Boy In Luv


2. Chapter Two

“Honey, you better get up for school!” my mother called from downstairs. That was easy, I couldn’t sleep. I had been so worried about Suga that I couldn’t relax. I know, I shouldn’t be so worried about a guy I just met, but it was my fault and he did nothing wrong. I climbed out from under my covers and  got dressed in a black tank top and skinny jeans. I didn’t want to face Jin this morning and I didn’t want to face anyone in general. I walked down the stairs and grabbed my bag from next the door and reached to open the door.


“Shin-hye, how much sleep have you had?” I turned to face my mother, her hair was tied up in a messy bun and she had flour on her apron, she’d been baking this morning. I sighed in defeat.
“Mind telling me why?” she inquired.
“I’m worried about the guy that I may have accidentally knocked out yesterday and I have no idea if he’s okay.” I confessed.
“Well, check on him at school, if he’s not there ask one of his friends.”
“That would be a lot easier if I didn’t punch him into the lunch table his friends were sitting at. I bet they all hate me, even Princess who is so nice.” I vented.
“You never know, they could be nicer than you think.”


I nodded and started to run to school. I had to see Jin and ask him about Suga, Namjoon would probably be pissed beyond belief. I knew that my only possible friends hated me now. I wasn’t paying attention to anything, I just sat down at my desk and hid my head. I didn’t want to face anyone. I just hoped that Suga wasn’t mad at me.
“Shin-hye.” someone whispered from behind me.
“What?” I grumbled.
“Suga doesn’t hate you. He wanted to apologize but the hospital’s keeping him in.” Jin said.
“Why does he want to apologize? I’m the one who knocked him out and sent him to the hospital.”
“Because he knows you didn’t voluntarily hit him. It took forever to persuade him to stay put, but he has to seeing as he has a serious concussion.”
“What have I done?” I whimpered.
“You did nothing. Let me see your arm.”


I was confused but I slid off my black cardigan and showed him my arms. I knew that there was a slight bruise from how hard Suga grabbed me, but that was an accident. Jin sighed.
“Ne, I am right. It was a reflex to how hard he grabbed you. Not at all your fault. He also wanted me to give you this.” he said as he handed me a note. I opened it and it was a phone number with the message “call me, I need to talk to you”. I sighed and got my phone out, turning it on. I decided to call him rather than text him, it’s much easier to lie over text.


“Annyeonghaseyo.” A tired voice said.
“Suga! How are you? I’m so sorry.” I said hurriedly.
“Shin-hye, calm down I’m fine. It’s not your fault, I overstepped my boundaries and I deserved to get hit.”
“Not into the table and get sent to hospital!” I hissed.
“You didn’t intend that. If Namjoon gives you any shit you’re allowed to hit him.” Suga chuckled.
“I’m not going to hit him. Look what happened to you.”
“I’m fine, don’t fret over me. I’ll be back on my feet in no time.”
“Good. I’m so sorry for hitting you, none of this would have happened if I didn’t wake you up in the music room.”
“If you keep apologizing I will slap you.”
“Any chance any of your friends will tolerate the sight of me? Other than Jin, of course.”
“They’ll probably not want to see you. I personally told them to be nice to you but I doubt they’ll listen to me. I’ll be back soon, hopefully.”
“I’ll talk to you some other time, class is starting.”
“Alright, annyeonghi gaseyo Shin-hye.” he said.


I ended the call and shoved my phone back into my bag and turned my attention to the teacher.




I walked into the cafeteria, dreading the sight of anyone. I could hear the whispers.
“Didn’t she almost kill a guy yesterday?”
“I haven’t seen the dude at all today.”
“Poor guy. That chick has serious issues.”
I shook out my hair and proceeded to sit down in the corner of the room, not at a table, just on the floor. I wasn’t in the mood to eat and if I sat at a table people would be able to see me. I tucked my knees into my chest and let my hair fall in front of my face like a curtain.


I wished that Suga hadn’t wanted to have me as a friend. People should get the memo, stay away from someone who has no friends because there is a reason. I didn’t want to show my face but of course, someone moved my hair out of my face. I looked at their face with a look of pure rage. It was Jungkook, he gave me a sympathetic look and offered his hand to grab. I took it and he pulled me to my feet, brushing my hair out of my face.
“Shin-hye, come sit with us.”
“I’d rather not, Jungkook.” I said.
“Don’t be ridiculous. Come on sonyeo.” I sighed and followed him over to the table the boys had been sitting at yesterday. Namjoon and Jimin glared at me as I sat down between Jin and Jungkook. Everyone was eating so I just sat in silence.
“Shin-hye, do you want my kimchi?” Jin asked.
“Ani, but thank you.” I replied, looking down at the edge of the table.


My phone went off and I quickly fetched it from my bag. I quickly checked who was calling before answering.
“Suga...” I breathed.
“Hello, Shin-hye. How’s everyone treating you?” everyone was looking at me expectantly. I don’t know what they expected me to do so I ignored them.
“Fine. Jungkook made me come sit with them. I curse his adorable face.” I said. I could hear him chuckling on the other end.
“Trust me he uses it against all of us. Tell him to leave you be.” I turned my head to Jungkook.
“Suga says to leave me be.” I said as I stood and grabbed my bag. I’d rather not talk to Suga with everyone else breathing down my neck.
“You left didn’t you?” Suga inquired.
“Ne, I did. Now, you don’t need to bother with me.” I stated as I hung up on him.

I didn’t mean to be so mean but I had to make sure that he knew that I wasn’t worth working on. I excluded myself from everyone for a reason.




I sat on the bench at the neighbourhood park. The sun was out and I wasn’t dressed in black. Instead I was in a short frilly white dress with my hair in a braid down my back. I liked to wear light colours when outside after school. It gave me a chance to be myself. I’d never seen anyone from school in the park so I could just relax and let the sun brush my face.


“Shin-hye!” someone called. “Oh shit.” I thought as I opened my eyes and looked around. It was six people all in one group. One was jumping and waving his arms around, Jungkook most likely. I waved back at them, dreading why they were even bothering with me.
“Jungkook!” I shouted back as he ran at me. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me out of my seat. I tried to escape but he wasn’t having any of that.
“Hyung, let the poor girl go.” Namjoon’s voice instructed. Jungkook released me and I fell onto the grass. I swore as I pushed myself upright to glare at all six of them.
“What’s your problem?” I growled.
“Hmm. We were coming to the park to chill but Jungkook spotted you and you can’t restrain him.” Namjoon said, he wasn’t pleased to see me. I noticed that Jin was talking on his phone. He put it in his pocket.
“Suga wants to see you.” he said.

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