The High School Jock Is My Neighbour!

Meet Niall Horan.

He's your average, normal eighteen year old teenager, who just like everybody else, is trying to make his way through his last years of high school. Niall is a kind, sweet boy, yet sadly, Niall is not what you would call a popular boy.

He's not good looking enough to hang out with the popular crowds, he's not fit enough to be on the school's football team and he not confident enough to have many friends.

But for Niall, this is okay. He knows this is as good as his life will ever get, and he doesn't expect much to change.

That is, until he comes to terms with his feelings for a certain curly haired boy, who is not only the most popular guy in school and straight as they come; he just so happens to be his next door neighbour.


1. one.

"Hey Niall"

Two of the simplest words.

Words that were used by everyone, everyday. Words that i have heard so often before, yet if they been spoken by anyone else, would cause no effect on me whatsoever. The two words that made my pulse quicken and my cheeks turn a slight tinged pink.

Those two words, hearing my name falling so freely from those lips, the lips i have dreamt about for so many years, the sound coming from them that makes my skin tingle with goosebumps. The cause of all this, from those two simple words.

"Hello, earth to Niall?"

I blinked, my eyes quickly adjusting to the tall boy standing in front of me, a smile on his face as his green eyes looked at me curiously. I blinked again, the realisation hitting me as i blushed harder, shaking my head as i looked back at him.

"Wh..what did you say?" i asked, my heart erratic in my chest as i looked at the smiling boy, his dimples evident in his cheeks as he chuckled lightly. I would be lying if i said me becoming a stuttering mess in front of him didn't happen often.

"I asked you if you wanted a lift home today? Didn't you hear anything i said?" he asked teasingly as i shook my head and smiled lightly.

"Sorry. I guess my mind was somewhere else" I mumbled to him, watching as he nodded his head and smiled. My mind always seemed to be somewhere else whenever he was around me.

"It's okay. I get it. My brain is a bit fried after this week as well. Coach has been on our arse since Monday, and with exams and such.." he smiled brightly, causing my own lips to smile back as i looked at them. His lips, looking soft as ever, oh how much i wanted to try them for myself. How many nights I had dreamt of these lips i had lost count.

"So?" he asked again as I looked at him, seeing him waiting for a response. I looked down at the books in his hand and frowned, trying to rack my brain to remember what he asked me. Stupid school girl crush, way to make an even bigger fool of myself.

"You're really not with it today are you?" he chuckled, waving his hand in front of my face as i blinked and looked back up to him startled. He laughed and lowered his hand as i shook my head.

"Huh? Oh, right..uhh...lift, right. No it's okay, i've got work so i won't be headed home till later" i smiled at him, watching him nod his head as he smiled at me.

"What time do you start? I'll drop you off if you want" he asked me as i closed my locker, grabbing my books and my phone.

"I start at four. It's okay, Zayn's working today too so he said he'd drive me. Thank you anyway" i said and he nodded.

"We're still on for breakfast tomorrow right? I think it was your turn to buy if i'm not correct" he smirked at me as i rolled my eyes, hearing the bell ring for next class.

"Yeah i know. It's the same every Thursday" i smiled as he grinned and chuckled lightly.

"Great. I'm looking forward to it, same as i am every Thursday" he smiled as i smiled back, my heart fluttering in my chest at his words.

If only he knew how much more i looked forward to our breakfast dates. It was nice to spend some time with him alone before we got to school, knowing that once we entered the building, things changed entirely.

"Have fun at work, i'll text you later" he smiled, waving goodbye as he turned around headed to class. I smiled, nodding my head and waved as i headed in the other direction, a smile on my face as i thought about the following morning.


I entered the class room and looked up, seeing my best friends Louis and Zayn sitting at the back, a seat saved next to Louis for me. I smiled and walked over to them as they smiled up at me.

"Thanks for waiting guys" i teased them, taking a seat beside Louis who looked at me with a smile.

"Sorry mate. Didn't want to interrupt your chat with your lover" he smiled and i blushed slightly, shaking my head as i placed my phone on silent and in my pocket.

"Why must you tease him all the time Lou. You know he hates it" Zayn muttered from beside him as Louis smiled, shaking his head as he looked to Zayn who eyed him.

"He knows i'm only joking. Right Ni? You know there's nothing i want more in this world for you and your lover boy to be happy" he smiled at me as i rolled my eyes and chuckled.

