The last day

i have always had trouble i guess. Luke is always there, but this time its different


4. chapter four

Dakota pov

I had to go home one more time even if it meant getting hurt. I ha things I need to grab. When I walked up to the driveway I saw I car that I never seen.

When I opened the door I heard moaning. Oh god. I walking into the living room and saw it. A girl from my high school underneath chad.

"God chad go faster"

Then he saw me he got up and walked over to me. He pinned me against the wall and told me to kiss him back.

"If I do you can't hurt me ever again"

He nodded and started unbuttoning my pants. He threw me on to the couch and told the girl to leave.

I knew I had to act like I was enjoying it so he would leave me alone and that's what I did.

He finally fell asleep so I went up to my room and started packing. I threw all my cloths in along with some books and music

I texted Luke come get me he is asleep

Okay I'm on my why. How did it go did anything happen.

No nothing happened I went up to my room and acted like I was asleep so

Okay I'm pulling in.

I toke my suitcase downstairs. Chad was still snoring which was a good sign. I walked pisiform just as Luke pulled in. He got out if the car and put my suitcase in the trunk without a word.

I hopped into the passenger seat as he said " what really happened. Nothing does not ever happen so what happened Dakota."

What was I suppose to tell him I somewhat got taped, but yet enjoyed it. Ha

My vision started to blur and he pulled me into a hug. When he pulled up to his house he grab my luggage and carried it in.

" you can sleep with me to night okay?"

I just nodded. I knew that was the safest place for me right now. I went up to his room and laid on his bed and waited for him. He can in and laid down next to me a I tangled my self up in him. As I drifted off I heard him say I love you then I was out cold.

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