at home trying to get his kids in line and is counting but cannot see Sakura with her curly coily* hair and similar mocha` color skin that he has. He knows Sakura can be extra harsh-full to Sakura and has said several times if she doesn’t shape up that she was going on a trip to see the Experimental House and not come back. He knows that errands that Hyun Jung does do never include children even if he disapproves of them and hardly sees her for long periods the longest was about 11 months after Sakura was born and has been disappearing ever since.

“Daisuke, did mom say anything to you about taking Suki on an errand?” inquires Dante trying to put pieces together knowing Sakura was a little upset earlier.

“Yes but they will be awhile and she might drop off Sakura with a friend,” replies Daisuke. “Mom didn’t say much more other than mumbling about something that I couldn’t make out.”

“Did she say when she will be back?”

“No just that she will be out for a while and not to worry and will meet us at the park. That you have us lined for to see if we are ready and so we can go. I thought mom told you that she was headed out with Suki.”

“No she didn’t which is why I asked. Thank you for telling me.”

“Are we still going to the park?” asks Carlo.

“Yes,” Dante answers. “Let’s get in the car and we will be on our way.”

Dante leaves with his other children to the park unaware what is happening and will eventually break up the entire family. Not only that but the future will hinge on her being truthful and not just wanting more money and just having as much sex as she can. He knows that for Selimon Kkoch Mudang his wife is an outlier to a degree by not healing but then what modern day Selimon Kkoch Mudang isn’t an outlier. It is not like the home makers of the Locattiss tribe which have successfully integrated for the most part into the modern world and maybe stubborn to get a job if one income cannot sustain the family. Sure they are highly sexual but normally to one person and on a rare occasion to the people that are married are neuroamours. He and no one else knows in their children will react with one another especially for Sakura and Antonia considering what they do know they overlap where they share half. This is why the experimental house wants them and talked to them when they had Sakura and Antonia and had declined together at that time. Now with his marriage to Hyun Jung crumbling Dante is thinking Hyun Jung went behind his back and gave Sakura to the Experimental House. Even if right now he has no way of confirming it, he will after he talks to his wife and if needed make a missing persons report. At that the family heads to the park even if Dante wanted to them all to go since Sakura loves the park. It was one thing she has always looked forward to going to and wasn’t a bad but very active. Dante just thinks their personalities crash which is why Hyun Jung didn’t like her too, much which would have been more pronounced as Sakura ages. Once at the park the children go their different ways and he has the newborn Antonia in his arms.

After dropping of Sakura with the representatives from the Experimental House, Hyun Jung takes the money given to her and heads to the courthouse to start the process of divorcing her husband, Dante. She thought it would be fun to marry someone but she was getting restless and if he knew that she had cheated on him several times he would initiate the divorce and keep his or her children. Especially since he can find proof that she has neglected Sakura. However if she files before him she can plant false evidence to harm him and that Sakura is from his fake mistress. Sure she is lying to the court but she has gotten away with it before with her eldest daughter Danielle before her brother, President Hyun Jin Namgung, stepped in and adopted her. She and her brother don’t get along whatsoever and he has found out her lies thereby, forcing her to let her brother adopt her children if he ever finds out. Sure her siblings has seen all of them with the exception of Antonia at their Baek Il~and Dol~ parties and Antonia’s Baek Il is coming up before Sakura’s birthday. She will have to look distressed that her Sakura has been captured, now to figure out what to call Sakura if she returns and the mistress’s name. Once in the courthouse the receptionist greets her.

“How can I help you?” greets the receptionist at the front desk.

“Yes, I’m looking to divorcing my husband and custody of our children,” Hyun Jung replies. “Do you know what office I need to go to?”

“The office is 231 on the 2nd floor. If you want a family lawyer they have a list for you to look at and contact.”

“Thank you but I don’t need one.”

“Anything else?”

“No, I’m good.”

Hyun Jung heads to the office and get greeted by the receptionist.

“Yes,” the receptionist states unenthusiastically.

“Well I want to file for divorce and custody of the children I have with my soon to be ex and was directed here,” retorts Hyun Jung. “Can you help?”

“Yes, I can. All people coming through here want a divorce, amending child support, or custody agreements. Just fill out these forms and give them back to me when you are done.”

He hands Hyun Jung a pile of papers and she sits in the seating area as her black shiny straight hair goes in front of her face as she looks at them. She gets them filled out there since she knows that if she brings them home Dante will be suspicious even if she is moving to an apartment on her own in town. Sure most will take the papers home and fill them out but both parties agree but for her she doesn’t want to cause suspicion in the family. Besides they do not need to separate in order to petition to divorce in Kypler so until they get a court date she can still be in the house but she hopes to be out this week. Either way the papers don’t take long with only 2 she needed to fill out. The other papers are to help her look at lawyer and how to contact them along with government help if she were to need them. She stashes her papers in her purse and hands the signed papers back to the attendant who just looks at her weird. It’s not her problem and he will file them as normal.

With that Hyun Jung takes her leave and heads to the park knowing full well that she need to convince Dante about Sakura being captured and possibly dead. She runs through her scenarios through her head during this time to get it down. If the truth is to be known then the whole lie will be for nothing and will be facing several serious charges. No one needs to know anything she has done today especially if she cannot escape and return and will not have to continue in her lie. As soon as she reaches the park she starts her charade of searching for Sakura and near in tears as she heads to the play area that Dante and the other children are at playing. Dante is the first to notice and runs up to his wife to see what is wrong only to be sucked into her plan.

“Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” asks Dante. “Did Sakura run off?”

“No, she was captured and they ran off. I thought they went this way but I guess I was wrong. Where did they take her?” cries Hyun Jung.

“She’ll be found. Have you contacted the police?”


“That’s the first thing we should do so they can widen the search area. When did this happen?”

“Just as I was entering the park not too long ago from my errands, both in black hoodies, and I could only tell they were 6’0” each.”

“They couldn’t have gotten far then.”

