Who are you?

Have you ever been asked that question? Who are you? Who are you? What are you supposed to say? How can you answer a question like that? When every single day you are getting judged and assumptions are made about you, you are constantly trying to change yourself to fit in with how society things you should be.
So go on, try and honestly answer my question. Who are you?


18. WHO I AM

Good morning/afternoon/evening.

My name is Caroline Davis, I am fat, and I might be asexual.

I might grow up to smoke or maybe I’ll want to become a man.

I might develop a mental disability or an illness that prevents me from working.

Therefore I might be on benefits.

I might cut my hair.

All my teeth might fall out.

I might get a tattoo or marry a forty year old man from Pakistan.

We might have fifty children.

We might have no children.

I know what I am;

I know what I can be.

I also know what I am not.

I am not part of your society.

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