The last day

i have always had trouble i guess. Luke is always there, but this time its different


5. chapter 5

I woke up screaming with tears rolling off my face. I was breathing heavily and couldn't stop. I didn't know what time it was. The dream just felt so real. Next thing I knew there were arms around me and I cried into Luke's shirt.

Luke's pov

I was downstairs cooking breakfast for Dakota when I heard screams. I raced up the stairs and there she was crying hugging her knees.

I want to know what happened last night so badly, but she not ready to talk. Now I think what he did was really bad. She usually comes right out and tells me what happens.

"Are you okay"

"Yah I'm fine the dream just felt so... Real"

"Was it real"


"Dakota is this about chad whatever he did this time you can tell me. You know I would never tell anyone."

"I can't" she looked down at her hands and the years started to cry again. " it's just that I'm still having a hard time understanding it"

" what's there to understand! He hurt you Dakota. I'm tired of sitting back and watching this happen. "

"I know but I don't have to go back now. That's all that matters."

This wasn't her fault. I couldn't take my anger out in her. I got up and walked down stairs to call my mates.

"What the hell do you want it's only nine" Calum said through the phone

"Practice is moved to my place today mate"

"Okay. Fine we'll be over in an hour mate."

Dakota's pov

Luke could not make this any harder. I don't know if I will ever be ready to tell him what happened. I can't go to the police. No one will believe my story. My mother will just stand back and make up some story.

I was lost my train of thought when I heard knocking on the front door.

I got up threw on some lazy clothing and dashed down the stair. I wasn't surprised when I saw the boys walk through the door.

"Dakota I have missed you. It's been ages." Calum said nearly nocking me off balance.

"You died your hair again Michael"

"Thank you caption obvious. Do you like it?"

"More like love it. Red suits you very well" I said chuckling to myself.

Then I saw Ashton. Just to complicate things even more we use to date. Yah I know dumb right. I mean he is a sweet guy an everything I just couldn't talk to him the way I talk to luke. We use to get in a lot of fights because I never told him what was going on at home.

He walked over to me and gave me a hug.

"You doing okay?"

"Yah I'm fine thanks"

I played FIFA with the boys for awhile.

"There is no way in hell you won you little cheater." I yelled

"We'll look at the score board it looks to me that I won" Luke said laughing.

At the same time Calum and I slapped his arms.

"Hey what was that for mates."

"Bragging" I said dying of laughter.

"There is a party at the end of the street tonight you guys want to go." Michael said with a wide smile.

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