Alvin and Brittany: Love Never Dies

A love story of how Alvin and Brittany met and developed a bond that would last forever. Note: This story is in the CGI format mixed with the cartoon, meaning the Chipmunks and Chipettes are the same height as they are in the cartoon. Please leave reviews! Enjoy!


11. Sebastian's First Day of School

During his first years of life, Sebastian had grown up to be a smart child. Brittany and Alvin had no troubles teaching him how to walk or speak, it was like he had a little bit of Simon in him. The calm stage of Sebastian's life didn't last long, and he was starting to act like his father.

He was a wild child, was irresponsible, and sometimes, Alvin would yell at him like Dave did, whenever he angered him. In other words, he was an exact copy of Alvin, before Brittany entered his life.

At the age of two, he was calling his mother an old lady, and his father an old man, which was insulting to Alvin and Brittany. He would cause havoc, called himself "the most awesome chipmunk in the world", seeing Alvin had left his ego in the past, and was more focused on raising his son properly, but Sebastian wasn't planning on maturing anytime soon. Alvin and Brittany were stressed over Sebastian, but knew that one day he would grow up.

As far as babysitting goes, when Dave babysat, it was like having Alvin back at home. When Miss Miller babysat, she could barely handle him. As for Simon and Theodore, it was just like they had their brother back, and it was a nightmare.

Despite Sebastian being a pain to deal with, Alvin and Brittany loved him no matter what. He was their son, and they would always love him, whatever he does. No insult, prank, or even nasty attitude could make Alvin and Brittany not love their son.

"Sebastian, eat your food!," exclaimed Brittany.

"I hate peas!," Sebastian snapped. "Anything green, makes me want to puke!"

"Sebastian, you are five years old, and you need to start eating healthy foods. Not cheeseballs, doughnuts, and other sweets."

"I refuse! I want dessert!"

"You won't get any, unless you eat your peas."

"No fair!"

Alvin cut into the conversation. "Your mother is right, Sebastian. You need to stop eating junk food, and eat more healthier foods."

"Dad! Why are you always supporting mom?!"

"She's my wife, and she's your mother. I support her in any way possible."


"Quit arguing, Sebastian! Eat, or I'll ground you for a week!"

"But dad...


"Okay! Okay! I'll eat!"

"Thank you."

Sebastian did as his father instructed, and ate the peas, nearly throwing up. He was gagging at the taste of the peas, but managed to swallow every one of the peas. Once he finished, he pushed the plate away from him. "Okay. I ate the peas. Now, I want dessert!"

"Sebastian, quit being so impatient. You'll get dessert, but you'll have to wait until your mother is done cleaning the dishes."

"Lame!" Sebastian stomped out of the kitchen, and went to his room. He slammed the door, and locked it.

"Hard to believe that I used to act like that. Now, I know what Dave had to deal with for years."

"Those days are over, Alvin. Focus on the present, because he'll be starting school in a few days. We need to teach him manners, or he might be kicked out of the school."

"Good luck. You were the reason I changed, so unless Sebastian experiences something that causes him to realize, it's time to grow up, he'll continue to act like this. He is the incarnation of me, by the way."

"He may be a copy of you, but I doubt he'll meet a girl or experience a life-changing event, during his first day of elementary school."

"You never know, Brittany. He just might." Alvin grabbed Brittany and hugged her in his arms.

Three days later, Sebastian was awakened from the sound of his father, to get up for school. Sebastian just groaned and rolled to the opposite side of the bed, just like Alvin used to do to Simon and Dave. Alvin turned on the bedroom light then started tickling his son to death.

"D-Dad! St-Stop ti-ticking me!," said Sebastian, giggling at the same time.

"Not until you surrender to your papa, and get out of bed," replied Alvin, continuing to tickle his son.


"Surrender, or I'll go into "ultimate tickle" mode!"

"Nobody will bring me to surrender!"

"You asked for it, so here's your punishment for not surrendering. Brittany! Come, and help me." Knowing her son wouldn't get out of bed, Brittany was standing right outside the door. She walked into the bedroom.

"What is it, Papa?" said Brittany, playfully.

"Our little fighter here is refusing to surrender," replied Alvin, playfully.

"That will not tolerate here, at all. What do you propose we do to our little fighter?"

"Let's enter "ultimate tickle" mode, and tickle him to death."

"Sounds like a plan."

Alvin looked down at Sebastian, who looked nervous. "Last chance to surrender. Will you surrender, or will you suffer the consequences?"

"You don't scare me! Bring it on!," exclaimed Sebastian.

"Very well. Brittany, you know what to do."





Alvin and Brittany marauded their son, and started to tickle him in every spot on his body. Sebastian laughed so much, and was trying to push his parents away from his body, but due to him being weaker than his mother and father, he had no choice, but to accept the tickling.

Sebastian finally submitted, after two minutes of his parents tickling him. He was struggling to catch his breath, as he stepped out of his bed, to get ready for school.

Alvin had already filled the bathtub with hot water, so he could bath Sebastian. He made the water bubbly, since Sebastian enjoys bubble baths, and included all of Sebastian's bath toys. Sebastian walked into the bathroom, and undressed, so he could bath. "I did the bath just the way you like it, son," said Alvin.

"Thank you, Dad," replied Sebastian.

"Hop in, so we can get you nice and clean. We don't want to look bad for all those pretty girls, right?"

Sebastian gave his father a nasty look. "Ew! Girls have cooties! I'll never like a girl, besides mom, Aunt Jeanette, and Aunt Eleanor!"

"What about Miss Miller?"

"Oh. Her too. I will never like any other girl."

"Just saying. Now, come on, hotshot. Hop in."