"It's fine Zayn. Louis' just jealous" i teased him as Louis nodded his head and let out a long sigh.

"It's true. I still don't understand how you are friends with someone like Harry Styles" he sighed as i smiled, shaking my head as Zayn chuckled.

"I reckon being his neighbour has got some pretty big influence, but i could be wrong" he smirked, shrugging his shoulders as Louis glared at him and I chuckled.

I suppose you'd be wondering, just like everybody else, why the most popular guy in school and i were talking about breakfast dates and such. You'd be wondering why Harry and i would ever even talk in the first place. It's simple really. Harry and I are neighbours.

"But i've practically lived their my whole life too, and he never says boo to me. To be friends with the Harry Styles, tell us Niall, what's it like?" Louis asked me dreamily, his face in his hands as he turned to me. Zayn rolled his eyes yet smiled at his best friend.

Everyone in school thought Louis was gay at first. He always had the flamboyant persona about him. If someone mentioned the word in front of him, he would play along, sometimes even getting Zayn and myself to go along with him. Maybe it was the way he dressed sometimes, or the way he had sudden outburst about anything and everything.

He was known as the class clown and was always there for a good laugh. Zayn and I knew he was 'as straight as they come' or however he liked to put it, but Louis didn't care what people thought of him.

Louis and i have known each other since birth. Louis' mum and mine have been friends since their school days, so him and i, we're practically family. Shortly after starting school, we met Zayn and instantly clicked, and the three of us have been best friends ever since.

I was around the age of thirteen when i began to question my own sexuality. The guys would start to talk about girls whenever we hung out together; and i would see boys my age starting to get girlfriends. But for some reason, none of that interested me.

I never understood why i wasn't interested in the same things they were, how i was bored when they would talk about the girls in their gym shorts and tight white shirts. I remember speaking to my dad about it and he told me not to worry, that the day would come, and i just had to be patient.

It was up until the day my new neighbours moved in next door, that i finally figured out who i was. It was the day i first laid eyes on Harry Styles.

"I wouldn't even call us friends really. We're just..well..neighbours" I sighed, my heart sinking slowly. Everyone i knew called us friends, yet i just couldn't put the word 'friend' to our relationship...or...whatever we were.

Even if we were friends, it wasn't what i really wanted. I didn't want to be just his friend. I wanted to be called his, and he be called mine. And i had wanted that for as long as i could remember.

"Please. You've lived next door to the guy for five years! You guys talk all the time, you even go out on breakfast dates for gods sake. And he drives you home most days. Neighbours don't do that sorta stuff" Louis said as I looked to him.

"Is it a bad thing if we were friends?" i asked him as Louis turned to me and smiled.

"Gods no. If anything it's the best thing. Think of all the possibilities. All the friends you could have, all the parties, all the girls; well, guys in your case, or, well- said guy, i mean, it's a whole different lifestyle" he began as i rolled my eyes.

"Lou, you're doing it again" Zayn muttered beside him as Louis sighed and looked to him.

"Not to mention he is in fact the most good looking guy in school, probably the whole country if were being honest, even i'll admit that" he smiled at me as i chuckled.

"But sadly, everyone knows he's as straight as they come. I could only imagine what would happen if someone called him out as gay, don't think his girlfriends would be too happy" Louis sighed, and i looked down at the table.

Harry was most definitely the most popular guy in school. With his curly brown hair, dazzling green eyes and deliciously handsome features it was easy to see why. Everyone wanted to know him, the girls wanted to date him and the guys wanted to be him. If Harry were to talk to you, it would be as he friends would say 'an honour'. Apparently it was an honour just to know his name.

I guess by being his neighbour i never really had to worry about those sorts of things. His friends would still eye me suspiciously whenever he spoke to me, never understanding why he would give me the time of day. I didn't understand it either.

Just because we were neighbours didn't mean he had to talk or be nice to me. I wouldn't judge him if he never had spoken to me. It's just the way things were.

Still, Harry wasn't like that. He didn't care that none of his friends gave me or anyone else the time of day, truthfully i don't think he even realised. He spoke to who he wanted to and that was all that mattered.

Thankfully his friends left me alone, probably knowing that if they tried anything, their relationship with Harry would be over and they would be treated like the rest of us who weren't popular or upper class.

But Harry wasn't like that. For five years i had watched and admired his from afar. Well, from as far as next door i suppose. Sure he considered all these people his friends, but he was nothing like them. They had just built up his name and reputation based on lies. I knew the real him.

