"My name is Cassidy Burkas, and my life sucks."

Meet Cassidy, the outsider, the girl nobody ever seemed to notice, who never seemed to speak, laugh, smile, even exist. She gets by in school with the help of her friends, but when one day she disappears and ends up in a totally different country, her life is changed forever.

-PJO Fanfiction-


1. I Break A Door (Accidentally, Of Course)

My name is Mhairi Anderson, and my life sucks. For the first, what, twelve years of my life, I've been the outside, hated by most people for whatever strange reason they have. But even that's not too bad, compared to what's been happening lately.



It all started a couple of weeks ago, when I was just peacefully minding my own business, doing my homework the night before it was due just as any fourteen year old girl would, when all of a sudden the world went 'pop' and I somehow ended up on a beach in at least thirty degrees weather, which is how I knew I definitely wasn't in Mallaig anymore. The sun was about sinking below the sea, barely a cloud in sight, and the sea glimmered like a newly polished mirror. I allowed a nervous laugh to escape me, before scrambling to my feet.


Before you judge me too harshly for what I did next, please understand that I was confused azbout where I was, and also pretty annoyed that I ended up in the blazing heat on a beach with no suncream or swimsuit with me. I did the most natural thing I could think of; I walked up to the hottest looking guy I could find and punched him. Why I chose the hot one, I don't know, but I ran off pretty quickly after that, until I got to a place not many people were and breathed.


By this point it was beginning to grow slightly dark, and my stomach growled. I began to long for my mum's cooking; we were supposed to be having lasagne that night, one of my favourites. There were a few small buildings nearby that looked like they could have been restaurants, but I didn't feel like trying to find some money to buy some food, hungry as I was feeling.


Instead, I decided to look around the small seaside town, trying to work out where I was, and, more importantly, how to get home. I wandered for a while, not really knowing quite what I was looking for until I saw a sign, like the ones you would find on a street corner back home, except this was for a town more than a street.


'Long Island, NY,' it read.



"Holy fudge monkeys," I said aloud. "I'm in NEW YORK!"


My head began to spin. How was this possible? A couple of hours ago I'd been in my bedroom at home doing homework and looking forward to my dinner, and now I was in an entirely different continent. Bile began to rise in throat, and I had to sit down for a moment, trying to collect my racing thoughts. A growing sense of unease came over me, but I couldn't shake it even when I close my eyes and leant my head against a wall. Darkness washed over me, like sleep, but different. I knew what was around me, ut yet I didn't, I wasn't properly there, almost.



Someone screamed, and my eyes flew open, and thank the gods, because otherwise I wouldn't have seen the monster about to kill me.



"Woah!" I screamed, leaping to my feet. "Woah! What the hell are you?"


The thing was odd, like a human, but a lot taller and bulkier, like the giant I'd imagined from Jack and the Beanstalk. It was so tall I could barely see to it's face, but when I did I screamed and ran.


The image of the thing's face was fresh in my mind, the eye gleaming red like blood, its face murderous, ready to kill me as soon as it could.


I kept running.



I'd never been much good at running before, but with the fear lodged in my heart like a shard of ice, I could barely keep to the speed limit, and my scream was like an opera signer's - not entirely pleasant, but it sure did make a noise. I didn't know where I was going, but something seemed to drive me through the forest, past strawberry fields and down a hill, where small houses where gathered in a valley - and there were loads of them, too - ad I stumbled towards a big house on the other side of the valley, which is when I broke the door down, yelled some stuff I can't even remember screaming, and collapsed in a heap onto the ground.


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