Sebastian ran toward the bathtub, and jumped into the water, causing water to splash all over Alvin. Alvin gave him a stern look. "What? You said hop in"

"I didn't mean it literally. Oh well. A little water isn't going to kill me."

Sebastian just laughed at his father, soaked by the bath water. Seeing, he was Alvin's son, he wasn't the type of chipmunk that apologizes. Alvin ignored the water, and bathed Sebastian.

In the kitchen, Brittany had prepared some waffles for Sebastian, along with milk. She was cleaning the pans she used to make the waffles, and finished fast, due to Miss Miller teaching her tactics on cleaning dishes. It wasn't long, until Alvin walked into the kitchen with Sebastian, who was dressed well, so he made a good impression his first day of school.

Sebastian scarfed down his waffles, just like Alvin did, whenever Dave made toaster waffles. Alvin turned the tv on, and put on Sebastian's favorite cartoon, which was Spongebob Squarepants.

Just like his mother and father, Sebastian had the talent to sing, so Sebastian would always sing along to the Spongebob Squarepants theme song. Alvin and Brittany would sing along with Sebastian too, making them sound like a singing group.

Sebastian had already made it his goal to become a world-famous rockstar, just like his father, who was secretly his inspiration, but he was never going to say that his father was his inspiration, because that would stain his pride.

It didn't matter, because Alvin already knew that he was Sebastian's inspiration, and knew his son would never admit the truth, so he never bothered to bring it up around Sebastian.

It was 7:26, so Alvin signalled Sebastian, it was time to head to the bus stop. Sebastian didn't want to go, but knew he had no choice, so he grabbed his backpack, slipped a hoodie on, then headed out the door. Alvin and Brittany stepped outside, so they could experience their son's first departure to school.

At exactly, 7:30, the bus pulled up to the corner, to pick Sebastian up. Alvin and Brittany waved goodbye to Sebastian, as he stepped onto the bus. As the bus passed by the house, Sebastian waved at his parents, then he disappeared from sight around the corner.

"I hope he doesn't misbehave," said Alvin.

"Me too," replied Brittany.

Alvin kissed Brittany, then both of them went back in the house.

While Sebastian was experiencing his first day of school, Brittany decided to rest for a few hours by Alvin's side. She was fast asleep, resting her head against Alvin's shoulder, while Alvin watched a random program on television.

Alvin was glad that he finally had time alone with Brittany, but at the same time, he missed Sebastian. Even though Sebastian is a pain to handle, Alvin couldn't stand being without his only son. He still missed Sebastian alot, and Brittany probably felt the same way.

Sebastian would be home around noon, which was about two hours from now, so Alvin started to cheer up. How would his son react to school? Alvin guessed that Sebastian would come home, and say school was the worst place in the world, seeing that was his reaction when he was Sebastian's age.

Brittany opened her eyes, and let out a small yawn. She looked at Alvin with happiness, then sat up, away from Alvin's shoulder.

"How did you sleep?"

"Fine. I dreamt of you and Sebastian tossing a baseball to each other in the front yard, which I know would never happen, due to him thinking baseball is a lame sport."

"I suppose you're right. Sebastian has the same attitude as me, so prepare for more lame things in the future."

Brittany giggled at Alvin. "Why were you such a trouble maker when you were young? What drove you to being so chaotic and irresponsible, until I changed all of that?"

"To tell you the truth, I have no idea why. I know nothing of my real parents, so maybe my mom or dad had a nasty attitude. Other than that, it's a mystery."

"I know nothing of my mother of father either, so the reason I was so sassy, was maybe because my mother had a sassy attitude."

"We just have to accept Sebastian for who he is, because he'll change someday, but not anytime soon."

"I hope so."

"He will. Just give it time, okay."


Alvin and Brittany turned to the television, and watched a random program, until Sebastian came home.

At noon, the school bus pulled up, in front of the house. Sebastian made his way off of the bus, then ran to the door, where his mother and father were waiting for him.

Sebastian jumped into his mother and father's arms, and hugged them tight, which was unusual for Sebastian. For a moment, Alvin and Brittany thought of him as Theodore, who loves to hug, while Alvin preferred to stay away from emotional things.

"How was your first day at school?," asked Alvin.

"It was strange.", replied Sebastian.

Immediately, Alvin and Brittany were shocked by Sebastian's first impression of school.

"Did you make any friends?," asked Brittany.

"No, but I did meet someone."

"Who?" Both Alvin and Brittany were intrigued by this.

"A girl. A girl chipmunk named, Destiny."

Alvin was shocked, due to what Sebastian said about girls earlier. "That's good. Are you friends?"

"I couldn't speak or interact with her, because every time I did, I would start to feel funny."

Alvin recognized this as de'ja vu. "Cupid's arrow has struck you, Sebastian. You are experiencing a "crush."

"What! I-I can't have a crush on a girl! There's no way!"

"I'm afraid you do, but it's nothing to be embarrassed about, Sebastian. Talk to her, tomorrow. Who knows, she might want to be friends with you."

"Never! I don't want to be friends with any girl, besides family. Destiny isn't going to get to me! I won't fall for her! Never!"

"Okay, hotshot. We'll see."

"However, she was kind of... Sebastian paused, struggling to mumble out the word he was trying to say. "C-Cute. The way she winked at me with her violet eyes, and... BAH! I really do have a crush! AHHH! NOOOOOOO!"

Alvin laughed, along with Brittany. "Get used to it, hotshot. One of these days, just like your father, you will have to suck up your pride, and accept the fact that you want to be with a girl for the rest of your life."

"GAH!" Sebastian ran to his bedroom, and shut the door. Alvin turned to Brittany.

"Well. That was kind of strange, but at the same time funny."

"I agree. Sebastian's overreaction was kind of funny."

"He'll get over it. His girl problems have only begun."


Alvin and Brittany giggled, then went back inside the house.

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