The High School Jock Is My Neighbour!

Meet Niall Horan.

He's your average, normal eighteen year old teenager, who just like everybody else, is trying to make his way through his last years of high school. Niall is a kind, sweet boy, yet sadly, Niall is not what you would call a popular boy.

He's not good looking enough to hang out with the popular crowds, he's not fit enough to be on the school's football team and he not confident enough to have many friends.

But for Niall, this is okay. He knows this is as good as his life will ever get, and he doesn't expect much to change.

That is, until he comes to terms with his feelings for a certain curly haired boy, who is not only the most popular guy in school and straight as they come; he just so happens to be his next door neighbour.


2. two.

"Jesus Ni, sounds like you nearly had your whole face swiped off" Zayn muttered angrily as he continued to push at his CD player, trying ever so hard to find a song of his liking.

"It's okay Zayn, I'm fine. Look, not even a scratch" i tried to reassure him as he looked at me and sighed, shaking his head.

"It could have been a lot worse" he said to me with a raised brow.

"Lucky Harry was there then i guess" i said to him as he sighed, shaking his head as i stared at that dashboard.

"You put too much faith in that guy Ni. Why are they even throwing balls up in the corridor anyway?" he sighed as i shook my head and sighed.

"I dunno. Harry said they were just mucking around" i muttered, a blush on my cheeks as i spoke his name.

"Yeah, and them mucking around nearly got you injured. What if that Hemmings kid had broken your nose? Then what? Would you still be all lovey dovey eyed for Harry? Forgive Luke because Harry said it was an 'accident'? Please" he said simply as i rolled my eyes.

"Yeah yeah alright, i get it. You don't like Harry. Can we please talk about something else now, and hurry up or we'll be late. You know how Kate hates it when were late" i sighed as he smirked, finally picking a song and driving a bit faster to work.

We ended up arriving to work with five minutes to spare thanks to Zayn's reckless driving expertise. We headed out the back placing out belongings in our lockers and quickly changed into our uniform. I grabbed my apron, giving Zayn his as we waited for our shift to start. The back door opened and in walked Kate.

"It's nice to see you boys on time for once" she smiled at us, Zayn rolling his eyes at her as i smiled and chuckled.

Kate was a few years older than Zayn and me and had been our boss for the past two years. Zayn and Louis had been in many times with me when i had first started working at the restaurant so she wasn't surprised when Zayn had come asking for work. It had taken me quite a lot of begging and reassurance before she had agreed to let him work here.

She had told me she knew one day she would have to chose between Louis and Zayn for a job, and was thankful Zayn had been the one to ask first. She knew what Louis was like and didn't know if she could have handled someone like him.

Louis hadn't taken any offense, saying he knew the real reason why she hadn't hired him was not because of his personality, but because she found him so attractive that she would be unable to perform her duties as a manager, and that it was understandable. Kate merely rolled her eyes and walked off.

To this day he still never lets her forget.

"Hi Kate. Busy day?" i asked her as she looked to me and sighed.

"You could say that. I think it's gonna be a quiet night, lucky for you boys. I've gotta take off early tonight so if you could please lock up for me Ni i would love you forever" she smiled at me as i nodded.

"Sure. Can Zayn stay and help me. He is my ride after all" i asked her as she looked to Zayn who smiled at her.

"God knows i'll regret this tomorrow but sure. Just please make sure everything gets done" she said as we nodded and followed her out onto the restaurant floor.


It was around six thirty when Kate decided to take off. It was as she had said, a quiet night which i was thankful for. Zayn was behind the counter cleaning out glasses at the register whilst i sat on the bar stool beside him working on my homework.

The restaurant was quite dead, which was normal for a Wednesday night. I sighed, rubbing my eyes as i jumped off the stool, stretching my legs as i walked over to grab a drink. A couple who were seated by the window grabbed their things and made their way over to Zayn who smiled politely at them as he gave them the check.

I headed on over towards their table to grab their dishes, smiling at them as they headed to the front door.

"Have a nice night" i smiled at them as they waved goodbye, the door closing behind them. I reached their table, grabbing their dishes and carried them to the back room, leaving them by the pile of dishes to be cleaned.

I grabbed my cloth and spray and made my way over, spraying the table and wiping it down. As i wiped the table i noticed on the other side of the window a pair of what looked like legs stopped right in front of me.

