Who are you?

Have you ever been asked that question? Who are you? Who are you? What are you supposed to say? How can you answer a question like that? When every single day you are getting judged and assumptions are made about you, you are constantly trying to change yourself to fit in with how society things you should be.
So go on, try and honestly answer my question. Who are you?



I am sorry society.

No, I truly am.

I am sorry that these is so much hatred built up inside of you that you feel it is alright for you to do the things you do.

I am sorry that you don't like who I am.

Or who I want to be.

I am sorry that you are angry at me being me.

But I have news for you society.

And this might come as a shock.

I am not who you want to be

So you can suck my..........


You ask me Who do I think I am?

Who do I think that I am?

I don’t know, why don’t you tell me?

You tell me so much already about how I should live my life.

You say that I can’t be in love with someone the same gender as me.

You say that it’s not alright for me to wear trousers, or for a man to wear a skirt.

You look down on us; you look upon us like we are second class citizens because we don’t choose to live our lives the way you want us to.
You hate us all, don’t you?

Each and every one of us, you hate us all.

But that’s alright society, because we hate you too.

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