She Went in a Whir

A poem based on a series of weekdays and how things flash by, day, by day.
I hope you enjoy my second upload on movellas!!!


1. She went in a Whir


She went in a whir,

Her face a blur,

On the Sunday train,

Her skin alight,

Like stalactites,

I am none to complain.


With harsh comments, sweat and tears,

Blood clings while my head clears,

On the news of Saturday,

My life rapidly slips away.


For when she goes,

Adrenaline flows,

On that Friday train,

The creaks of the trolley,

Not a single ice-lolly,

As she sweats in disdain.


Pensioner’s way,

This lonesome Thursday,

The train rattles to a squeak,

The engines alight,

Her body can’t fight,

The blood that continues to leak.


Out of her veins,

As the weather rains,

Her self-confidence stays weak,

It resembles a bereave,

As this moment won’t leave,

This Wednesday train will leak.


Coal, ice and chocolate bars,

The bodies pile up towards the stars,

Angelic creatures they now are,

Commuters of the Tuesday train will scar.


This damned world,

 For a single day,

Those psychos took Rebecca away,

On the ramshackled Monday train,

Now I rely on memory lane.


Though now she’s gone,

My life’s amidst,

The train that still continues to exist,

On this deathly, weekly train,

      Death tolls rise,

     Increasing pain.









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