A Raven Cycle AU. The rating is for the occasional swear and abuse. This is an alternate universe in which Ronan and Adam get together in the first Raven Cycle book.


10. Kidding Ourselves


I slammed on the brakes as I pulled up to Adam's trailer. It was dark, but I knew they had to be home. I just hoped that bastard Robert was there too, that way I could finally end all of this.

The moment I turned off the car, I heard the yelling. Even though the lights were out, I could hear Robert Parrish's voice as he screamed angrily. I immediately got out and headed towards their door. When I was five feet away, the door swung open, and Adam fell at my feet.

My first instinct was to kill the man who threw him there, but instead I knelt down to make sure Adam was okay. He was barely breathing but alive. I glared at his "father", who simply glared down at us.

"Take your whore and get out of my sight," he growled and slammed the door.

So many things flew through my mind, varying from decapitating Robert Parrish to wondering what he meant to-

Adam needs a hospital.

That thought won out, and I easily picked him up and began carrying him to the car. I didn't bother to hide my swears as I realized it was too easy to carry Adam. Why didn't he just come back to Monmouth?

Because of you...

Because I had to be a complete idiot and push away everyone I cared for, and break everything I touched. Because I was incapable of not ruining something important.

I began to drive, already dialing the hospital so that they would be ready.


I looked at Adam through my rearview mirror as I navigated Henrietta at night. I took the sight of him in in one glance.

He was pale- paler than Noah- and bruises were starting to form on his face where old ones had started to fade. He was so beaten, but I couldn't stop thinking that he was still beautiful.


"Shut up, Parrish," I replied immediately, because whatever Adam said would be disoriented. That meant he wouldn't mean it, and I didn't want to hear anything he didn't mean right now.

"Ronan..." Adam tried again. "...I...I told him..."

"Told him what?" I asked as someone from the hospital finally answered.

"Henrietta General, what is your emergency?" a nasally Southern accent asked immediately.

"I...I told him..." Adam repeated, this time more firmly. His eyes were closed, and he took in a shaky breath. "But...I can't go...I can't go back there..."

"Hello?" the nasally voice asked. I began to explain about Adam and she assured me that they'd be ready.

"Adam, just stop talking for now, okay?" I sighed as I closed the phone. Just the thought of using the device so often exhausted me.

"Ronan..." Adam tried, his voice crackling disconcertingly. I pushed my BMW to go faster. It seemed like the hospital was across the country instead of a few more miles.

Adam coughed before trying again.


Suddenly Adam was silent. I looked over at him, and I couldn't tell if he was breathing.

I refuse.

I refuse to let that bastard steal Adam from us. I refuse to let the wind blow Adam away, removing him from my life forever. I refused.

The hospital came into sight.



I opened my eyes to see stark white walls, and I groaned.

There is no possible way this could be a good thing, I thought as I covered my eyes with my arm.

"Are you in pain?"

Noah's voice surprised me more than anything, and I moved my arm to see him standing next to my hospital bed. I took that in. I was at the hospital. I was right. There was no possible way that it could be a good thing.

"I need to leave," I replied and began to sit up when a wave of pain flooded my senses, and I immediately fell back against the stiff sheets. Noah gave a breathy laugh.

"Calm down. Gansey's footing the bill," he smiled and sat at the foot of my bed. A chill spread over me, and I shivered slightly.

Noah shrugged apologetically.

"We were worried...You were out for a while..."

A cold chill ran down my spine, and full realization sank in.

"Noah, how long have I been out?"

"Just the night. Gansey just left to go to class, but Blue cut in case you woke up before they got out of class."

"And you?" I asked, wondering exactly why Noah was here, looking so smug and far too cheerful.

"I just wanted to see you tell Blue," he smirked.

I raised an eyebrow, much to the distaste of my face.

"Tell her what?" I asked.

"What you told your dad."

I blinked at the eager blonde. How would he know what I told my-

I have to tell Blue.

That thought hit harder than a punch to the face, and I was becoming strangely accustomed to those. Noah seemed to notice this, and gave me a sympathetic smile as Blue entered the hospital room.

"Actually, I think I'll wait in the hall."

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