Boy In Luv


1. Chapter One

I leaned back in my chair, chewing my blueberry bubblegum, watching as all of the other students filed through the door, taking note of the new ones. There was one that caught my eye, he was wearing a bright pink shirt and everyone was hitting him as he tried to pass through. I noted the pink sticker on his bag that had a tiara and read ‘Princess’. I sighed and blew my bubble as I kicked my feet up onto the desk. I was smart, back combat boots with small silver spikes on the toes. No one dared to mess with me, I was the school’s bad girl.


I heard a sigh behind me and I turned around to see. It was the boy, his head was in his hands and his black hair was drooping down, yet it wasn’t long enough to cover his face which I assumed was what he was wishing. I rested my chin on the back of my chair.
“Boy.” I said. He looked up at me with a confused expression on his face.
“What?” he asked.
“Don’t let them get to you. Head up Princess, your tiara is falling.” I offered with a slight smile.
“Ne, okay. What’s your name?”
“Park Shin-hye. Your’s?”
“Kim Seokjin. Call me Jin.” he whispered looking down at the desk surface.
“Okay, Princess.” I grinned as I turned back around, kicking my feet up once more.


The teacher, I forget his name, was drawling on about something again. I tipped my head back to stare at the ceiling. I tried to listen to him but his drawling was putting me to sleep. I closed my eyes slowly only to hear someone.
“Shin-hye, Shin-hye, Shin-hye!” I grumpily opened my eyes.
“What?!” I snapped, flicking my head down. Everyone turned to face me, I heard their whispers. I rolled my eyes and relaxed in my seat. They eventually lost interest and focused back on the teacher.


“Park Shin-hye, if you are not willing to participate in your first class of the year, you can go out into the hall and wait for next period.” the teacher spat. I stood and slung my bag over my shoulder. I walked out the door only looking around the classroom when I closed the door behind me. Jin was staring with his mouth agape. I smirked as I sat down next to the door. I twirled a lock of my long black hair between my fingers, lost in thought. I didn’t even notice when everyone plodded through the door and turned down the halls to make their way to whatever classes they had next. I felt a light tap on my shoulder, I looked up at the owner of the hand to reveal Jin, with a confused look on his face.


“Shin-hye, are you quite alright?” he asked. I shook my head in an effort to clear away the daze of my thinking.
“Ne, I just spaced out for a bit.” I said as I quickly got to my feet, brushing off my black skirt.
“Where are you headed?” he inquired.
“Not the slightest clue, I think I’ll just wag classes until lunch.” I shrugged, walking down the hall to the music room that would be unoccupied for the first few weeks of the year.
“I’ll keep you company.” he chirped.
“Ani thank you, Princess.” I growled, picking up my pace. He didn’t need to be caught up in my image.
“Arasseo.” he sighed and went on his merry way to whatever class he had next.


I sat atop the highest level of the steps  and tucked my knees into my chest and rested my head atop them. I knew that I had to keep up both of my images, the good girl at home and the baddest girl around at school. To be honest, I was a mixture of both but they are total opposites and I have to keep everyone pleased. It was in my nature, no one had to know the truth. People believe what they want to believe.


I ran my hands through my hair and waited for lunch to come around. Sometimes I didn’t know what to do with myself. I wish I had a friend, but those were harder to come across than you would think. Jin had wanted to, but he had enough things to worry about. I let out a long held in sigh. There it was the muffled groan of someone. I lifted my head and quickly scanned the room. There was a boy, he was asleep, sprawled across the floor in the corner of the room, he had platinum blonde hair and looked to be quite short from what I could see.


I relaxed again. He wasn’t doing anything, he probably needed the rest. I just watched him slightly shifting every so often, he appeared to be restless. I pulled myself to my feet and walked over to where he lay. I gently nudged him with the toe of my boot. He stirred slightly, groaning groggily as he opened his dark eyes. He looked at my face for a short period of time and pushed himself up, running his hand through his hair.


“What’s your name? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before.” I growled. He shook his head and looked up at me.
“I’m Min Yoongi, I’m new. You?”
“I’m Park Shin-hye, I’ve been here for years. Yoongi, you should be in your classes, not sleeping in the music room.”
“Call me Suga. Everyone else does. Sometimes you need to sleep if your friends drag you out of bed too early.” he grumbled.
“Okay Suga. We should go and get to lunch. How about you walk with me and I’ll drop you off to your friends?” I asked.
“Sure, they’ll never let me live it down though.”
“Ahh, well. Seeing as everyone in this school is afraid of me apart from Princess, you’ll be fine.” I grinned, offering him my hand. He took it and I pulled him to his feet.


I escorted him out of the music room and down the hall to the already crowded cafeteria. I had no one waiting for me so I just stood with Suga as he looked around for this friends. “Suga!” somone called from across the room. I looked to see a boy, with red hair, jumping in place waving his arms above his head. I grinned.
“Well, there they are. See ya.” I said, turning to go to the lunch line. He grabbed my shoulder and spun me around.
“Come sit with us.” Suga offered.
“Fine.” I groaned as I followed him over to the table his friends were sitting at.


“Hey, Shin-hye!” someone shouted. I looked to them, and it was Jin, with a grin.
“Oh, hey Princess!” I waved. Jin was slapped in the back of the head and I took a startled step back.
“So, Bubblegum, the chick who was sent out of class, is the girl you were talking about?” his friend with a weird blonde quiff sort of hairstyle. Jin blushed and hid his face.
“Namjoon! Leave Jin alone.” Quipped the obviously youngest of the group. He had dark purple hair and I resisted the urge to pet him. Suga patted my shoulder.
“The one with the purple hair is Jungkook, he’s the youngest. The one with red hair is Jimin. The one with the terrible haircut is J-Hope and the one with dark brown hair in his face is Taehyung, you can call him V.” Suga said gesturing to everyone who hadn’t already made them self known.
“Well, it was nice meeting you all, but I better be going.” I said. He grabbed my arm, it was a tight hold and something clicked inside my head. I turned with speed and hit Suga in the side of the face sending him stumbling into the table, smacking his head and just going limp. My hands flew to my mouth and I shook with terror.
“Oh my god, what have I done?” I whispered. Jimin and Namjoon both grabbed Suga and layed him down on the ground. He was unconscious.
“I’m sorry!” I said hurriedly as I ran from the room. I kept making mistakes, I don’t even know why I hit him, but that was not important. What was important was that I didn’t hurt anyone else. I don’t know why I ended up where I did but I was hiding in the corner of the music room. Trying to relax.


I heard the ambulance sirens outside and I shook with fear. He was going to hate me alongside all six of his friends. I did nothing but screw up, I could have had some friends if I wasn’t prone to hurting everyone.

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