Dante at that contacts the police to get the ball rolling to find their daughter not knowing he is walking into a trap. The police get to them quick as possible where they show them the most recent picture of Sakura only taken 3 days ago and what she is wearing but there were discrepancies. According to Dante she had on a short sleeve pinkish-purple top with a Japanese Tree called Midori design and butterflies with jeans, a pink rain jacket, and black and purple sneakers. Now Hyun Jung said that Sakura had on a short sleeve grey dress with a Panda Bear, hearts, and a dog, pink legging, and the same jacket and shoes. Hyun Jung passes this off as she had to head home after the errands that she needed to change Sakura and hadn’t told Dante yet. This starts their search and for the coming week the police search for her as Hyun Jung leaves the house she shared with Dante. They both get more questions only after a week they begin to suspect the parents themselves particularly Hyun Jung since she was with Sakura last. If they all only know that Hyun Jung sent her to the Experimental House.

For days the van collects more children across the country mostly 10 years old and up with Sakura only being the youngest. The van pull up to an extension of an old large building causing all the girls to realize where they are and start to demand to go back home with the exception of Sakura who isn’t looking anywhere but the floor considering she has been the only one so far that has been vocal about this and has become tired. The 2 men get out before opening up the door to where they girls are located and both of them smirk.

“Welcome to your new home, ladies,” one of them states. “No one leaves this building until they die which could be however short or long you can hold out. Consequences for running away are harsh and not many people escape. Now get unbuckled so you can get checked in and processed.”

Upon entering they are told to undress and get into a big shower before anything can be done since the children needs to be clean and an older girl is to help Sakura as well. The shower went between scolding hot to freezing cold as is there was no happy middle or the system is acting up. After the shower the girls are given a basic white house coat and some slippers before being placed from eldest to youngest. It is in this order that they are presented to the 4 heads of the Experimental House in a large room where they smile.

“Welcome ladies, as Bautista Gonzalez and Joseph Uzun have told you this is your new home. We are now your providers and disciplinarians so it will do you well to adhere to our rules. If you break the rules there will be severe consequences, but we will go over them later. For now you will have to fill out a form with your name, age, and birthday and we will fill in the rest. Bautista and Joseph will be here to help you fill them out and for those who cannot write or read a secretary will be given to you and ask those questions. We will then take you in order that you are presented now to us, as we each will decide whom we want. Afterwards you’ll return here and wait further orders which include the rules, your number, and your cell number.”

At that the girls are given papers and a secretary sits with Sakura going over the papers by reading them and fills out what is needed from them. Some of the girls have questions about the reading section and only then did they realize they will be experiments that didn’t at the beginning or when they saw the house. Sakura has it read and explained at her level but she knew full well enough that her mother had plans to hurt her bad. This was her mother’s plan and why she was scheming. The eyes of the heads do rest on her for this time to confirm her DNA markers and if they can properly gage her age considering Sakura is tall for her age. The main head; Han, Zhiqiang ; leans into his colleges and smiles to them since he made his first pick.

“I’ll take Sakura Rizzo if you guys don’t object to it. If it is her,” he states.

“No, but if it is true she is the niece of the president she is only 2 years old,” state another head as the other shake their heads no. “While it gives we time to study the combination of Selimon Kkoch Mudang and Locattiss Tribe DNA Markers together but she could be too young for any of this. Not to mention the most successful runaways we had in the past are of the Locattiss Tribe.”

“Let her run but find her when she turns 10 if she does but there is no way she is 10 yet even if she is tall for her age. Obviously she will have consequences but I was thinking of different punishments for her and I will null and void public punishments for her.”

“What are you thinking?”

“Her skin is too precious to mar with that gorgeous shade of mocha brown skin tone and the cherry blossom mark above and below her eye. More sexual punishments should suffice for her and it won’t damage her skin in the least. What a pity we have to give her a fairy tattoo on her right arm for her number though but the fairies can make it blend in that it looks like her mark. Not many families in Thonbok or the Aleumang Islands have the mark but the president’s mother has the cherry blossom mark and was named after her. So in reality we are dealing with limited families with her.”

The rest nod their head and since this batch at 16 girls they each will take 4 with Sakura already claimed by Zhiqiang. At that they go around collecting papers from people that they want. When Zhiqiang gets to Sakura he bends down, moves her hair from the right ear, and gently bites on the upper tip of the ear.

“Mine,” he whispers to her afterwards giving Sakura the chills.

They announce the girls will have to get up and follow the person who chose them to their room so they can finish the intake. So they do being separated for a while, in each room are a fairy to manage the girls, and will be used to put the number on the girls. Once at the rooms though each girl has to wait outside until it is her turn and there are screams that come from the room. Sakura is sitting on the floor wishing to be anywhere but here but doesn’t know how to get out. It gets to the point she is the only one on the floor before the door opens as the girl before her leaves and a naked Zhigiang stands before her.

“Do you need help?” he asks giving her his hand.

“No,” rebukes Sakura. “I want daddy.”

“Daddy can’t save you, sweetheart, neither can mommy. You are in good hands though.”

“Mommy is a bad person. Daddy loves me.”

“Daddy isn’t here but you will be taken care of here, given meals, and all the attention you want. You are the youngest we have had here and that won’t go unnoticed. Do you know how rare your makers are?”

“I want daddy’s attention not yours.”

“You try my patients, Sakura; get up now before I pick you up. I gave into your childish whims but I don’t have all day to talk to you out here.”
At the threatening tone Sakura gets up and hightails it in the room where he closes the door and the fairy sighs.

“Lord Han, she is too young,” states the fairy with blonde wavy hair, pink eyes, and purple bat like wings. “Exactly what are your plans certainly you are planning greater assistance with her than with the others.”

“Of course I plan more assistance, Desdemona, the main thing I want from you while it is going on is try to stretch her to accommodate me magically so I don’t totally destroy her and minimize the pain as much as you can. We will not leave immediately from here, as afterwards I do want you to heal her so she can have children one day which will be mine. Until she reaches 10 years old this is the only time a penis will enter her but it won’t negate that we will have to feel her up. Also think of designs for her number that will incorporate the cherry blossom mark for her since I don’t want to look out of place even if her mark stays on one side on top of what I have to do.”

“I can do that but her mark will incorporate all her left side for the most part as she ages and may even head to the right side on the body. Interesting mark though, hers seems to be a never ending branch it may have to deal her has Locatti blood in her as well as Selimon Mudang blood or her blood line…”

“Desdemona, will you stop talking so we can get going?”


“Now my leading lady, shall we continue.”

