The last day

i have always had trouble i guess. Luke is always there, but this time its different


17. chapter 12

Dakota's POV

i din't want to ran after him. i knew he need time to process everything, so i let him go. about a minute later i saw someone outside of Luke's car. lets just say the sight made me want to scream. that dumb girl never leaves him be. 

Luke's POV

all is saw was brown hair and i automatically thought it was Dakota, but it was the complete opposite.  i looked up to see the dark brown eyes that i hated Lucy. she caused me pain and i definitely did not want to see her. 

''oh my god baby are you okay'' her high voice wined. 

''get away from me. why are you here?'' i glared into her hard eyes.

she stood a little straighter,'' i heard what happened and i came to check on you goofy''

i could not deal with her right know. i walked away from her just as Dakota came running towards me. i let her hug me and all i wanted was to stay like that. i could tell that she was crying even though she was trying to hide it.

'' come one we are going home to sleep.''

all i did was shake my head okay. 

right when i was getting in the car Lucy came up and said, ''where the hell are you taking him. im going to take him home." i laughed.

'' yah no Dakota is taking me home you crazy person.''

i got in the car and Dakota drove slowly down the windy road. we pulled up to the house and went straight up the stairs to my room. she said good night and walked down the hall to her room. i could tell she wanted to give me space, but i just wanted to be with her right now.

i got up and walked down the hall to her room. the lights were out and i walked over to the side of her bed and with out saying a word she pulled me down to lay beside her. i fell asleep less then ten minutes later with my arms wrapped around her. 

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