Alvin and Brittany: Love Never Dies

A love story of how Alvin and Brittany met and developed a bond that would last forever. Note: This story is in the CGI format mixed with the cartoon, meaning the Chipmunks and Chipettes are the same height as they are in the cartoon. Please leave reviews! Enjoy!


12. Confessions

"Thank you, Las Vegas! Good night!", yelled Sebastian as he took a bow. He walked off the stage, to his mother and father, standing just off the side of the stage.

He was shaking, due to him having a little stage fright, but as soon as he saw Alvin and Brittany, the shaking stopped. He hugged his parents, who had tears of happiness in their eyes, because of Sebastian's performance.

This was only Sebastian's second performance in front of an audience of over a thousand people, and just like the first performance, he did an excellent job at entertaining the crowd, and keeping their attention. Both Alvin and Brittany were very proud of their son, now in his teenage years.

His voice had lowered only a tiny bit, but it still had the "chipmunk" sound to it, which would never go away. Puberty had hit, which Sebastian already hated, due to it causing him to like girls. He never wanted to grow into puberty, but Alvin always told him that there's no stopping it, even if you don't want it to happen.

Sebastian was in junior high, attending West Eastman Junior High, just like Alvin and Brittany did, and unfortunately, there were plenty of cute girls. Sebastian knew there was no escaping it, but still prefers never to let a girl woo him.

"You did great, son.", said Alvin.

"You performed like a true superstar.", said Brittany.

Sebastian was blushing. "Thanks mom and dad. I thought I was going to pass out, at the sight of the crowd."

"But, you didn't. You kept yourself together, and performed with no fear." said Alvin.

"Did you ever get stage fright, dad?"

"The first time your Grandpa Dave wanted me, Uncle Simon, and Uncle Theodore to sing our first hit to Ian Hawke, all three of us got stage fright."

"What about you, mom?"

"Oh, yes. Many times."

"Thanks, mom and dad. Now, I don't feel like a wimp."

"Your welcome.", said Alvin and Brittany.

"Let's go. I'm starving."

"Okay, hotshot.", said Alvin.

Sebastian took off the headset that he used as a microphone for the concert, and handed it to the technician. Once the equipment was returned to the technician, Sebastian walked back to his mother and father's sides then walked out of the amphitheatre, to the the parking lot.

Dave, Miss Miller, Simon, Jeanette, Theodore, and Eleanor were all waiting for Alvin, Brittany, and Sebastian, so they could congratulate the young superstar on giving the audience a great performance.

Sebastian knew that this would lead to hugs and kisses from his grandparents, uncles, and aunts, which he hated, so he tried to hide behind Alvin, using his father as a shield.

Alvin giggled at Sebastian. "Oh, no. I am not a shield, I'm your father." Alvin stepped out of the way, leaving Sebastian to fend for himself, as he was marauded by everyone, giving him a hug and small kiss as a symbol of love.

"Thank you, everyone. Can I get some breathing room?", said Sebastian.

Everyone released their grandson/nephew from their grips, and backed away. Sebastian ran as fast as a rocket to his parent's protection, and clinged to Alvin's leg.

"Why don't we all go eat at a restaurant?", asked Alvin. "I don't know about anybody else, but I'm starving."

"I'm hungry as well", said Brittany.

"I'm always hungry", said Theodore.

"I'm a little hungry", said Simon.

"Me too", replied Jeanette.

"I'm with Theodore", replied Eleanor.

"I'm the most hungry!" exclaimed Sebastian. "I just performed in front of a huge crowd, and my stomach was growling the entire time!"

Alvin sighed. "That's my boy."

Sebastian rolled his eyes, kind of like when Brittany rolls her eyes at Alvin sometimes. "Very funny, dad."

Brittany interrupted. "Sebastian, be nice. We're all hungry, so be patient just like the rest of us."

"Yes, mom."

Brittany smiled at Sebastian for agreeing, instead of arguing, and gave her son a light kiss on his cheek. Sebastian gagged for a second then hung his head in shame.

Alvin ruffled his son's hair, as a sign of affection, which Sebastian didn't mind, due to his hair only being a small patch of hair that covered the gap between his ears, and couldn't really be messed up.

Sebastian, along with everybody else's stomachs were starting to make grumbling noises. "Let's go eat somewhere.", said Sebastian with kindness in his voice.

"Alright, hotshot," said Alvin.

At the restaurant, everyone had ordered their favorite dish, and the first to finish were of course, Eleanor and Theodore. Simon and Jeanette, finished second, Sebastian finished third, Dave and Miss Miller finished fourth, and Alvin and Brittany finished last.

Usually, Alvin and Brittany would've eaten faster, but they had to deal with their immature son, who they tried to convince to eat like a gentleman.

Sebastian laughed at his parent's attempts to get him to act less like a child, and more like an adult. This annoyed, and even embarrassed Alvin and Brittany, seeing they were in a public restaurant. Sebastian cared less if he was embarrassing his parent's in front of the employees, due to him being just like his father.

Alvin and Brittany were glad that the entire group had finished eating, because they wanted to get out of the restaurant, and not be embarrassed by their son any longer.

Dave insisted on paying for the meal, so he left a total of seventy-five dollars on the table, and a ten-dollar tip, which their waiter deserved for Sebastian's behavior.

