The last day

i have always had trouble i guess. Luke is always there, but this time its different


14. Chapter 10

Dakota's pov

on our way home we picked up pizza and stopped by Aston's place. we pulled up the curvy drive way to a giant house with music blasting.

"what the hell is going on in there" i said looking over to Luke

" i have no absolute clue. if i didn't know better i would say he is drunk." he got out of the car and i fallowed to the front door.

as soon as we entered we saw no one. the music was still blasting until Luke turned the stereo off. we walked up stairs to find Aston drunk off his ass on his bedroom floor. when i say drunk i mean drunk. he was laughing at nothing he was all alone just sitting there.

"dude are you okay.''

Ashton looked up at Luke ''w...what do you mean i...i.. am fine.'' then he fell over onto the floor.

''Fuck, hurry up and help me get him out to the car. we have to get him to the hospital.'' he picked ashton up and carried him out of the house as fast as possible.

i got in the car as he lied Aston down in the back of the small car. i opened my phone and called Micheal, and Calum, and told them what happened and to get to the hospital as fast as possible.

when we pulled up Luke carried him in and started screaming. every nurse in the hall ran to help they put him on a bed and wheeled him back into a room.

i turned to Luke to see him tearing up. i couldn't imagine what was running through his head. his best friend was in an unknown condition and all i could do was hug him.

i pulled him into a hug and he buried his head into my neck. i could tell he was trying not to cry when a nurse walked up.

''are you here for Ashton Iwrin?''

''yeah, is he going to be okay?''

''it is some what hard to tell until he wakes up. his alcohol content level was a 2.8 which is extremely high.'' he is almost stable and he is not awake right now. i will come back with updates as soon as i can.'' then she turned and walked away.

all i could think about was the fact he was not stable.


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