Just read it.


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Our song came on on the radio,

I cried,

Sitting in my car in the school parking lot with tears dripping down my face,

Even after the song stopped I was crying,

I don't know how long I was sat there but I was late for class,

The teacher didn't have a go at me,

They never do anymore,

They just sigh look away and tell me to sit down,

Mr Chambers asked me if I wanted to talk to a professional, again,

He seems to think talking will help,

But how can I talk about You.

How am I supposed to put You into words!

How do I explain you to a stranger.

He said he wanted to meet with my parents.

Thomas told Sally and Uncle Jack about my "self mutilation"

I hit him.

I got in trouble for that.

Jack tried to take my cross away from me.

I cut him with it.

I got in trouble for that to.

But I apologised and so did he and we went out for dinner.

Nikk called he says he's enjoying New York.

He say he misses you.

I told him about Thomas.

He said he understood, but I don't think he did.

No one understands me like you do.

Not anymore.

I thought about coming to see you tonight too.

So that's why I'm writing this letter.

Cause they said that would help.

If I wrote letters and took them to our place.

An if I burnt em if I was careful,

An that would mean you would read it in heaven cos the smoke would carry it up.

All things considered maybe I should bury it.

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