"It's just the way it is Lou. You just have to be grateful enough to know him" i smiled softly, Harry's smiling face popping into my mind.

"Yeah, says you who's just his 'neighbour'" Louis mumbled as I rolled my eyes.

"You could talk to him too ya know. He doesn't bite" i said as Louis stretched out across the table and sighed.

"Oh how i'd love the honor" he muttered and i had to hold back my laugh, shaking my head as the teacher walked in, Zayn leaning back in his chair as he looked at me.

"Hey Ni, you still wanna lift to work?" Zayn whispered to me across from Louis and i turned to him and nodded.

"Yeah, i already text mum and told her i won't be home" i said and he nodded.

"Cool. I reckon works gonna be a bitch today" he sighed and i nodded.

"At least were got the same shift. Who knows, it could go quick" i muttered to him and he nodded, leaning back in his seat as the bell rang and the teacher began the class.


The final bell rang as i packed up my books and headed out the door, Louis and Zayn behind me as we hurried out into the hallway with the other students.

"I'll meet you at the gate Ni" Zayn yelled to me as i nodded, waving goodbye as i headed to my locker with Louis.

"I should really think about getting a job" he sighed to me as i looked to him and smiled.

"Maybe you should look at trying to keep a job for once" i teased him as he pushed my lightly, both of us chuckling as we walked.

"You guys need anyone? I'm great with customer service" he grinned at me as i chuckled, shaking my head.

"I think they've seen your face around too many times Lou. Zayn had a hard enough time getting a job, i doubt they'll let both my best friends work with me" i chuckled as he rolled his eyes.

"But i'm so nice, and i'm pretty on the eyes too. What's not to love about me?" he asked me as i chucked, shaking my head.

"I'm sure you can find another job just as easily. You seem to find them okay, it's the keeping them part you struggle with" i teased him as he shook his head.

"Whatever. You and Zayn can have your fun at work, whilst i sit home and eat food and play fifa" he smiled as i chuckled as we came to his locker.

"You wanna walk to school tomorrow?" he asked me as i turned to him and shook my head.

"I can't. It's Thursday, remember" i said and he raised his brows, nodding his head.

"Right. Breakfast. Lover. Got it" he said as i rolled my eyes and waved goodbye.

"I'll text you later" i said and he nodded, turning to unlock his locker as i made my way towards mine. I turned around the corner, reaching for my phone in my pocket when a ball suddenly flew past my face stopping my in my tracks. I looked up wide eyed as my heart began to race. What the hell?

"Niall!" i heard and closed my eyes, praying i hadn't just heard what i thought i had.

"Niall! Are you okay?" my eyes opened and i looked up, seeing none other than my 'lover' Harry rushing towards me.

"I'm fine" i muttered to him, shaking my head as i held my books tightly to my chest trying to calm my nerves.

"You sure? You didn't get hit?" he asked me worriedly, looking over my face and body as i shook my head and gave a small smile.

"I'm fine" i smiled as he looked at me and nodded and turned around.

"Oi! Hemmings! Watch where you throw shit!" he yelled out as i looked behind him to see Luke Hemmings, one of the boys on the football team looking at us. He eyed me for a moment before turning to Harry and giving him a look.

"Sorry H" he said as Harry shook his head and turned back to me as i looked at him.

"You sure you're okay? I know Luke can throw pretty hard sometimes" he asked me as i nodded my head.

"I'm fine. Just...why was he throwing balls anyway?" i asked him, peeking another look behind him at Luke who was now laughing with his fellow team mates, the ball somehow back in his hand as he threw it up and down in the air.

"I know, we were just mucking around is all. Things just got outta hand i guess" he said, looking at the ground before back up to me, his green eyes piercing my own.

"I'm sorry. I'll try and keep him in line. Promise" he smiled at me as i smiled, nodding my head as he grinned at me.

"So, how was the rest of your day? Did your brain function correctly?" he asked me teasingly, his dimples appearing as i felt my heart thud in my chest. He wanted to know how my day was?

I felt my cheeks heat up as i shook my head as i remembered the time. Of all days for him to ask me.

"It was fine. Listen i gotta run or i'll be late for work" i said as he nodded, turning to the side to let me pass.

"It's fine. I'll see you later Niall" he smiled at me as i nodded, smiling as he gave a quick wave and turned around back to his group of friends as i sighed.

"See you later Harry".

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