The High School Jock Is My Neighbour!

Meet Niall Horan.

He's your average, normal eighteen year old teenager, who just like everybody else, is trying to make his way through his last years of high school. Niall is a kind, sweet boy, yet sadly, Niall is not what you would call a popular boy.

He's not good looking enough to hang out with the popular crowds, he's not fit enough to be on the school's football team and he not confident enough to have many friends.

But for Niall, this is okay. He knows this is as good as his life will ever get, and he doesn't expect much to change.

That is, until he comes to terms with his feelings for a certain curly haired boy, who is not only the most popular guy in school and straight as they come; he just so happens to be his next door neighbour.


3. three.

My alarm sounded as my eyes fluttered open. I groaned, my eyelids heavy as i slammed my hand down on my alarm clock, shutting it off. I sighed at the sudden piece and quiet, rolling over and smiling as i felt myself drifting back to sleep.
It was nice for what seemed like five seconds before my eyes shot open and i looked at my clock once more, the sudden reminder of why i was up an extra hour early rushing to my mind.  I sat up in bed, throwing my covers off and climbed out, my limbs aching as i hurried to the bathroom to relieve myself, wash my face and brush my teeth.

Why was it that when you had to wake up early, it felt like you had been asleep for a whole of ten minutes?

I raced around my room, seeing i had ten minutes before i had to meet Harry out the front of our houses, picking up my shoes and throwing them on my feet, not bothering with the laces. I searched around for my jacket, throwing it on and grabbed my school bag, shoving all my books inside.

I gave myself a once over in the bathroom, throwing a piece of chewing gum in my mouth to freshen my breath as i quietly made my way down stairs. I walked through the kitchen, seeing my mum standing by the kettle in her dressing gown. She turned to me, eyes wide for a moment as she eyed me curiously.

"I'm surprised to see you up this early?" she asked me as i grabbed an apple from the fridge and a packet of chips from the cupboard, throwing them into my bag.

"It's Thursday ma" i said as she looked at me before nodding in understanding.

"You don't usually do breakfast with Harry this early?" she asked me as i nodded and looked to her.

"I know. He wanted to go a bit earlier so we could spend more time together" i said hurriedly, looking to her as her brow raised.

Of course, being my mother, she had figured out my crush on our neighbour after i had come out and told her and dad i was gay. She had smiled, telling me Harry was a good looking boy and she was happy for me that i had found someone like him.

"We're just friends ma" i said to her, repeating the same words i tell her every time Harry's name is mentioned in our household. She eyed me curiously and smiled.

"I never said anything dear. Enjoy your breakfast with your 'friend'. Say hi to Harry for me" she teased me as i glared at her, grabbing my bag and rushing out the door.
I closed the door behind me and turned around, stopping as i looked down at the end of my driveway as my heart beat quickened.

Harry was stood, leaning against my mailbox, his head down as he played with his phone in his hand. I sighed, taking a deep breath as i made my way down the stairs towards him. At the sound of my feet hitting the gravel drive he looked up, a smile immediately appearing on his face as he leaned off the mailbox.

"Hi Niall" he grinned at me as i walked towards him, a smile on my face as i took in his clothes.

He wore a pair of tight black skinny jeans with brown boots, with just a plain white t-shirt and his varsity jacket. His hair was slicked back and his green eyes were glimmering with happiness. Gods he looked amazing.  

"Hi Ha.." i was cut off mid sentence by the sudden trip over my shoelace, stumbling forward. I closed my eyes, expecting to feel the sudden scrapping of gravel underneath my hands, yet when i opened my eyes slightly, i saw i wasn't on the ground, yet being held closely to Harry's chest.

I slowly peaked up at him, my face heating up as i met his green eyes. They were sparkling with amusement as he smiled down at me.

"Good morning to you too" he grinned down at me, and if my face could have gotten any more red, i'm sure it had.

"You sure seven isn't too early for you?" he teased me as i bit my lip, my eyes moving to his chest as he chuckled softly.

"Sorry.." i mumbled out, cursing myself as i felt Harry's arms tighten around me.

Wait. What?

I looked down, seeing Harry's arms around me and felt my heart race. Here we were, standing out on the street, Harry holding me in his arms. It wasn't as if he and i had never touch each other before, we had been neighbours for five years after all. But i still felt my heart skip a beat and my breath uneasy every time our skin made contact.

"You okay?" he asked me, and my eyes looked to his once more, seeing the small smile on his face as his eyes looked into mine. How i could get forever lost in his green eyes. If i could chose anyway to die, this moment right here would be just fine.

