The last day

i have always had trouble i guess. Luke is always there, but this time its different


16. chapter 11

Luke's POV

i wanted to help him. thats all i wanted. i cant stop thinking about the fact that the nurse said he is not stable yet. not to mention this is like the worst timing ever. Dakota doesn't know this but we just got an offer to go perform with One Direction on tour! i know i should be telling her and its just so hard to tell her i'm leaving, and it's the last thing she needs to hear. 

the nurse with purple teddy bear scrubs came walking back over to us ''i have an update. the doctors said he is going to be fine. he had way to much to drink they are going to keep him overnight to make sure everything is fine. you guys can see him now, but only two or three a time.''

''Dude what the hell happened!'' Calum screamed at me while running through the automatic doors. 

i gave him the whole summary that the nurse had given me a minute before and told them how i found him. right after that i headed back- by myself- to see him. as soon as i walked back in i was on the verge of tears. he had wires covering him, but he was awake.

i got straight to the point, ''what happened Ashton. tell me the truth.''

''I...I.. was so scared. someone came into my house. she... he told me to drink it then he would leave so i did. i.. don't remember anything... else.''

''what guy.''

''a tall like brown haired guy. a tattoo on his arm.''

''okay im just happy your okay.''

i turned and walked out of the room straight to my car and let the tears fall one after one. i hate to admit it but i hate my life. there is so much hurt, but i have no room to talk because Dakota has been through worse. 

all i did was scream and hit the steering wheel,

''fuck'' i screamed through the tears.

i then heard the door open. i couldn't tell who it was through the tears. 

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