Kinda really like you...


1. chapter 1

Alright this is my 1st book and I really hope y'all like it!

Hi I'm Gloria. Basically I live with my family and my brother is Calum Hood, he's in 5SOS. I know his band mates I just haven't met them yet. Right now I'm actually packing. I'm flying to Australia to be with my brother on Christmas Vacation and I love Christmas it's my favorite holiday! He lives with his mates so hopefully I'll see them soon.

Ring ring


"Hi babe hope you have fun with your brother I'll miss you safe trip babe Blessings sent!" and that's my boyfriend, Daniel.

"Thank you I'll miss you 2 sending my blessing and prayers I have to go now baby see ya." and with that I hung up before him saying anything.

"SWEETPEA WE'RE ALREADY LATE HURRY YOUR BUM HERE NOW!" and that's my mum. She's taking me to the airport and I'm flying with my other brother.


"LIAM HELP YOUR SISTER" Liam is also my older brother and the 1 in flying with and he's in 1D. I love those boys and still haven't met them yet. Apparently Calum invited them over so I'll see them in Australia.

"Wow Gloria ya can't take these bags sis? Do you need this babies" he said showing my his "muscles"

"AHA no I need you to carry these bags with your arms. I don't see what I'm looking @"

"Ha ha funny sis" with that he took 2 of my bags and I carried 2 as well. I kissed and hugged my family goodbye and so did Liam. Liam already has his bags in a cab and we just loaded mines.

"Ready sis?" He asked.

"Yes leeyum" I said as he playfully rolled his eyes.

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