His arm grabs the tie holding Sakura’s robe on, it opens up, and he slowly takes it off of her. He ignores her tears and silent cries for help as Desdemona has made her silent and unable to move to her will. She is in the hands of a perverted Zhiqiang. It was the most painful experience she has been through as he rapes her. Even if he tries to sooth her it doesn’t help. He is taken with her for some reason or another despite her young age and nowhere near puberty. He even sooths her when Desdemona heals Sakura afterwards which does take a while before wrapping her robe around her and carrying her back out.

“You were great,” he soothes. “Certainly when you reach of age you will be even better but what is done cannot be undone. You will be loved here and given the best of what we can offer.”

They finally get to the room and at that the fairies give those numbers as the heads talk and verify everything. One not was on Sakura and they agree a special room is needed for her and note how taken Zhiqiang knowing he will be calling the shots with her and amending a lot of the rules. While they have their prizes before Sakura came he never did and she is his prize. The prizes are special and treated with better care than normal but only to a point. Getting the numbers don’t hurt considering the fairies just do some chant over the person and it appears on the skin which as they grow will grow with them and only the prizes get an added flare. Sakura’s once it is finished her number is in a tribal style branch and surrounded by cherry blossom flowers matching her mark on her face. Afterwards the wards are taken to their cell which most of the new ones followed on head while Zhiqiang picks up Sakura to get her to her cell. A normal cell is spacious, has 6 bunks, limited sex toys that are normally brought in, and has only 1 toilet for the cell. Sakura’s cell and other special cells while smaller due to one person but are considered a luxury. It has one bed on the warmest wall even if the head of bed can be lowered, a claw foot bathtub, several sex toys and restraints to people to study the occupant, and a small space heater along with toilet. Within that time Desdoma does a weird incantation for that stops hair growth upon puberty that normally forms or gets darker. All what is said that food will be provided for her soon.

In the Rizzo-Namgung household their lives have been turned upside down with the capture of Sakura and Hyun Jung’s divorce from Dante. The now president Hyun Jin Namgung is visiting and getting worried that without his help they may never find Sakura and has set up a press conference in Homestead, Kypler shortly after the Baek Il for Antonia and the day before October 26, Sakura’s Birthday considering a bill for the year has gotten passed. With everything set up he hopes to help the cause knowing full well that Hyun Jung may have aided in this kidnapping.

“My countrymen, I pray that you are all well and are spending time with your families,” starts President Namgung. “As you know my family is going through a rough time as my niece Sakura Rizzo has been captured in early September and over a month has passed. Dante and Hyun Jung have pleaded to get their daughter back but to no avail. I come on behalf of them this time to urge the captures to release my niece and send her home. I also urge the police in this country and to citizens to keep an eye out for suspicious behavior and report it. Also if you have any leads on where Sakura Rizzo may be you may call 237-964-5471 to post them as we wish to bring her captures to justice. We know she will not make it home for her birthday tomorrow and for this year for tomorrow a bill has been passed throughout the country honoring my niece. This bill that has been passed created that tomorrow will be The Festival of Roses. What I wish to happen is that each of the citizens will place a rose either real or fake by the main landmark in their town. If you do not have a main landmark any place in public will do but we hope that she will see this and know she is safe for she really is a rose because the adversary that she has to go through. Fake roses will be handed out and real roses at a discounted price by federally sponsored florist and other designated officials. I understand this is last minute and not everyone can do this but to those who can I urge you to participate and hopefully if this is to continue I will give a longer period so you can prepare. I just want my niece back and safe.”

None of these attempts helps to get Sakura back nor any leads as if they are hoping but other than make more of a divide between Dante and Hyun Jung. No one said that this would be easy but it is even harder when it appears that someone is lying to the public and not giving full details. By now for all they know Sakura could be dead and never return home. How could someone harm an active girl loved by her family is beyond their scope but someone is and possibly by a liar. All what the family wants is some peace and closure on the situation even if in most cases like these they never come which Hyun Jung is hoping for so she doesn’t have to continue this lie. If only had she thought this through, she would realize she shouldn’t have went through with this because eventually even if not by the justice system will but her back and it already has by Dante’s distrust. He is fighting hard to have the children with him than with Hyun Jung incase this were to happen again with one of his sons or God forbid Antonia. He doesn’t want to lose another child let alone another girl especially if his suspicion that Sakura was sent to The Experimental House is true. But for now they all have to wade through this storm until it clears.

Sakura knows she has been in the cell for a long time by the small window that lights up her cell and by how many times when it gets dark that Zhiqiang would come in and molest her. Sometimes he will fill the tub up and bathe her there while fingering her. He doesn’t listen her cries to stop but then again no one here listens to them, as they are still a hidden society that has yet to be exposed to the world. Only a few people know what it truly is including the politicians that support the house. The rest of the society has varying stories from once housing Native Luciaons to a factory to an old etiquette house that has long be forgotten by the outward appearance. In fact most stories has it abandoned making it flourish and most who knows what happens in there have polarizing of either hating it or loving it. Hating it is the vast majority, wants to see the house burn down, and eliminated for good so girls of DNA markers can have their childhood. When they come here they lose it. Some guards are right now outside of Sakura’s cell with a paper for something with the date of November 17, 4991 and what Sakura can tell that something major is happening from their voices and the passing days. For the past couple of days, people have been coming to her cell and either getting her measured for something or making sure she is clean. This has been the same for the other girls in the special cells but they are more compliant than Sakura who is scared to death. Finally Zhiqiang comes in and smiles.

“You be good,” he starts. “We are doing a showing for a few people who help our house and I don’t need you causing trouble. The guards will get you dressed shortly and will take you to the exit when everything is set. If you are compliant you will get a reward later tonight if not you will be punished. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” replies Sakura not looking at Zhiqiang.

“Good, now I need to get ready myself.”

With that Zhiqiang leaves and the guards come in who puts her in a pink long sleeve top that multicolor heart saying “Sunshine Always”, a white and pink A-line pleated skirt, white leggings, and sparkly silver flats with pink trim. Once that is on they put a black head band that has a flower on it. She apparently was the 1st one to get done because none of the other 3 special girls is there but they are supposedly older than she is and they may have a more elaborate outfit themselves. Finally others come out in dresses and heels when they are shuttled into the van to an unknown location. It feels funny to Sakura and the others ignore her and only talk amongst themselves for the ride. What is to say that they won’t be killed? The other girls seem to know more what is going on and have no qualms about this but it still terrifies Sakura that today maybe her last day alive. They end up in an upscale hotel and the girls are shuffled in to see some other people in black suits before going up to the presidential suite to be greeted by others.