I slowly rose my eyes and felt my heart stop as i took in the familiar pair of green eyes that smiled back at me. I offered a quick smile, waving at the boy who waved back at me. Gods i couldn't escape him it seemed.

The door opened and i looked up, seeing a smiling Harry walking in. I smiled at him as i walked over.

"Hi" i smiled at him, Harry's dimples showing as he smiled back at me.

"Hey Niall" he smiled at me as i looked at him. I could feel Zayn's eyes on me as i glanced at him, seeing him smirking to himself as i turned back to Harry.

"What are you doing here?" i asked him as he smiled, his hands in his pockets of his jacket as he smiled at me.

"I'm here to pick up an order. Under Styles" he smiled at me and i nodded. Of course that's why he was here. To collect his food. No other reason. Obviously.

"I'll just go and get it for you" i said to him softly as i turned.

"I've got it Ni" Zayn smiled at me, moving behind the counter as he headed to the kitchen to collect the order. I turned back to Harry who stood smiling at me.

"So, how's work?" he asked me as I sighed, running my hands through my hair as i wiped down my apron.

"Work is fine. We're quiet tonight so i thought i'd start some homework" i said to him as he nodded, eyes on me. I felt myself blush under his gaze as he smiled at me. Was there something on my face?

"What?" i asked him as he smiled wider, shaking his head as he chucked.

"You look cute in your uniform" he said suddenly. And just like that, my heart stopped. I felt the blood rush to my face as i looked down at my messy apron and white button up shirt. This was cute?

"Th..thanks" i muttered to him as he smiled at me, shaking his head as he chuckled.

"Sorry it's just....i don't really get to see you....other than at school. It's nice...seeing you formal such" he smiled at me and i felt myself smiling back. This boy was absolutely perfect. In every single way shape and form.

He continued to look at me, and i felt my cheeks redden under his gaze. I stood awkwardly, not knowing what to say as i played with the dish cloth in my hands.

I looked cute in my uniform? He had called me cute! Was i dreaming?

"So" i muttered to him, my eyes raising to meet his as i took a breath. His eyes were on mine so intently. He watched me, his eyes curious as he tilted his head slightly, a hint of a smile on his face.

"Order for Styles" i heard and looked up to see Zayn walking back from the kitchen with Harry's order in his hands. He took them to the counter as Harry followed him, leaving me standing still as i thought about his previous comment.

"So, i'll see you tomorrow" i heard and looked up to see Harry standing back in front of me, a smile on his face and his food in his hand.

"Uh...yeah. Breakfast. Eight o'clock" i nodded to him as he smiled at me, looking to the ground thoughtfully. I he looked back up at me and smiled, his eyes full of something i couldn't quite read.

"Let's make it seven. Give us more time together before school" he smiled at me as i felt my heart racing. He wanted to spend more time with me? I gulped as i took in his stare, watching him stood patiently, waiting for my answer.  

"Unless that's too early for you; then we can keep it at eight" he said quickly, his eyes on me as i quickly shook my head.

" that's fine. Seven is fine" i said as he smiled at me.

"Great. I'll see you then" he grinned at me and i smiled back.

"Zayn, thanks" he grinned, turning to Zayn and offering him a smile as he held up his food. Zayn's eyes widened as Harry smiled and headed to the door, opening it and stepping out.

I turned to Zayn who looked at me wide eyed. I felt like i was mirroring his reaction, both standing there stunned.

"Did he just...?" Zayn asked me, clearly surprised by what had just happened, i myself still confused. I looked to him and shrugged my shoulders, looking back to the door that he had just walked out through.

Harry Styles wanted to spend more time with me? Me. Niall Horan. What the hell was going on?

I looked back at Zayn who was staring at the counter in front of him, shaking his head as he looked at me, a small smile on his face as he chuckled.

"Wait till Louis here's about this" he teased, causing me to smile.

"Of course the first thing you think about it bragging to Lou" i rolled my eyes as he chucked, shrugging his shoulders as i sighed.  

"Come on. Let's hurry up and finish so we can close up. I need my beauty sleep seeing as how i gotta get up an extra hour earlier now" i huffed somewhat, yet part of me inside was screaming with joy that i got to spend the extra hour with Harry.

"Sure. I bet you're real devastated about that" Zayn muttered to me. I glared at him playfully, throwing my dirty rag at his face as he scowled, throwing it back as i chuckled and made my way out the back and grabbed the broom.


