A Wolf's Love

He's impulsive, aggressive and sometimes a complete idiot. But I love him.


1. Introduction

I'm Payton, Payton Juliette Black. I was born January 14, 1990 - Jacob Black is my twin brother. I have another set of twin sisters, Rachel and Rebecca. It's pretty rare to have two sets of twins in a family, but it happened. I have also, a younger sister (by eleven months) Quinn. She's 15 and completely annoying. Jacob, Quinn and I shape shifters - Rebecca and Rachel are not.

Quinn is "in love" with Embry Call - yes, they've both imprinted on each other - but honestly, she's too young to know what true love is. I on the other hand actually am in love, with Paul Lahote - we also both imprinted on each other. He's impulsive, aggressive (not with me) and sometimes, a complete idiot. But I love him.

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