“These are politicians that supports us, ladies,” starts Zhiqiang. “Some of you know about your shows we do except for you, 835429. Be nice to them ladies and you will be heavily rewarded. The 714276, 728469, and 671988 you know your orders and will do wisely to start them and as for you 835429 your duties will change after a while but for now will be for now will be mainly to look pretty and try to get them interested in you. When you reach puberty you will join these lovely ladies. Guards take 835429 to the gardens so she can interest people as we do our business up here. And make sure she is safe and doesn’t leave your sight.”

“Yes sir,” states the 2 beside Sakura.

The 3 older girls goes in fully while Sakura is escorted to the nearby national gardens where there is many fairies to be seen. Sakura is more interested in the fairies than making politicians look at her not that they don’t and move her closer to them to take a good look at her. It doesn’t seem either to last as they let her go play or something weird happens. The weird thing happening is a fairy named Krystelle freezing time for seconds only letting Sakura getting away before something bad happens. Krystelle is waiting for the right minute to freeze for a long time to get her away from this area and inform the president she has found Sakura as she works as the representative for fairies to the president. She learned about Sakura there and seen her picture so she knows to keep her safe she needs to do this before anything bad happens any further than what was already done. The timing she is waiting for is when the guards aren’t noticing anything or she is so far away from them that they will need time to get up to her. In fact when Sakura is headed towards Krystelle she does note that the guard’s backs are turned and talking to politicians about Sakura. This is her time, with the incantation of stature tempus maximum^ leaving everyone but Sakura frozen.

“What are you doing?” asks Sakura.

“Getting you to safety,” replies Krystelle. “Run, there is a road nearby and certainly someone will see you there. I will make sure they won’t capture you again.”

“Why are you getting me to safety?”

“Because I work with your Uncle Hyun Shi, I’m the fairy representative and my name is Krystelle. He is very worried about you along with your family and anything I can do to help your family find you I will. Now run since this will only last for a few minutes.”
With that Sakura didn’t need to run again. She wants to be away from the house and this is a situation that could get her away from it. Krystelle helped Sakura just wants her to be with family that will offer her better protection. Even if the captors will be mad that she ran away. Sakura follows the sidewalk and does end up by a road that is busy. In an attempt to catch someone’s attention she nearly goes on it but a car stops short and a person comes out.

“Where are your parents?” the person asks.

“I don’t know,” Sakura replies. “I was captured months ago and my captors brought me here.”

“What’s your name?”

“Sakura Rizzo and I lived Homestead, Kypler. My parents are Dante Rizzo and Hyun Jung Namgung-Rizzo. I know they aren’t here. I’m not sure if they are there anymore.”

“Who captured you?”

“The Experimental House did. Mommy gave me to them. Daddy doesn’t know.”

“Let’s get you to a hospital, sweetheart. They can get you look at to see if you are hurt.”

“Ok, who are you?”

“I’m Farah Hakim but we need to be careful.”

At that they leave and the time restores to normal and the guards are panicking that Sakura was lost.

“Did you see where she went?” inquires one of them.

“No, Sakura gave us the slip, but now what?” replies the other. “She had a bright pink shirt on unless her survivor reflux went into high gear or a fairy aided in this. Either way Zhiqiang will have our heads since we’re to watch her not have her runaway. Let’s find her.”

“I agree. You follow the path to the road and I’ll go towards the end that goes to the park. We’ll meet back here.”

“Alright, but if we don’t find her what do we tell…”

“We’ll deal with that later, just find the girl before a sympathetic human takes her and gets her back to her father.”

They search high and low for Sakura only calling out her number but not find no trace of her and they even search in the park hoping she may have gone there and found a playground. In fact the playground is has is 1 square mile with a pool, walk ways, several playgrounds, a skate park, tennis courts, baseball fields, and outdoor basketball courts. To say the least there is a lot of people at any given time and anyone can get lost in crowds especially during the day in nicer weather. Though the colder months not many people come out and with it being in November less and less people are coming. So if she went to the park they would have spotted her easily but cannot see here. They must go to the Zhiqiang and face his wrath when he hears of this. They head to the room, it is quiet, the heads are waiting in the living space of the suite, and he notices something is missing.

“Where is experiment 835429?” he asks. “Did she run back in the hotel for something?”

“No, we don’t know where she went,” one of them starts.

“We looked for her in the garden and in the park adjacent to the garden but we couldn’t find her. It was like time stood still and she got away,” the other incorporates.

“So you are saying she ran away? Why weren’t you two watching her closely?” interrogates Zhiqiang.

“We were talking to politicians about her at the time she ran away since she wasn’t interested in them but more or less the flowers and the fairies like they were playing with her. If she had talked to the politicians more they wouldn’t have come up to us to ask about her,” tells the first.

“And you don’t think a fairy helped in all of this?” observes Zhiqiang.

“While it is a possibility,” informs the second. “But Locatti have a high survivor drive and in the past given the chance will run and are the only ones to successfully escape. You have seen it before with Locatti combination with other DNA markers and they never come back even if we let them go because of the data we have about them. Her DNA markers are 1st of her kind and we don’t have that much data on her so what if it was her survivor instinct.”

“It can’t be for one reason, she is only 2 years old and while she has survivor instincts haven’t matured to the place to actually find ways to look for escapes like the others. Fairies had to have help because at this age if she was a full Locatti was dependent on her mother for survival 10 year olds and up not so much. Also you should have noted that with the fairies to keep an extra eye on her and when politicians talked to you about her you should have called her to you. Do you have any leads where she might have gone?”

“No, unfortunately”

“I see, well I hate to say it but you both are fired. Leave now!”

