The last day

i have always had trouble i guess. Luke is always there, but this time its different


11. chapter 8

Luke P.O.V.

I couldn't help, but cry. I hated him for all the things he did to her. I wanted her to feel loved, and have the life i have always wanted for her. With loving parents, and a best friend, but no one payed any attention to her in school, but me!

At first i felt like she betrayed me by not telling me what had happened. i know i will never understand, and know seeing how hurt she is i cant blame her for what he did. 

"I..I honestly was scared." she finally said and i knew she mean't it. " i was so scared that you would think I was a horrible person. And that I was just plan old disgusting because that's what I think about myself" she said looking down at her tiny hands. she looked up at me and i cupped her face with my hands.

"I would NEVER think if you that way Dakota. Your an amazing sweet girl who could never do anything bad. If anything I look up to you. You always put others first no matter what. Your beautiful and intelligent..." and before i knew it her soft lips were against mine. i kissed her back, but then she pulled away. 

" i have wanted to do that for so long" she whispered causing shivers to go down my back.

Her eyes were shiny from the light pouring in from the windows. i kissed her again. She deepened the kiss. God i never wanted this to end. i loved her more then anything. i picked her up on to the counter and she wrapped her legs around my waist. she started to kiss me harder. 

"How far," i said in between the kiss trying to catch my breath.

"All the way"

i started kissing her harder i walked down the hall to my room. i loved her so much and i wanted this so bad... 

before drifting off to sleep we talked for a little

"Luke your honesty the one person in my life that i love more then anything else. your the one who kept me going even when i didn't want to." she spoke so quietly that i could barley hear her. i could tell that she was mortified.

"i'm glad Dakota, honestly i want you to live your life to the fullest and if i can help you do that then i will. i will always be by your side."

she kissed me hard.

"goodnight Luke."

"goodnight Dakota"

next thing i knew she was out cold. the thing was i couldn't get to sleep for the life of me. i kept thinking of what she said and all i wanted to know is what happened. i know the basics, but i want to know the rest.



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