Hi guys
This is a very short story, it's the first one that I've written in a while, I actually really like it, but bear with me if its not the best, since it's a long time since I last wrote something. The reason that I haven't been writing is that I simply did not know what to write about, but I hope that I I. The future will feel more inspired and more time to write.

I hope you guys will read this, like if you wanna, but please leave a comment so I know what you think, it doesn't have to be long.

Thank you, have a fabulous day.

All the love ~me


1. Stars

Looking outside the window, the first thing I see is stars, my mind immediately starts wandering looking at the millions of stars. Thousands of miles away, some of them dead, but their light is still shinning for me. Isn’t that amazing?

The biggest one of them all, the brightest one, catches my eye, the moon. The thought that no matter where in the world you are, you will be looking at the same moon and it´s never bigger than your thumb.

If I were to go to Paris, I would be looking at the same pair of stars, the same moon, in Paris looking up at the stars the memories of home would feel up my mind, my imagination would trick my mind and the smell of my moms food would fill my nostrils.

But if I were to go to Paris, I would be doing a lot more than looking at stars, I would explore, listing to music, eat French specialties, go to the Eiffel-tower, dance in the moon light and when the evening turns into night I would find a rooftop, sit there in complete silence, looking at the dim light of the city, look out into the night, up at the starts, close my eyes, take a deep breath, open my eyes again, back in my backyard, thinking that in Paris there would be the same stars as here, the same moon, the same space for dreaming off to another place.

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