Entry for Fanfiction Royale.
All scenes based off verses of Greensleeves.

Niall Horan was a powerful man. He had only one weakness; Mary Anne.


2. Alas, my love, that you should own

Alas, my love, that you should own

A heart on wanton vanity,

So must I meditate alone

Upon your insincerity




                He didn’t like what he found out about her when he went digging. He didn’t like how she had so many boyfriends before she came to him. He didn’t like the pictures he saw of them together. He didn’t like that they had seen beneath the dress of his Lady Greensleeves. He didn’t like how there were around to tell others the tale.

                Mary Anne didn’t feel the same way. She didn’t like how she was confined to the three large rooms on the highest floor of a very old estate. Niall thought she was being selfish. He was giving her everything; everything and she acted as if he was beneath her. He wasn’t beneath anyone. Not anymore.

                Niall didn’t like how she acted so callous toward him. How she didn’t respond to his kisses; to his touch. How she answered his questions with short one word answers; maybe even two words if he was lucky.

                “Are ye comin’ or not?” Niall was leaned against the door of the bedroom he had gifted to her. Mary Anne was looking at two dresses laid out of her bed before her. Her hand grazed over a satin dress. Niall liked the way the garnet made her look so pale…so innocent. Her fingers dropped the garnet dress and her hand hovered hesitantly over the emerald dress.

                “I don’t really have a choice.” He could hear the disdain in her voice; he could practically see the sad smile on her face. He huffed. He was giving her everything; and she didn’t seem to care.

                “Put on the green one.” He said, slamming the door behind him. He didn’t see the way Mary Anne looked at him, the way she was disgusted with him, the front she was putting up. He didn’t want her to see how much his heart was hurting. The only thing he wanted was her approval, her love. But his Lady Greensleeves was selfish and stubborn. It was going to take a lot more than a few fancy dresses for her to see that they were meant to be together.

                He cantered down the stairs and when he reached the bottom he looked back up again; a childlike part of him had hoped that Greensleeves followed him down the stairs, dressed in emerald with a heart ready to embrace him. He was met with an empty hallway and the small seed of hope growing in his chest turned to lead and dropped into his stomach.

                “Stupid bitch.” He muttered. He kicked his leg out and it connected loudly with the oak wood of the bannister railing. He cursed lightly under his breath.

                “I don’t think it did too much damage Boss.” Thompson was sitting in a large armchair watching a football game. He turned toward Niall when he heard the commotion.

                “Shove off.” Niall grumbled. He was in no mood to be patronized by his staff. He looked at the railing. There was a sizeable dent just about the size of the tow of his work boots in the wood. His boot and foot remained unharmed. He was in the habit of wearing steel-toed boots. He paced at the bottom of the stair case for several more minutes all the while waiting for his Lady Greensleeves. Thompson tried to help him take of the edge; offering him a beer and a smoke. Niall shoved him aside. He wasn’t concerned with Thompson.

 He only had eyes for Mary Anne.

She came out of nowhere. One minute Niall was examining his shoes and the next there was a scornful goddess looking down at him. The goddess dressed in emerald, her tussled sandy hair framing her fame as she watched the steps; her legs wobbling in her nude heels. He wanted to reach forward and offer her his arm, to steady her and help her down the stairs but she was just so…stubborn. She shunned him; she wanted nothing to do with him. But he wanted everything to do with her.

“Are we leaving?” He couldn’t ignore the unmistakable tone of intolerance in her voice. If only she could see what she did to him, if only she knew how perfect they were for each other. Niall nodded and hid a smile. At least she was going with him. He put his hand gently on her shoulder.  Her skin was smooth, soft like a rabbit. He found his fingers tracing a small circular pattern on her shoulder; he felt her muscles tense and his heart ached. He didn’t want her to be so scared of him, to be so intimidated that she couldn’t tell him what she was feeling.

He kept a hold of her shoulder, gentle but firm. He steered her out of the house and down the brick steps, slowly, one at a time. It would be a shame if she broke her ankle in those heels. He helped her into his car, ignoring the way she shoved his hands off of her body.

“Where are you taking me?” Mary Anne had a definite hard edge to her voice, but Niall could tell that she was scared; he could see it in the way she refused to meet his eye.

“To the club.” Niall put his hand on her knee. She gently shoved it aside. “Where we met.” Mary Anne snorted and rolled her eyes.

“I wouldn’t call it that.” She scoffed. She picked at the hem of her dress. Niall placed his hand on top of hers, to stop her.

“You’re being selfish Mary Anne.” He said in a low voice. Her head snapped up.

“How’d you know my name?” Her voice was the quietist he had ever heard it. Not at all the velvety voice of a songbird he had heard that night in the club.

“I have my ways.” Niall smirked at her; the same smirk he used to give her in the club. The smirk that Mary Anne seen on him every single night she had gone to that God forsaken club. The smirk he gave her when he captured her hands. The smirk he gave her when she woke up, confused and alone in his estate. They didn’t talk for the rest of the ride. Niall tried to hold her hand; to make her feel what he felt, but she shunned him; preferring to be in her own thoughts and to be as far away from him as possible. He pulled up behind the club and put his car into park.

“C’mon.” He offered her his large, calloused hand. Mary Anne turned her head away. “C’mon.” He said it harsher this time, firmer, more absolute.

Mary Anne looked him in the eye. Her eyes her hard, she stared at him with the same kind of fiery determination he had when he stared building his empire. He liked that kind of spirit. He almost liked the hatred that radiated from her face and from her eyes.

“Mary.” Niall said only her name and looked back at her with the same determination. “I’m not fightin’ ye on this.

“Have fun.” She waved him off with a small sarcastic smile. He huffed and straightened up. He was standing on the passenger side of the car. The door was open and he was looking down at her long legs; she could run.

“Right then.” He huffed again. “I can’t just leave ye here.”

“Well…I’m not getting out of this car. So good luck with that.” Mary Anne pulled her body in as close as she could. Niall through his hands in the air and huffed again.

“Fine.” He snapped, his temper was getting the best of him, all he could see was his anger; anger at Mary Anne for being selfish, anger at her for not liking him, anger for…everything. “Have it yer way then.” He slammed the door of the car shut and was slightly ashamed at how happy he was when Mary Anne jumped at the noise.

He cursed her in his head and under his breath. He cursed her as he walked through the empty club. He cursed her as he set down barstools. He cursed her as he filled up glasses throughout the night. He cursed her as he watched the other women dance and enjoy themselves. He wanted her to love him as much as he loved her. He brooded on this. On how she pretending to like him when he asked for a hug, or a kiss, or a kind word. On how selfish she was. On the way she hated him. On the way he loved her.

“Everything’s alright out there boss.” Thompson walked heavy footed up to the bar. Niall snapped out of his reviver.

“What?” He asked. Mary Anne was here; in the car. He had completely forgotten.

“The chick you got, she’s in the car, asleep.” Thompson furrowed his brow. “You called me out here to make sure she didn’t leave? Craig’s out there I just stopped in for a pint and a piss.”

“Yeah. Right. Course.” Niall blinked several times.

“Everything alright boss?” Thompson asked.

Niall dried a glass with a rag in his hand. “Everything is absolutely grand.”

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