They gulp and leave as ordered since they failed and actually thought they would have had more of their heads chewed off than what they got. In the meantime Farah Hakim gets Sakura in the closest hospital and in the ER to have she checked out even if it will take the longest to get her seen. When talking to the receptionist though she is hurried in and the hospital contacts the police by the story that Farah has given them. Sakura gets checked out which does hurt when looking at her private areas and doing a rape kit. Soon afterward the police come in and begin to ask Sakura questions on everything that she remember from being handed over to what happened while she was in the house. It is nerve raking but they at least she did confirm her name and who her parents are so they can be contacted. During this time she is admitted since she has now where to go and they are still running medical tests on her but until they can get her to her father she will most likely be staying here. Sakura hardly pays much attention on what is going around her just looking around the room and being at peace. It is for the first time in the past 2 months that she goes to a sleep soundly and for a long time. Hours passed and she wakes up to people talking in hushed voices around here to see a few doctors but one looks like to be leaving with a dark grey pea coat on

“How was your sleep,” states the doctor looking over Sakura while she is here.

“Good,” she replies. “What’s going on?”

“Dr. Nathan Jenkins has been authorized by your father to take you to his house as they are friends and has kept contact with him. He has just finished up his shift for the day. Now I do have some news for you. Have you been feeling off in the house at all?”

“Not that I could tell. When they touched me it hurt a lot towards the end and peeing. Why?”

“You have an infection called chlamydia and when you did get in here you were running a slight fever. This medicine will help you get better and Dr. Jenkins knows when you need to take in it and the dosage. You will be better in 2 weeks tops but you might be better in a week but you need to take the medicine until it is over. Also a follow up visit with a pediatrician will be in your hometown to confirm it is gone in 3 months. You will be retested for it and if your symptoms worsen or don’t go away after the antibiotic is out you will come back to the hospital. Also no one should touch you in your private parts at all especially during this time if someone tries to or does let someone know and everything will be taken care of.”

“When am I to leave?”

“Now, since he was cleared to take you to his home and we have finished running medical tests on you. You would have been discharged when he got done with work or you woke up whichever one made it simpler on all of us. We were getting things ready for your discharge including clean clothes and your medicine. We had the formed filled out over the phone with your father so you are free to go after you change. You’ll be with your dad soon enough.”

“How soon?”

“Within a week if it is possible,” informs Nathan. “My wife has probably already started to look at plane tickets for my next day off so I can take you. She also dropped of some clothes for you to wear at my office while I was still working. I’ll talk to your dad when we get home and you can talk to him as well then I will get plane tickets as early as possible which I hope we can fly out this week.”



At that the doctor leaves and Nathan gets Sakura into clean clothes and into the bathroom. The clothes are outgrew clothes her older daughter, Sondra, since they were told Sakura was taller than the average 3 year old but even then they seem to be a little small on Sakura. Isabelle Jenkins has given a bright pink giraffe graphic long sleeve t-shirt, a black pleated skirt, white tights, a blush pink child’s trench coat, and plain black Mary Jane shoes. With that Nathan get Sakura to his home where his wife greets him with their young children Sondra and Lily.

“Welcome home, Nate,” replies a light ashed brown haired Isabelle.

“Hi, Belle, Sondra, Lily,” replies Nate. “This is Sakura who will be staying with us until I can get her to her father hopefully this week. Where is Carl?”

“At a friend’s house until dinner, he has no homework and you know this Friday we have a meeting with his teacher about his schooling. He gave me more information today, they want to either him skip a grade or so or have him in more challenging classes which I don’t know what that is. He already skipped several grades. Also Elliot is sleeping.”

“I know but they already have him scheduled for an IQ test and I would rather he have a childhood than be studying all day long. As for Sakura, I do have a guest room set up for her with some clothes that Sondra grew out of.”

“I don’t think that will be much of an option the clothes that should fit by our estimate are small on her even. We might have been told she is tall for her age but without accurately measuring her I’m guessing she is above the 95th percentile for height. By looking at her right now and Sondra they are about the same height, so unless Sondra is willing to give up some of her clothes for a while then we can have Sakura wear her clothes or go and by her enough clothes until we can get her back to her father. And Sondra is about 3’6” that is average for a 5 year old. A 3 year old on average is 3’1” and we obviously estimated wrong exactly how tall she is. I was more thinking Carl’s old clothes, they will fit but considering he is 8 years old, his permission is needed.”

“The clothes do look tight and short on her,” observes Isabelle. “Sondra, would you mind if Sakura used some of your clothes that you wear right now?”

“They’re my clothes and I would rather her not wear them. Why can’t she go to her father now?” replies Sondra.

“Her father, my friend, Dante Rizzo lives in Homestead, Kypler and we live here in the capital, Coombe, Rayland, so that is a good drive away and easier to get there by flying. This is why she cannot go to her father now and why we need clothes for her. Also these past few months haven’t been the best for her, what clothes she did have when she got here have been destroyed and are without family. Sakura is scared and alone with nothing. We need to help her until I can get her to her father in Homestead. Do you understand?”

“Yes, but she still can’t have my clothes.”

“I share,” pipes up Lily causing people to laugh.

“Lily, your clothes will be too small for Sakura even if you are the same age,” reminds Isabelle.

“Thanks for offering though. Why don’t you girls go play and I will continue with dinner. And Sakura, this is your home while you are here so please make yourself comfortable.”

“Yes,” Sakura replies awkwardly and grabs her left arm with her right hand. “Daddy”

The three of them leave but Sakura just follows them in the large house not really knowing what to do.

“So, is she healthy?” inquires Isabelle as soon as the girls were in another room.

“For the most part,” answers Nate. “Belle, the fed her and kept her as healthy as possible there are no broken bones but she transmitted chlamydia while she was in you know where.”

“They had sex with her?! That’s not right!” yells Belle.

“I know, and they at least did have sex with her once but I don’t think Sakura will open up to us so quickly until she becomes comfortable. Most likely she will open up more when she is with her dad and she is missing him badly. I promised she could talk to him when I call Dante it will at least relieve both of them to talk to each other even if it won’t heal their hearts. She was given erythromycin to take and her first dose will be at supper and will need to be taken on with food or at least milk four times daily preferable 6 hours apart. It is liquid and to the top line of the small cup provided with it.”

“Poor girl, not only being taken away from family but having to go through a lot more than anyone should. That house though needs to be closed down so no other girls get hurt. And what the president is doing is not helping the situation whatsoever.”

