I'm falling head over heels

So, my cousin happens to be Louis Tomlinson, lucky me, next joke. I had to get a C, oh great so now I'm sent to have to a month with my DEAR cousin, just my life.


1. Why does everything happen to me?

Teagans POV

" Mom, why do I have to stay with him?" I asked, not in the most polite way at all!

because, Teagan, dear you got a C and we can't let you think it's okay getting that awful mark" replied my mom. " So you wanna put me through living hell!" I said, but luckily my mom was out of the room. I went and hoped in to the shower, cause all I felt like having a nice, warm shower, but being me the shower was freezing cold.

I hoped out the shower and put on a white, long- sleeved, lace crop top and jeans. I couldn't leave for two weeks without my converse so I slipped them on. I straightened my long, darkish, brown hair and put on base, blush, powder, eyeliner and red lippy. I whispered " goodbye" as I walked out of my room and down the stairs to the lounge.

" Are you ready to leave?" Asked my dad, " yeah" I replied but I didn't sound too certain, which is gonna worry him now, oh hell. We got into to the car and drove for a very long hour to get to Sydney International airport. I kissed my mom and dad goodbye and took my luggage and boarded the plane, to London, England.

I found my seat and sat down, there was quite a cute guy, who looked about my age siting next to me. Thank God, something good is finally happening to me. 'Bout a hour later we got our food on the plane. I was literally going through STARVATION! Oh crap, being me I dropped my fork and I wasn't on the mood at all to pick it up. The cute guy, picked it up for me and said " Wow, you look really pretty, I was scared to say it at first and when you dropped your fork I thought it was the perfect opportunity, oh here's your fork" "thanks, my names Teagan, Teagan Pearce" I replied. " oh that's such a pretty name for a pretty girl, and my names Liam Payne" he said.

He made that 22 hour plane ride interesting!

(A/N. This is my first movella, hope yo

Hi guys adding a new chapter tomorrow xxxx

I hope you like it! It takes soooo long to write


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