A Raven Cycle AU. The rating is for the occasional swear and abuse. This is an alternate universe in which Ronan and Adam get together in the first Raven Cycle book.


1. Should Have Known



Adam sat waiting at the end of the road for the familiar roar of the Pig. Every muscle in his body ached, and he just wanted to crawl into a hole and pretend he didn't exist. But that was too merciful. Life wasn't that kind. He heard the sound of a car speeding down the broken road, and was too dazed to realize it was too quiet to be the Pig. Suddenly, a shark-like charcoal BMW was in front of him.

"Damn, Parrish..."

Adam internally groaned. Apparently life decided to torture him even if he didn't run away. He stared at Ronan Lynch with all his sharp edges.

"Why isn't Gansey here to pick me up?"

Ronan shrugged. He didn't lie, so he just didn't answer. Adam accepted the silence as answer enough. A sudden thought dawned on him, and he flushed slightly with the realization. Ronan just watched as the sepia-painted boy struggled to stand. If he were any other person, and Adam were any other person, he'd offer to help, but both knew where they stood with each other.

"Do you want me to have a 'talk' with your dad?" Ronan offered instead as Adam practically fell into the passenger seat.

Adam glared at him. If he wouldn't accept the rich gifts from his Aglionby friends, he definitely wouldn't accept Ronan's offer to "talk". Ronan nodded in understanding and got into the car that once belonged to his father. He knew about pain, and he knew no one but you could face your own brand of it. They drove in silence.

After a few miles, Adam drifted off to sleep. Ronan watched the boy out of the corner of his eye as he drove. He knew Adam must be exhausted if he could sleep through-what Adam himself once referred to as "dying goats"-his music blaring through the speakers. Instead of turning right toward Aglionby, Ronan quickly turned and headed back toward Monmouth. He could take Adam and Gansey's bitching if it meant the guy could have a few more hours of peace.

Adam awoke to the light screech of Irish violins. He was laying in a dark room that could only be described as neatly messy. The music came from Ronan's headphones, which were located on Ronan's head. The tall teen had his back to him and was sleeping soundly in his desk chair. Adam sat up to the opposition of his body and looked at the cracked alarm clock on Ronan's nightstand. It was well pass lunch.

He'd ask himself how he got there, but he knew full well, and an unexplainable anger rose in his chest. The fear of missing the majority of the school day trump it though, and he forced himself unsteadily on his feet.

"Where do you think you're going?"

The gruff voice surprised him, and Adam jumped. He turned to see the headphones around Ronan's neck, those razor-sharp eyes turned on him.

"It's not too late to catch Lati-"

"-And what is going to be your excuse for being so late? I would approve of, 'Sorry. My dad beats the shit out of me and I was a bit too weak to make it to class this morning.'"

Adam ground his teeth. "I can't afford to miss more school."

"Because that perfect GPA is going to go down a little? Have you looked at yourself, Parrish?"

It wasn't like Ronan to use logic, and it wasn't like Adam to ignore it, but there was an apparent first time for everything, because Adam walked out of the room that had once been an office. Ronan stood and caught up to him. He grabbed his arm to stop him, but immediately regretted it. Adam winced and flinched violently away.

"There's not much school left today anyways. Just sleep until it's time for you to go home, and go tomorrow," Ronan tried.

Adam realized how out-of-character this kindness of Ronan's was, and decided he must truly be worse-for-wear if he had brought it out. He nodded and went back into Ronan's bedroom.

Gansey listened with the same intent look he wore while building his miniature Henrietta.

"I suppose there was no other answer," he nodded after Ronan had explained why he and Adam had missed school. He was used to the practically non-existent excuses from Ronan for why he himself had missed, but even Gansey had to admit that he'd have done the same had he been in the Irish boy's shoes.

Adam was still asleep in Ronan's room, and neither wanted to be the one to wake him, but it was almost time to take him back to that hole he called home.

"We could kill him," Ronan stated matter-of-factly about the elder Parrish.

"That's not funny," Noah pouted, appearing for the first time that day.

"It's not suppose to be," Ronan replied. "His mother will probably be a problem though. I try not to hit women. What say you?"

The look on Gansey's face was very unamused.

"I'll wake him."

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