“Nothing has went into play yet other than talks of him reconstructing the country into a democracy, lowering standards for girl’s education, and building these etiquette houses for girls. Until these go into action they could be rumors that we are hearing. Remember even though we are friends with him he is careful not to talk a lot of politics around his friends so we don’t know fully what he is planning and he may have told no one other than the government. The country needs a reformation, I agree with that but we don’t know his plan until actions are taken.”

“I know but still these rumors don’t help a thing. And why didn’t she go to her uncle that lives here even if he is the president? Surely he would have been the first pick”

“Many reasons but I think her uncle is not in the country along with his family for diplomatic reasons. If he was here I would think he would take her in and it wouldn’t have been a hassle as it was. Also there will be little question when she will get back to her father. He would take her back tonight on his jet.”

“Who do you think gave her to the experimental house? There is no way that she just ran away and she was captured. She doesn’t seem like that type of kid.”

“Her mother most likely, from what Dante told me her and Hyun Jung were never on good terms even when she was born. Also I agree with you that Sakura doesn’t seem like she will purposely runaway from anyone or get captured. Though I suspect she was highly energetic from the stories I head.”

Isabelle’s forest green eyes close slightly looking in direction of the living room feeling pity for Sakura and what her mother did may not end. Even so this will have implications far into the future if Sakura will not be protected by both of her parents by one going behind the others back. Nathan’s own electric blue eyes follows suit.

If these rumors are true then this house will most likely be deemed legal than illegal. Of course the politicians that do support The Experimental House may be doing this so it isn’t seen as bad as it is right now. Even if either more people detest it or unaware that it is still being used, there are people who support the house. What the supports don’t realize is that not just women but men are affected by their DNA markers but they solely focus on women since it is more apparent in them supposedly. Also not many have physical appearance that distinguishes them only 3 are known. The 3 that are known are Locattiss Tribe with small elfin pointed ears, Selimon Kkoch Mudangs with the markings on their face, and Isos Tribe with unnatural golden eyes. Locatti and Isosi people can easily blend in since their distinguishing can fit in or hide very easily. Selimon Kkoch Mudangs marks are harder to hide and require make up to hide them. Supposedly with Locattiss tribe and Isos Tribe these mutations happen when the tribes were forming either with a copulation with an elf lover or a celestial being by their legends and both prize females. Selimon Kkoch Mudangs legend on their mark has no copulation but a wish to show how proud they are with their body or some sort of spell on their face when it started. The rest of the DNA markers are harder to spot and do need a blood work up to verify and is normally done shortly after birth even if one parent has a physical marker.
Nathan then goes into their bedroom to get out of his work clothes that are a combination of scrubs and dress shirts and into comfortable clothes. All the while Isabelle continues with supper with taking care of Elliot who just woke up and the girls play well kind off. Sakura is just watching Lily and Sondra playing together through half shut eyes just wanting to be with her own siblings. With her missing her family, Sondra is fine with it but Lily really wants to play with Sakura. Lily on her own terms hands Sakura a truck as Carl comes back from his friends place. All of a sudden Sondra screeches followed by a loud slap and cries. The three of them rush into the room to see Sakura crying and Sondra taking the truck. Isabelle gets Sakura into her lap as Carl follows her while Nathan goes to Lily’s and Sondra’s height.

“What happened?” asks Nathan.

“I was nice,” answers Lily. “I gave Sa…a truck. She can play with us. Meany Sondra had a fit.”

“Sondra is this true what Lily is saying?” inquires Nate.

“Yes,” replies Sondra. “But this is our truck and that slut cannot play with it nor any of our toys. I liked it better when she was just sitting and not doing anything. Send her back!”

“That’s enough young lady, Sakura is a guest in the house and as a guest needs to be respected as such. You are grounded for 1 week along with going to bed an hour earlier for the week and if you continue to degrade Sakura you we will reevaluate the punishment, do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, daddy”

“Good, now apologize to Sakura for hurting her.”

Sondra goes up to Sakura and lowers her head before saying, “Sorry for taking the truck away and hitting you.”

“And?” prompts Isabelle.

“And for calling you a slut.”

“I am fine and thank you,” Sakura replies opening her tear stained and hurt pitch black eyes
Sondra storms off and Carl comes up with the truck only for his aquamarine blue eyes getting locked on to Sakura’s.

“You can play with this all you want,” he starts. “It used to be mine and Sondra had no right to take it from you. I’m Carl by the way. Who are you?”

“Thank you, I’m Sakura.”

“If Sondra gives you any more trouble just tells me alright?”

“Carl, don’t overwhelm her she has been through a lot this past month and is away from her family and is hurting,” informs Nathan. “Soon probably as early as this week I will be taking her back to her father my friend Dante Rizzo. You have tendencies to overwhelm anyone with your talks and ambitions especially children and they don’t know how to take it. Please be mindful of this when you talk to her.”

“I won’t but who would hurt her?”

“Bad people and bad houses have hurt her and a person she should have trusted. You’ll understand more lately but not now and not in front of your younger siblings.”

“You’re talking about that house that holds girls and does unmentionable things to them correct?”

“Yes, we are.”

“They talk about the house in my class and it is wrong what they did and whoever sent her to the house needs to be in jail. I’ll protect her before that happens again.”

“Carl, what has gotten into you? You never are attached to someone one this fast.”

“I don’t know but when I looked in her eyes like something has changed. I will do what I can to protect her and provide for her. Please let me take college classes so I can work faster and earn money…”

“Carl, we still need to talk to your teacher about that but that means you won’t have a childhood and we are doing what we can so you can have one.”

“I’m bored in class even with skipping grades dad and what kind of childhood Sakura will have now! That house will be trying to get her making her have none. Please let me go, please! I want to be like you dad, a doctor even if I’ll be young and can help the public and support Sakura and myself.”

“We’ll talk more about this later but we still need to hear what your teacher says as well. We won’t be sending in college applications until we have a plan. As for Sakura and providing for her, that is her father’s job right now and we don’t know if you two will marry one day so don’t count your chickens before they hatch.”

“Carl, daddy, safe,” states Sakura. “Legend of Locatti people says each person has a special someone and bond. It shows up unknown but deeps rooted in the founding elf and human. We have a connection unsure if this bond is between us. Daddy would know more about it.”