I stood up straight, my arms lowering from his chest as he held me steady, my body straightening as i shook my head.

"Thanks" i smiled to him as his arms held me still, his eyes scanning over my face as i nodded. He gently let go of me and looked down, chuckling as he slowly began to bend down. My eyes widened as he crouched down on one knee, shaking his head as he looked up at me.

"No wonder you tripped. Here" he said, gesturing to my foot. I looked down at him, realising he was gesturing to my undone shoelaces and i frowned.

"Guess you forgot about these" he chuckled, looking up at me as i looked down at him. His eyes bore into mine as i blushed, biting my lip as he grabbed my leg, pulling it towards himself as he began to tie up my laces.

"Harry...i it myself" i mumbled to him softly, hearing him chuckle as he finished the first shoe, tapping my other leg as i rolled my eyes, switching legs as he began to tie up the other lace.

"I don't wanna risk it. God knows how you tie your shoes this early normally. You completely forgot today" he teased me with a smile, and i couldn't help the smile that spread across my own face.

He finished the last shoelace and smiled, looking up at me as he stood up, now standing closer to me as he towered somewhat over me.

"Thanks" i smiled to him as he smiled back, shaking his head as he turned towards the footpath.

"Can't have you falling over me all the time now can i?" he winked at me as i felt my stomach drop, a blush on my cheeks as he chuckled and stood on the footpath turning towards me. If only he knew how late it was for me to start falling over him. Five years too late.

"I'm starving. Let's go eat" he smiled at me as i nodded, walking over to him as we slowly began our walk to breakfast.


"I think my mum wants to invite your parents around for tea sometime next week, do you think their free?" he asked me causally as i took a sip of my coffee.

"I don't see why not. I mean, i don't think they have anything else planned" i smiled to him as he smiled, taking a bite of his toast and leaned back in his chair looking at me.

"You should come too. Or we could go out maybe, leave the parents to talk, what do you think?" he asked me and i nearly choked on my breakfast. He looked at me and smiled as i blushed and nodded.

"Uh...yeah...i think i'm free. Did you know what day your mum wanted them over?" i asked him, my heart beating as i tried to control my breathing. Did Harry Styles just ask me to dinner?

"I'm not sure. I'll ask her tonight and text you" he said and i nodded, turning to look out the window. I had to stop looking at Harry and think about something else if i was to get my breathing under control. It looked like it was going to be a nice warm day, which was a nice change from all the cold weather we were having.

"Nice day huh" Harry murmured to me as i smiled, nodding me head and turned to him.

"Do you have training today?" i asked him, noting his bag looked quite heavy compared to every other day. He took a sip of his tea and nodded, looking out the window up at the sky.

"Yep. Thursday is train day. You gonna come watch again?" he asked me as i sighed, sitting back in my chair as i looked down at my cup.

"I dunno. I think Lou wanted to hang out after school. He doesn't like not seeing me any longer than two days in a row" i chuckled softly as i looked to Harry who looked at me with a small smile.

"Tomlinson, right? You guys seem pretty close" he said to me as i nodded my head.

"Louis is like a brother. We've known each other since we were born, we practically grew up together" i said and he nodded, a smile on his face as he took another sip from his drink.

"And Zayn? What's his story?" he asked me, eyes on his cup as i took a bite of my own slice of toast and smiled.

"Zayn and Louis are my best friends" i smiled, his eyes looking up at me as i looked to him and shrugged my shoulders. "It's always been just the three of us" i smiled, thinking of my two best friends and how lucky i was to have them.

"You love them" he said simply as i looked to him and smiled, nodding my head.

"Yeah. I do. They're my family, and we do everything for each other" i smiled at him as he looked back at his cup.

"What about us?" he asked suddenly, and i felt my heart stop as i looked at him. He swirled the last bit of his drink in his cup, downing it and placed it on the table in front of him, before sitting back in his chair and looking directly at me.

"Wha--What about us?" i asked him softly, my voice wavering as i looked at him, unsure of to where this conversation was going. I felt the butterflies begin to swarm in my stomach, pushing any good thoughts deep down where i couldn't get distracted.

"Well, we're friends, right?" he asked me and i looked to him as he waited for my response.

"I....uh....we're....neighbours" i muttered to him quietly as he looked at me, a blush forming on my cheeks.

"Well yeah were neighbours, but...we're still friends?" he asked me, as if he was needing me to agree with him that were were in fact...friends.

