I'll Never Be Enough

I'm Cassandra, I'm 17 and pregnant. I didn't choose to get pregnant, when I told my mom she told me to pack my stuff and get the hell out of her house. She's always told me that I'll never be enough for someone because of my severe depression, high anxiety, and anger issues. For some reason, I've always believed her, especially now since I have no one.
Until I go to my Aunt Amber's house. And fall in love? With my rapist? Maybe, maybe not read to find out.


2. Assumptions

Two weeks later...


My mom has been gone for two weeks now, I know kids are supposed to be worried about their parents. But to be honest, I could car less.

Right now I'm sitting here in the living room with my best friend Maya. We were watching TV when I had to puke... again.

"Babe, maybe you're pregnant?" Maya asked me, I swear that girl thinks of the worst possible solution's.

"I'm not pregnant, I'm just probably sick." I said.

"When did you last have your period?"

"Um, I don't know. But what I do know, Is I am not pregnant."


"Hey you hungry?" I asked.

"No, but it seems like all you've been doing is eating."

"Shut up Maya."

"Well that is another sign of pregnancy, eating."

"Well, I haven't eaten since five this morning. So I deserve food."

"Pregnant bitch." she whispered.

"I'm not fucking pregnant Maya!" I yelled from the kitchen.



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