“Do you know what this bond is called?”

“Long word, complicated word, I cannot pronounce it. Daddy told me it is a special bond when I asked.”

“Any other things that he said that defines this.”

“That it is rare and happens when looking in another’s person’s eyes. Normally happens in adults when presented.”

“Does this word sound right? Are you talking about a neuroamour?”

“Sounds correct, daddy might have said in native tongue too.”

“Ok, let’s get you to the bathroom both you and Lily since it has been awhile since you both have.”

It is safe to say they are making sure Sakura doesn’t regress in her potty training and Lily is still being potty trained. For the rest of the evening including dinner, the evening was uneventful; Dante did clear up what is going on after dinner with Carl and Sakura. It has been confirmed that they are neuroamours but with Sakura being 2 she may not fully remember what happened with Carl and probably go through a rebellious phase towards him especially if the house kept up. Also Sakura was relieved to talk to her dad even on the phone for 2 weeks since that was the earliest that Nate could book to get her back to her father.

These past two weeks haven’t been easy on anyone and Sondra bluntly ignored Sakura even if Isabelle and Nathan are trying to figure out why she was acting like this but Sondra refuses to tell. While no one has confessed that these are their feelings in either the school, her friends, or the friends’ parents, they are doing what they can to stop her from being prejudice against DNA markers as she said it spurred from her physical markers she bears. Also Carl and Sakura became inseparable mostly due to the neuroamour and Sakura seeking safety even if she has regressed to needing diapers at night which Dante said that she hardly needed them now. The decision to let Carl go to college has yet to be decided but it is safe to say that they will cave into it considering his IQ and begging to go.

Today is the day that Carl leaves with Sakura but it is in the early morning and Isabelle is getting Sakura in a pink sweater, jeans, and burgundy leather sneakers with her hair in two curly pigtails that have a pyramid on each band. For the 2 weeks they did have to buy her items but it was just the basics but at least they fit her. Sakura is obviously overjoyed to finally be back with her father and was hard enough to get her in the clothes themselves. Now if only they can predict what other family members will do when they see her. Breakfast consisted of strawberry pancakes with eggs and sausage which all the kids gobble down even before school as Nathan said he would make it so Sakura had something in her stomach. Her eating habits can go from not wanting to eat at all or eating everything especially at lunch when Carl is in school. Carl encourages her to eat instead of starving herself so lunch can be a challenge to get her to eat since she will cry either for her dad or for Carl. Though she cries for her dad a lot and has been having nightmares. Soon everyone has to leave and Carl gives Sakura a big hug.

“You get better alright, Suki?” he states. “Dad said we can talk on the phone on the weekends. Hopefully we get to see each other soon.”

“I will try. Bye, everyone and thank you for being kind,” replies Sakura.

“See you later,” both Lily and Isabelle say at the same time.

“Bye,” replies Sondra not paying much attention.

At that Nathan and Sakura leave to catch a flight to Jackson, Kypler and then driving to Homestead. Traveling by air is something new to Sakura since her parents have only gone on local vacations because of her siblings’ ages so she is taken by the planes. For the whole plane ride she looks out the window or sleeps in her chair when they get through security and boarded the plane. After about 3 ¼ hours in the air, they land at the airport at 10:45 am local time to get the small luggage from the underside which has more basics for Sakura in case she outgrew her clothes at home. They also rent a car and a car seat at the airport before finding a diner to eat at. They eat at The Fairest Unicorn Diner for lunch which is a struggle for Nathan to get Sakura to even order what she wants. They had breakfast at 7:30 and their flight was at 9 in Coombe, Eerly. So it isn’t that they are full but her normal rejection of eating it seems when Carl isn’t around. If this was in their time zone it would be already past 1 well past lunch time in their house since it is after 11 now. She finally settles on chicken club sandwich as Nate gets hot meatloaf open face sandwich even then she hardly touches it and the fries that came with the sandwich. They finish close to noon and hit the road to Homestead which takes them about 4 hours since they do need to do a bathroom break. So they don’t get to the house until it was close to 4 in the afternoon which Sakura is getting very excited about. In fact she unbuckles herself when Nate gets the car stopped in the driveway before he could get out of the car and get her out. This means she is safe in her mind and there is no doubt she is missing her father that she has voiced it many times. By the time Nate opens the door Sakura jumps in his arms to head up to the house. Sakura runs to the house and opens the door without thinking since she lives here. The door is unlocked and Nate has to hurry up so they don’t have people thinking they are intruding and to talk to Sakura.

“Daddy, I’m home!” yells Sakura. “Daddy, where are you?”

“Sakura, inside voice and you should have knocked before going in even if you live here. Your dad could have guests or people over and you barging in will be seen as rude. Also what if it was locked what would you have done then?” observes Nate knowing there were more cars in the driveway.

“Go back to the car and we go to daddy’s office. I live here I can open the door. I’m not a guest.”

“Fine, whatever but just use you’re inside voice alright?”


Sakura runs towards the living room in the house by passing the mud room and kitchen it is when she gets to the dining room that Daisuke is walking through. Blinking a few times, Daisuke almost gets ran over by Sakura before picking her up.

“Dai, where is daddy?” inquires Sakura.

“In the living room,” Daisuke replies. “Authorities are here talking to everyone and doing a home inspection. I just got done with school and talked to them there along with Gianni, Ken, Ben, and Ryo while Emilio talked to them here.”

“Can I see daddy?”


Daisuke gets Sakura into the living rooms still carrying her and Dante gets Sakura into his own arms.

“Suki, you’re home!” he states. “Where is Nathan?”

“I’m here Dante, your daughter was running,” replies Nate.

“That’s good; did she give you any trouble?”

“No, or not at least in ways we thought she would other than her regressing at night in potty training she was a normal 3 year old. The most trouble we had was from the 2nd eldest, Sondra, with her and I think it caused Sakura to be a little quieter than what you normally describe her as. But what’s going on? There are cars in your garage.”

“Because of Sakura’s testament in Coombe, Eerly to the police and both me to be ex and I have filed complaints against each other, the family is being investigated by the CPS. They just started today with the family and have been waiting for Sakura to come to talk to her to make sure they have their facts straight with her. As for the charges against me and my to be ex are both child neglect and abandonment though she is trying to get me on child abuse charges as well. This is also in our court case for the divorce for custody of the children. But even before I went to CPS I and the rest of the extended family on both sides have suspicions she was apart in some way of Sakura’s capture. We just didn’t have proof.”