"It's just...well...i consider you a friend Niall. And i was kinda hoping you thought of me as a friend as well" he said to me as i placed my cup on the table. I opened my mouth to speak when the door to the bakery opened and the sound of loud laughter echoed through the building.

I looked up, a frown on my face as i saw one of Harry's friends walk through the door. I looked back to him as he noted my gaze and turned to see his friend spotting him as he smiled at them. I sank back in my chair and sighed. Looks like breakfast was over.

"Hey Haz!" he grinned at him, Harry standing up and pulling him in for a quick hug as he patted him on the back.

"Hey Li" he smiled back, pulling away from the boy who i now recognised as Liam Payne, one of the boys on the football team. Liam looked at me and i offered him a small smile which he gave a curt nod, before turning back to Harry.

"What brings you here so early?" Liam asked him with a smile as Harry turning to me.

"Just having breakfast with my neighbour" he smiled, his eyes not looking at me as he smiled back at Liam.
I felt my heart drop slightly, the smile gone from my face.


Who knew one word could cause such an effect on you; Harry sure knew which spot to push that's for sure. I stared down at the food in front of me and sighed. It was safe to say i had just lost my appetite.

"I'm headed to school, you want a lift?" i heard Liam ask him, yet kept my head down, not wanting to dare look up at either of their faces. So much for that extra hour.

"Thanks but i'm good. Gonna walk" he said and i felt my heart leap the tiniest bit. At least he didn't ditch me for his friend. That would have made things more awkward then they already were.

"Alright, i'll see you at training" Liam smiled to him, Harry nodding as he waved goodbye to Liam who grabbed his coffee quickly and headed out the door.
Harry turned back to the table and picked up his bag, standing over me as i looked up at him.

"I'm done here. You finished?" he asked me with a smile as i nodded, standing as i grabbed my bag and followed him out the door.


The walk to school was a long one. Not because of the distance, but because of the uncomfortable silence between Harry and myself. It had never once been awkward between him and me, but since his little bomb shell question at breakfast, i didn't know where we were going to go from here.

It wasn't that i didn't want to be his friend, because trust me, i did. Well, actually, i wanted more, but there was no way in hell i was ever going to tell him that. I just never considered us as friends. He is my neighbour, it was what i always referred to him as.

I had Louis and Zayn. They were my friends. I've never had the luxury of being able to call anyone else friend, so the concept of Harry of all people being my friend, it was going to take me a while to wrap my head around.

I looked up at him as he looked down at his phone, scrolling through god knows what, most likely so he didn't have to make any form of conversation with me. Could you blame him.

"Thank you, for before" i found myself saying suddenly, Harry's eyes turning from his phone to look at me curiously. I gave him a small smile as i sighed.

"Back at the bakery. You could have gotten a ride with Liam, but you didn't. So thanks" i muttered to him softly, my eyes looking to his as he smiled softly.

"I wouldn't just leave you like that Niall. We had plans first" he said with a shrug of his shoulders and turned back to his phone. I nodded, feeling slightly deflated.

It wasn't exactly the answer from him i was hoping for but i guess i would take whatever form of communication he was going to give me.

We arrived at the school gates and my heart sank. The reality of my normal life began to set in as we walked towards the building. I would only have a few more minutes left with Harry before we arrived at our lockers and his friends would take him away from me, leaving me as just another face in the crowd to him.

As always, he walked me to my locker first. I remember the first day he had done it, and i had asked him why. He told me that he was being a gentleman and it was the polite thing to do. I remember blushing hard as he winked at me before heading to his own locker.

Now we stood at my locker, in silence. I turned to face him as his placed his phone in his pocket and looked at me.

"I'll get my mum to call your mum about dinner" he said simply and i felt my heart sink lower. So much for our dinner i guess.

"Okay" i said as he nodded to me and gave me a wave.

"Bye Niall" he said, walking off towards his locker, my eyes trailing after him sadly as i sighed.

I watched after him, seeing his friends run up to him, throwing their arms around him, the girls instantly on him as i felt my jealousy creeping in. He smiled at them but i could see it was forced. I sighed, turning to my locker and opened it up.

I didn't think he would be so affected by it. I mean, technically i never really got to give an answer to his question before his friend came along. I turned to look at him once more, seeing him standing by his locker talking to Liam.

His eyes suddenly looked up to meet mine and i sighed, offering him a small smile. He gave me a small smile back and turned back to Liam, laughing at something he had said and i nodded, grabbing my books as i shut my locker and made my way to class, with the thought on my mind.

Could Harry Styles and Niall Horan really be friends?

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