Zayn dropped me off home after work had ended, giving me a quick goodbye wave as he drive off. I sighed, thankful work was over as i walked over, grabbing the garbage bin and bringing it in the backyard.

I walked through my gate, looking up as i saw Harry's bedroom light on. I was startled to see him leaning against his window, looking down at me. He must have heard me come home.

I looked up at him as he smiled softly down at me and smiled back, giving him a small wave. He just stood, staring down at me as i sighed, looking at him curiously.
His smiled faded as he continued to look at me, the only light coming from his bedroom.

We stood, staring at one another, yet it wasn't an awkward moment. I couldn't find a word to describe it, i suppose we were just watching each other, trying to figure out one another.

I heard my mother inside as sighed, turning to my back door and opening it, one last glance at Harry. He was looking at me curiously, the small smile reappearing on his face as i smiled, stepping inside.

"Niall?" i heard my mum yell out to me as i sighed, walking into the hallway.

"Just me ma" i said to her, walking into the kitchen where she was doing the dishes in the sink. She turned to me and smiled.

"Hello sweetheart. How was work?" she asked me as i sighed, taking a seat at the bench as i watched her finish up the washing.

"Work was good. Kate left early again so i had to close up" i said as she nodded, washing her hands off the soapy spuds.

"You might as well be running the place for the amount of times she leave early. She better be paying you extra for this" she said as i rolled my eyes and smiled.

"Dinner's in oven if you want it. Your father's working late again" she said as i shook my head.

"That's okay, i ate at work. I think i'm just gonna go and have an early night" i said to her as she nodded, walking over to me and kissing my forehead.

"All right. Good night sweetheart" she smiled at me as i smiled back, jumping off the stool and heading upstairs to my room.


"Fuck off! He did not!" i chuckled at Louis reaction as he cursed on the other side of the phone.

"You should have seen Zayn's face. Priceless" i chucked as Louis chuckled with me.

"What do you know, lover boy does know who we are" he said as i rolled my eyes.

"Of course he knows who you are. You guys are my best friend. I'm pretty sure he knows that" i sighed staring at my roof as i lay on my bed.

Louis had called me after work wanting conformation about Harry after Zayn had called him and told him what had happened. He hadn't believed it so the next logical thing to do was to call me to confirm what Zayn had said was true.

"I still can't believe he said his name. And he looked directly at him?" Louis asked me as i sighed, rubbing my tired eyes as i yawned.

"Uh huh. Said thanks Zayn or something like that" i muttered to him, my eyes feeling heavy as i sighed.

"This is so not fair. I'm practically family with you and the guy has never said anything to me. How does this happen? What does Zayn have that i don't? Does he think Zayn's prettier than me or something?" he asked and i chuckled, sitting up and looking at my clock. It was nearing midnight and i needed to get some sleep before my breakfast with Harry.

"No one is prettier than you Lou. I'm sure Harry will speak to you before you know it" i said sleepily as Louis sighed.

"We'll see. Maybe you can ask him at your breakfast date tomorrow" he asked me as i sighed, shaking my head.

"It's just breakfast Lou. Not a date" i mumbled, not wanting to think about how much i wanted it to be an actual date.

"It's a date Niall. We've been friends forever and we've never once been on a breakfast date together" he said simply as i chuckled, shaking my head.

"Well, maybe we should. Then you'll be able to see it's just breakfast and not a date" i said teasingly as he chuckled.

"Yeah yeah. I heard you're meeting an hour earlier to, how did Zayn put it, to "spend some more time together"" he teased me as i shook me head, rubbing my face. Damn Zayn having to go and run his mouth. Between the three of us no one could keep a secret, myself included.

"Yes as a matter of fact we are. And with that comment i am going to hang up and leave you so i can get some sleep before i have to get up early" i mumbled into the phone hearing Louis chuckle.

"Sweet dreams princess. I expect a full debrief of your breakfast during first period and not a minute later" he warned teasingly as i smiled, nodding my head.

"When have i ever not. I'll see you tomorrow Lou" i smiled into the phone, hearing his goodbye before hanging up.

I placed my phone on charge by my bed and switched off the light before snuggling down under my covers. I closed my eyes with a smile on my face, thinking about my breakfast tomorrow with Harry. Two hours of alone time, just us two, talking about everything and anything.

I felt my body slowly starting to drift into unconsciousness, my last thought of a certain curly haired boy with green eyes smiling down at me.

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