All the way to Dave's car, Sebastian acted like a five-year old, yelling to the skies, and jumping around the parking lot, like a grasshopper. Alvin and Brittany both sighed and shook their heads, once again being embarrassed by their teenage son. Alvin was having flashbacks of when he was just like this; a troublemaking child in a teenager's body, driving Dave mad.

Alvin looked at his son, and gave him a stern look, telling him to stop acting like a child.

"Come on, dad. Haven't you ever wanted to act like this just a little?"

Alvin realized his son was trying to manipulate him into acting like his old self. "No. I have never wished of acting like a child, again. Seriously, Sebastian I can't believe you would try and manipulate me; your father."

Sebastian received a sad look on his face, seeing it wasn't right of him to say what he said. "I'm sorry, dad. That was wrong of me."

"Alvin smiled at his son. "It's okay. Now, if you are really sorry, you will start to act like an adult."

"Not a chance!"

"Ugh. Why do I even bother?"

Brittany hugged her stressed-out husband. "It's okay. One day, he will stop acting immature. We just don't know when."

"I hope it's soon."

"Don't count on that."

Alvin giggled then gave Brittany a kiss on the lips.

"Eww! Mom! Dad! Can't you do that somewhere else?!"

"Sebastian. One day, you'll be doing the same thing, so get used to seeing your mother and I kissing. It's a natural thing when you are married, and in love with the person you care for most."

"As if. I already told you I'll never fall for a girl."

"You already have."

"No I haven't!"

"You developed a crush during your first day at school."

"Oh. Well, that's the past!"

"Just wait. The day will come, and it might be sooner than you think."

"You're wrong. Never will I fall for a girl!"

"Ugh. Nevermind. Let's get back to the hotel."

Sebastian turned his head, and crossed his arms. "Never. Never, will love consume me."

Back at the motel, Sebastian was sitting on his bed, staring at the ceiling. He had already packed his clothes in his suitcase, for the fly back home the next day. He was thinking of what his father had said about him falling for a girl, and wondered if he was right about Destiny, the first girl he met, excluding family members.

He still saw her in school, and whenever he would see her, he would get that same feeling Alvin got when he saw Brittany for the first time. He would start to feel like he was in a different world, was speechless, and a chill would run down his spine. The one question he kept asking himself was, "Am I in love with Destiny?"

Suddenly, Alvin walked into the room, and from the sight of his son, could tell that something was wrong. Sebastian tried to hide his emotions, but it was too late. Alvin was already aware. "What's wrong, Sebastian?"


"Don't lie. I can tell something is wrong."

"Okay. I'm unsure of something."


"It's stupid."

"Sebastian, you can tell me anything. You don't have to worry about me finding it silly, I am willing to listen to anything you have to tell me."

Sebastian smiled then sat up, facing Alvin. "I'm unsure if I'm in love."

Immediately, Alvin's eyes bulged, because his son just used the word "love". "In love?"

"I know that this would surprise you, due to the argument we had in the parking lot."

"Well, why are you unsure?"

"Well, this has been bothering me for weeks. I believe I might be in love with Destiny, but I'm not sure if I am."

"I'm going to tell you the same thing that your Grandpa Dave told me. Cupid's arrow has struck you in the heart."

"How are you so sure I'm in love?"

"Sebastian, if you are questioning yourself if you are in love, you are. There's no denying it."

"Every since the day I saw her, I always get a weird feeling, whenever I see her."

"I know why you don't want to believe you are in love."


"Your pride. You don't want to stain your pride, by falling in love, which was the same scenario for me, when I fell in love with your mother."

"That would make sense, because the only reason I act immature, is to hide my emotions."

"This is de'ja vu to me, and I like thinking back to the day I met your mother."

"How did you and mom meet?"

"Well, it was just an ordinary day at school, and I was grabbing things out of my locker, and accidentally bumped into your mother. When I saw her, my heart skipped beats, I felt like I was floating on air, staring at an angel. After two days of meeting her, and getting to know her, at the grocery store, we ran into each other, and presto. We became boyfriend and girlfriend, and still remain together up to today as husband and wife."

"I met Destiny on the school bus. She had nowhere to sit, and asked if she could sit with me. At first, I was going to say no, until I saw her, and started to feel the same way you described, when you met mom. We talked, got to know each other, and ever since that day, whenever I see her, she looks at me, and she winks her eye."

"Well, If you like her, you should ask her out."

"I get to scared, whenever I try."

"Don't be scared. If she likes you, she will understand why you are so nervous around her."

"Thanks, dad. I needed someone to talk to."

"If you ever are troubled with something, you can always talk about it to me, or your mother. She will be able to help too."

"I just feel more comfortable talking to you about these things."

"That's normal, but if I'm not around, you should talk to your mother."

"Okay. I will."

"Good. Get some rest, because we are leaving early tomorrow, and if you could, stop acting so immature. You don't realize how much of an impact that has on your mother and I."

"I'm sorry for all those years of my immature behavior."

"It's okay. Just promise me you'll change, for your mother and I."

"I will."

"Thank you. Now, get some sleep."

"Okay, dad. Thanks for everything."

"Your welcome."

Sebastian leaned toward his father, and hugged him tighter than ever before. Alvin returned the hug, and landed a kiss to Sebastian's forehead. "I love you, dad."

"I love you too, Sebastian."

Sebastian broke from the hug then lied his head on the soft pillows, watching his father leave the room. He felt so relieved, and knew that he was in love with his first and only crush. He was ready. Ready to suck up his pride, and ask Destiny out.

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