50 Days

“If you can resist us all for fifty days we’ll give you a free two week holiday for you and your friends to wherever you want to go” he said as a smirk grew onto his face. “And if I can’t?” I questioned the impossible. “Then you live with us and have to stay there” he said.


3. Friendly moment

“Why me?” I heard Michael sigh as he slapped the palm of his hand onto his forehead.


I’m not sure what came over me in the next few moments but I suddenly felt friendly. I passed the spare hat to Michael and he held it in confusion. “Put it on, you’re riding with me” I said as he stared at me confused. “Are you sure that horse is going to be able to carry both of us?” he questioned. “Yeah Shadow’s fine with it and it's not going to be long, now go stand on that wall” I instructed him as i shuffled myself forward.


I’m looking forward to this, it's going to be so entertaining! Michael stood on the wall and I got Shadow to stand next to it. I put my reins into one hand as Michael struggled to climb onto Shadow. The wall wasn’t quite high enough and i extended my arm out to pull him on.


Eventually we were ready to go.  I instructed Michael to just keep his heels down and relax, and to wrap his arms around my waist so he wouldn’t slip off. He wrapped his arms around my waist quickly as if i would take back that offer. He would fall off if he didn’t and i would laugh more than ever.


I squeezed Shadow with my calfs, asking him to walk on. He happily did so and we started to walk down the road. “You know the way home from here, right?” I asked Michael as I squeezed Shadow more asking him to pick his hoofs up move so he didn’t trip over. “Yeah, go right at the end of this road” he answered and sounded scared. “Michael relax he is very very safe, he won’t do anything bad with us” I said trying to be comforting.


As we went right, Shadow picked up his pace as he burst into an energetic trot. Michael screamed and tightened his arms around my waist. "Relax you're alright!" I told him whilst trying to hold back a giggle. "Are you trying to make me get a boner?" he whispered although i couldn’t tell if he was terrified or if he was getting a little bit too … Excited.


** Third Person (because i can’t be bothered to write from anyone’s point of view) **


Alyx felt something hard poke into her lower back just above her bum. A smirk came onto her face as she felt accomplished. She had already teased her first boy and they hadn’t even arrived home yet! Although she felt sorry for Michael, she was determined to win herself a holiday. How the boys could afford a holiday for her and her friends she didn’t know, but she was determined to win it. If she had to tease boys for fifty days to get a holiday, she was happy to do so!


“Can I get off yet?” he whispered in Alyx’s ear again. “Nope” was her one word answer, so close to letting out her laughter.


** Alyx’s POV **


Shadow was now plodding along the road and had calmed himself down. Michael however, was a different story. He definitely still hadn’t relaxed and he still wanted to be on the floor.


“Our house is the fifth house on the … um … left” Michael said as Shadow continued plodding. I let my reins go long so that Shadow could relax his neck. I used my legs to guide Shadow to the right house and he stopped on the driveway.


I somehow managed to turn myself around so that i was facing Michael. “See he is fine” I said smiling. “Yeah but how do I get off?” he asked, desperately seeking to be on the ground. “I’ll get off first then I’ll help you” I said as I slid off of Shadow’s back. I held onto Shadow’s reins as Michael got himself off and landed on the ground. he quickly sat himself on the floor and relaxed. Shadow turned himself to face Michael and decided to walk over to him.


Michael looked at me confused. I shrugged my shoulders, unsure of what exactly Shadow wanted to do. Shadow started to sniff Michael. Then Shadow did something unusual and decided to lie down next to Michael, and put his head on his lap.


I couldn’t help but laugh. Shadow has never done that to anyone but me before. Michael looked a mix of happy and scared shitless. PERFECT moment to tease him again i guess!

“I’ll leave you two to it then!” I said as i waved and walked through the back gate.


A/N::: OMG I HAVEN'T UPDATED IN FOREVER! ... sorry... I got college assignments to do. But here enjoy! Comment what you think so far :) :D x

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