The last day

i have always had trouble i guess. Luke is always there, but this time its different


1. chapter one

I didn't know what to do besides cry. I knew it was going to happen, but I didn't know it would hurt this bad.

*6 months ago*

I hurt a loud rasping sound against my window. I looked at my alarm clock to see it was only two in the morning. Who the hell would be waking me up at this time?

"What the hell do you want is only two?"

"Come down. I have something to show you." The boy with the quiff said.

I threw on free day shirt, black skinny jeans, and some run down converse. I walked out onto the back patio to find it silent. All of a sudden I felt two hands grab my waist. If I did know it was like I would have screamed.

God was he hot. The moon light reflected off his skin to make it look like the perfect shade of tan. His eyes more blue then usual

"Well you got me down here know what"

"I wanted to see if you wants to come on a walk with me ms. Dakota"

"What the fuck that's what you woke me up for? I could be sleeping right now dreaming about unicorns"

"Wow... Unicorns that's the best you can do" Luke said chuckling to himself.

I just rolled my eyes and gestured for him to walk.

I always wondered why he wanted to be friends with me he could do so much better I mean I wasn't the hottest girl in school. I had dark brown hair with really dark brown eyes. I have to admit I am short too I'm only 5'4.

I lost my train of thought when we walked up to a tree covered in lights. It looked like I was in a dream. Twinkling lights everywhere and the smell if oak being blown threw the air. There was a little picnic blanket underneath the tree. It had red bull and a thing of kraves. You know the cereal.

"Wow did you do this all?"

"Yah I couldn't do nothing for your 18th birthday. This is your big day. You finally get to leave home." He smiled showing his perfectly straight teeth

I didn't know what to say I have been waiting for this day for years. I wanted to cry but I didn't instead I hugged him for as long as I could. Then my eyes started to go blurry.

"I love you Dakota."

I didn't say anything because is was too in shock. He has never told me that. I know we aren't dating or anything but he ha been my best friend since grade 1.

I pulled away to look at his face. We locked eyes until he said we souls eat.

Just so you know kraves is like Luke's an mine FAVORITE snack like ever.

We munched and talked in till it was time to go home.

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