Boy In Luv


4. Chapter Four

A/N: I'm so sorry it took me so long to get this chapter out! I had it all prepared and then it was deleted and I've been on Tumblr all week instead of posting it. Sorry!




The headlights of the oncoming car were blinding, I couldn't close my eyes due to sheer terror. It was dead silence before the mashing of metal and glass was audible. The car shook, my head smacking into the back of my seat, Suga's seat in the front and the window next to my head. The cold winter's air blew into the car, sending chills down my spine. That's when the other started yelling, Jin was shaking Suga who got full force of the blow, he was limply leaning towards the other side of the car, suspended only by his seat belt, light hair messy.

Jin's hand was covered in blood and bent at awkward angles, but he was focused on Suga and whether or not he was alright, he'd fallen asleep before and if he didn't wake up before he was hit, he didn't know what was going on. I looked to Hoseok beside me, his face was completely drained of colour as he looked from Suga to Jimin in the back row of seats. Namjoon was shouting, using one arm to try and wake him. There were cuts all over Jimin's face, his head was rested against the smashed window. My vision was growing hazy as I looked back to Hoseok and Taehyung behind him, Taehyung was dead silent, tears rolling down his face. my head was becoming harder and harder to hold up, like something was pushing down on it. My eyelids began to droop, Hoseok watched me with concern. I smiled slightly before I collapsed, slumping against him, eyes now closed, buried in the dream-like state of the darkness. Someone was shouting but I couldn't make out anything that they were saying.




We were all out of the van. I'd tried to make sure that everyone was okay, but I was caught up in Suga. The other vehicle had smashed into him, I don't even know if he woke up. The paramedics had gotten Hoseok, Taehyung and myself out first, they couldn't get to Namjoon to get him out and they wanted to get Jungkook, Jimin and Suga out carefully. All of their neck were braced incase of damage caused by the crash. Jimin had cuts all over his face and blood was matted in his hair, Jungkook looked as if he were just sleeping. Suga, was a sight that would scar me, blood everywhere, his legs were clearly broken, there was no colour in his face, he was just pale.

The driver of the other car was talking to the police, raking his hands through his hair. No one was dead but people were injured, some severely.  I knew that my hand was broken and Namjoon's shoulder was either dislocated or broken. We were all on edge, Hoseok was shaking next to me, he’d started freaking out when Jungkook passed out, sparking the rest of us with concern, now he looked as if he were spooked. I wrapped my good arm around his quivering body to comfort him, it was my job to look after everyone and I failed. I failed to keep them safe.




My phone went off, it was dark and the screen illuminated the entire room. It was a call from Suga, I hastily answered it.

"Suga, what is it?" I asked groggily.

"Not Suga, Hoseok, something's happened." Hoseok said.

"What's happened?" I asked in sheer terror.

"Car crash. It's serious." he whispered, choking on tears.

"Calm down, how bad is it?"

"Suga's real bad, his leg is shattered, he's still unconscious, Jungkook's foot is broken and I don't know about Jimin." he said.

"What about the rest of you, are you okay?"

"Jin broke his hand and a couple fingers, Namjoon's shoulder is broken, both Taehyung and myself are fine."

"How long have you guys been there?"

"About an hour, we all had to be looked over."

"I'll be there soon, hang tight." I said before hanging up. I quickly got changed into some loose cargo pants and a t-shirt and grabbing a hoodie to keep me warm. I left my room and headed across the hall to leave a note next to my mother's bedroom door. I quickly scribbled it down. 'If you wake up and I'm not here, I'll be at the hospital, the guys were in a crash'


I stuck the note to the table next to her door before quietly heading down the stairs to the front door, I double checked that I had my phone and my house keys on me and left the house, locking the door behind me.




I saw Hoseok, Jin, Taehyung and Namjoon all sitting on a row of chairs. I hurried over to them. Jin looked up at me from his hand, encased in a cast, supported by a sling. Namjoon was resting his head on Hoseok's shoulder, blinking sleepily, his arm also in a sling but he didn't have a cast, instead a brace on his shoulder.

"Shin-Hye, why are you here? You should be sleeping." Jin stated in a motherly tone.

"Do you think I would be able to sleep after Hoseok's call?" I growled, sitting down next to him. They all looked unbelievably tired.

"I thought you'd know to take care of yourself and sleep, not come to the hospital at two in the morning on a Sunday night. How's your head?"


"I'm fine, can you please explain why you guys were even out driving so late at night?" I asked.

"There was a party hosted by a couple girls at school, Jimin didn't want to turn down the invitation so we went. On the way back, Suga fell asleep in the car and about ten minutes later the other car swerved at hit us head on." he explained in a grave tone.

"Oh my god! Are you sure you guys are okay?" I asked, horrified.

"We're more concerned with Suga, Jungkook and Jimin. Suga didn't wake up after we were hit, Jimin's head smashed into a window, knocking him unconscious and Jungkook fell asleep, we tried to wake them up, but there were all out cold." he whispered, voice breaking with his withheld tears. I knew that he didn't want to talk about it, so I just gave him a hug, careful of his wrist. Namjoon was snoring softly, his head still on Hoseok's shoulder.

"Why was I even called in the first place? I'm pretty much an acquaintance to you guys."

"Because we consider you a friend and we all know that Suga will annihilate us if you weren't told." Hoseok piped in.

"How much sleep have you guys had? You look deathly tired." I stated bluntly.

"Barely any." Jin said with a yawn.

"I'll text my mother and you guys can crash in the living room." I said, pulling my phone out of my pocket and beginning to send a text to my mother. 'Can you pick Jin, Namjoon, Taehyung, Hoseok and myself up from the hospital? The guys were in a crash but they're fine to leave, Suga, Jimin and Jungkook aren't too great.'

We waited for her reply, me dozing off with my head on Jin shoulder. When the phone vibrated in my hand with a text I was startled awake.

"Sure, I'll be there soon, you all have to explain this to me.'


My mother came to get us and we had to wake Namjoon up and make our way out to the car, all cramming inside Taehyung and Hoseok managed to share a seatbelt so that Namjoon and Jin didn't end up bumping or moving their injuries. Jin explained to my mother about what happened and how the rest of the guys were so that she didn't freak out. We got home and herded the boys into the living room, I retrieved a spare mattress from the garage while my mother set up blankets and pillows on the couches and one recliner. I made hot cocoa for everyone and left them to sleep. The landline would go off if there was any news from the hospital about Suga, Jimin or Jungkook.




None of the guys came to school with me, the lunch room was buzzing with gossip about where the guys were, I knew that there'd be something about it during the afternoon news and I was right.


"Seven students were in a headlong collision last night, four of them are all right, just resting after a long night but the condition of the remaining three is unknown."


People's eyes darted to me, where I sat, alone wishing that I could check in with the boys. They were most likely all back with their families or visiting Suga, Jimin and Jungkook in the hospital, they promised that if anything important happened they would call the main office. I tried to ignore everyone as the class stared, their gazes burning into my back.


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