The last day

i have always had trouble i guess. Luke is always there, but this time its different


12. Chapter 9

Dakota's P.O.V.

i swear yo god Luke never wakes up. i got up early, so i made so chocolate muffins. I had to say there were pretty good. it was already 12 when i finished so i ran up stairs.  i tripped and landed right on my ass. god did it hurt. i got up and limped the rest of the way up.

"Luke get your fat ass up'" i screamed on the top of my lungs.

i wasn't going to put a lot of effort into waking him up so i went downstairs. i walked into the bathroom, and bent over to see under the sink. i found just what i was looking for. a nice big blue bucket. i went to the kitchen and filled it up with water. god was that bastard heavy. i carried up stairs and walked into to Luke's room to find him still past out.

i walked right over to him and dumped the ice cold water on his head. next thing i knew he threw himself up out of bed and screamed "what the hell??"

all i could do was laugh. i eventually fell onto the floor and was crying, i could hear him laughing along. i looked up soon after i stop crying.

"That was priceless'" is said as my eyes were still watery. 

"haha. now remind me why the fuck you had to wake me up?" 

?because we have to get ready because i have to go to the police station to give my statement." which i really didn't want to do, but i had to. 

"Oooohh yah i forgot. okay but let me get a shower."

"what that one wasn't good enough for you'" i said as i started to laugh again.

"You are such and idiot." he murmured walking out of the room. 

"I know its my job."

after he lest i decided to get dressed i knew it was going to be a long day.

*2 hours later*

we finally got to the station when i told Luke to stay in the car. As i walked in i felt the nerves kick in. 

i walked straight up to the front desk and said, "I'm here to give my statement about Chad Vanderweil." even saying his name made me want to throw up.

"okay just give me a minute. Okay right this way." we walked down a dim hallway into a room with a man. "this is Dakota Vanderweil here to give her statement."

the man was short i had to say. he had black hair and blue eyes. over all attracting. " Okay so that is the man that abused and raped you? Am i correct?"

'Yes" was all i could manage to get out of my mouth.

"okay this way can you please tell me everything about what happened." 

i opened my mouth and started talking as the camera faced me."It started when i was eleven. he hit me on the face once. he started to hit me more and more everyday." i paused trying to calm myself. "He eventually started useing a belt. It hurt so bad. One day i came home after he whipped me and walked in on him with a girl form my high school."Know i was crying. "he was having sex with her. h..he came uo to me and started making me kiss him then he made me.." i completely busted in to tears.

"alright ma'ma that is all i needed."

i walked out of the station and saw Luke in front of the car. he came up to me and wrapped his arms tightly around me.

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