“And Sakura’s testimony was the proof you needed?”

“Yes, also CPS just wants to talk to Suki here. Considering everything going on I have a doctor’s appointment for Sakura tomorrow because of them so they have more than the ER appointment 2 weeks ago. You never say but how’s she eating?”
“Other than not wanting to eat lunch she’s been eating well. Carl seems to help Sakura eat as if he is encouraging her to eat. But if he isn’t there she refuses to eat and it is like pulling teeth. So it isn’t like she is starving herself and we would have told you if she was to see how to get her to eat.”

“She is in flight or fight mode albeit in her child sense and a child until puberty in Locatti will not eat until they feel safe, i.e. they are with family or reunited to someone that can protect them. Until this lessens for her she is looking for the safety she desires. She has deemed Carl safe because of the neuroamour and probably still warming up to you and has noted Sondra’s behavior which adds confusion. I don’t have her going to therapy to help her heal which is needed.”

“What if she was going through puberty?”

“She would be more restless and doing her best to leave the situation. Not all are like this but by your description she might have a high flight or fight drive. It would be to the point of actually leaving the house and coming back here any way possible. I know a fairy helped her leave but in the future and her being older she might not need one to escape the house.”

“Daddy, I love you and missed you,” interrupts Sakura

“I love you too, sweetheart, and wondering if you were ok,” replies Dante. “Now let’s see if CPS is ready for you.”

Dante puts Sakura down and leads her to his office at home where CPS has made its office right now. The case worker is ready for her when Dante knocks.

“Dante sorry but you cannot be in here while we just want to verify her testimony for our records,” she states getting out toys specifically dolls. “Also if there is anything to add on to her testimony and we need to ask questions about you”

“Ok, but can I be close by?” replies Dante.

“Yes, you can outside the door.”

“Daddy,” mumbles Sakura as she sits in a chair.

The caseworker starts, “Sweetie, is it true your mother, Hyun Jung Namgung-Rizzo, gave you to the experimental house?”

“Yes, she disguised it as an errand run with me in tow. I never went to what the errand was.”

“What was the errand?”

“I don’t remember. Mommy said it was within walking distance but it seemed longer.”

“Has your mother threatened you before like this or with harsh punishments?”

“Yes, but they never fell through.”

“What about daddy?”

“No, daddy has never threatened like that just time outs or no park for the day. He loves me and will never do that to me. I hear their arguments though and it seems daddy was against what mommy wanted to do.”

“What happened to you at the house? You can show on the dolls if you want.”

“The touched me in my privates.”

“Can you show me with what and exactly where?”

Sakura grabs the dolls and mainly points to the male’s dolls hands and the female’s vagina and chest; but she did point to the penis on the male doll as well.

“How many times with the penis?”




“When did he touch you with the penis?”

“Beginning and in here.” Sakura points to the vagina. “Hands went everywhere. They said I was too young for anything else. They had me touch them to.”

“Where did they have you touch them?”

Sakura points to the penis.

“Alright, how did you escape?”

“They had a trip to a hotel. The head had me sent with house workers to the gardens in order to attract men. They wanted the supporters to be interested in me. I saw fairies around and a fairy named Krystelle stopped time to help me escape. I ran to the road where a lady saw me and took me to the ER.”

“Do you remember anything else during the escape?”

“Just that I almost went into the road since it was close by, I don’t know the hotel’s name, sorry.”

“It’s alright; we have a lot of information to go on and more to report back to the police to the officers that took your case. We are done here so you can go back to your dad.”

Sakura jumps off the chair and heads back to the living room where she tries to get on Dante’s lap. Picking her up, Dante puts her on his lap and moves some of her hair.

“Why do other people hurt each other?” asks Sakura.

“I don’t know, sweetheart,” answers Dante. “I don’t know, they just do it seems. It would be better that no one hurts each other but they do.”

“Did I make mommy angry at me?”

“No, you did nothing wrong and you didn’t make her angry. She just doesn’t know what she has and how to handle it.”

“Then why did mommy give me to the experimental house?”

“Only she has her reasons, you are a lovely daughter and my sunshine.”

“Will I see her again?”

“No, at least not us together, this decision for me at least came with a heavy heart but we have to do what is best for the family. I also don’t want you to be sent to the house more which was my main reason and your mother has her own reasons.”

At that the case worker comes out and wants to speak to Dante since he is done and want to let him know so the office can be put in order. Once the caseworker leaves, Dante’s lawyer shows up with a letter from Hyun Jung and he doesn’t look happy.

“I take it Hyun Jung didn’t take Sakura’s return the best?” infers Dante.

“It’s worse than that, Mr. Rizzo,” replies the lawyer. “While she doesn’t deny your sons and the youngest daughter but she is denying Sakura is hers saying she is Zhàu, Nü-ying of your mistress Zhàu, Li-fen who moved to the capital and sent her with Nathan to you since Li-fen is on her death bed.”

“I know no one by that name. I will take a DNA test to prove that my children are mine and I want to request she does the DNA test. Get it set up with me and contacts her lawyer or her if doesn’t have one to get it done as well. These games she is playing right now is confusing and all I know is that truth will eventually come out and if the DNA test will help then let it be played in the game. I don’t want to be in her games. But I do remember Sakura being born to Hyun Jung and me so I don’t know where she is confusing this unless she doubts that Sakura did escape.”

“I’ll see what I can do and I will get the DNA set up with you and if the court can order a DNA test for Hyun Jung as well.”

“Thank you.”

Over the course of the next few months to a year Dante gets DNA testing done but the courts cannot order Hyun Jung to do one so all that they know right now all the children are his and is granted full custody of them due to a previous child taken away from her. He also seeks out advice for self-defense for his daughters so incase that the Experimental House does decide to come back they can fight them off.

^Time Stop Maximum in Latin

AN: All outfits are on sets used in this chapter are Sakura’s Outfit # 1-4 and Lies, All Of It. Capital name generated on here state names generated/derived from on here, these sites might be used for other names as well. Also for characters they are on here

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