Alvin and Brittany: Love Never Dies

A love story of how Alvin and Brittany met and developed a bond that would last forever. Note: This story is in the CGI format mixed with the cartoon, meaning the Chipmunks and Chipettes are the same height as they are in the cartoon. Please leave reviews! Enjoy!


9. An Unexpected Surprise

It took a week for Alvin and Brittany to unpack everything, and settle into their new home. Once they had settled into the house, they finally, had time to themselves and could do whatever they wished.

They started getting more intimate with each other to balance and support their relationship as husband and wife. They were closer then ever before, and were enjoying every minute of their new life together.

Brittany didn't know how to cook very well, so Alvin provided both of them with the food Dave and Miss Miller offered them. The food provided was mostly, things like soups, pancake mix, top ramen, and macaroni and cheese, so until they would be able to afford better dinners, they would just have to take it slow on the food that they had now.

Brittany had the responsibilities of cleaning the house and doing the laundry, since Alvin had no clue how to do laundry. Alvin would do certain things, such as mow the lawn, trim weeds, and mop the kitchen floor.

Alvin and Brittany both had their share of responsibilities, but they knew that moving into their own place and starting their own life wasn't going to be easy at all, so they were prepared for anything.

Alvin was finishing cleaning the dishes, after dinner, which was macaroni and cheese, and was relieved that the day was over. Brittany was in the bedroom changing into her nightgown.

She was tired and exhausted from doing a lot of work that day, and only wanted to go to sleep with Alvin by her side. Once she finished dressing into her nightgown, she turned to go into the kitchen, but was stopped by the sight of her husband leaning against the wall, in the doorway.

She smiled then she started to blush. "How long have you been there, Alvin?"

"Long enough to see you undressed."

"You naughty boy," she said, playfully.

"What? I've seen you undressed multiple times, and enjoy seeing you bare."

She laughed at his reply. "You really like seeing me bare? Well, I enjoy seeing you bare as well, and since you've seen me bare, I get to see you bare."

Alvin paused, then he smiled. "As you command." Alvin removed the shirt he was wearing, and tossed it to the floor, then he removed his shorts, until he was bare naked. "You like?"

Brittany looked at him and started to feel a burning sensation overcome her. "I do." Brittany then removed her nightgown, letting it fall to the floor, until she was bare naked. "You like?"

Alvin also started to feel a burning sensation overcome him at the site of his wife. "I do."

Brittany walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge of the bed. "Come. Sit next to me."

Alvin didn't hesitate and walked over toward Brittany, then sat down next to her. Brittany turned her head, and looked Alvin right in the eyes, seductively.

"You must face the penalty for being a naughty boy," said Brittany in a seductive tone.

"What's my penalty?", asked Alvin, playfully.

"This." Brittany kissed Alvin on the lips, and put her arms around him. Alvin returned the kiss, then put his arms around Brittany. Both of them collapsed backward, and continued kissing. The two rolled on top of each other multiple times, then after kissing for five or more minutes, they broke the kiss, and made love for the rest of the evening.

After a month of being on their own, Alvin and Brittany were struggling a bit to pay the bills. Alvin's paycheck only came once a month, and only received a total of fifty dollars or less, due to the economy starting to fall.

Alvin felt afraid that he might lose his job, and prayed that he didn't, because it was the only thing allowing Alvin and Brittany to survive. If Alvin lost his job, they both would struggle to even keep their house.

It was Saturday, so Alvin was trying to cheer up Brittany. She was stressed from the bills, tired from cleaning the house, and felt bad for snapping at Alvin the night before, for no reason. Alvin had forgiven her for that, but they both had to find a way to avoid being evicted out of their home.

To cheer Brittany up, he decided to get her out of the house, and go for a walk. Brittany was hesitant of it, but knew that she needed a break from all the stress, so she agreed to go for a walk.

Around noon, Alvin and Brittany shut the front door to the house, and locked it. The sun was shining, making it the perfect day to take a walk. As they walked down the street, Alvin held Brittany close to him, to try and comfort her.

She was starting to feel better, because she knew she was with her husband, who promised to be there for her through everything, even the toughest times in life. She smiled then grabbed Alvin's paw, which comforted her even more. It as if she was in a different world, away from the mayhem.

A smooth breeze blew through both of their ears, which sounded like a slow song to them. A song that calms your mind and relieves any trouble in life. This walk was exactly, what Alvin and Brittany needed to get some peace and quiet. There was nobody else on the sidewalks or any cars in the streets.

It was perfect solitude, which overjoyed both of the couple walked down the street, they thought of how far they had walked. Alvin stopped and estimated how far they had walked, and the distance shocked both of them. They had walked two miles from the house, and were only about ten minutes from the town.

"Hey, Brittany. I think we should start heading back," said Alvin with concern.

"Not yet, Alvin," replied Brittany with desperation in her voice. "Take me to the park."

"That's almost another mile from here."

"I don't care. We need some time out of the house. Longer than this."

Alvin could hear Brittany's pleas to not go back to the house, and knew she was right. He knew they needed to have more time out of the house than this, so he agreed. "Alright, Brittany. You're right. We do need more time out, so I'll take you to the park for awhile."

"Thank you." She kissed him on the cheek.

"Let's go." Alvin didn't have any intentions of rushing to the park, and walked slow, with Brittany at his side.

Twenty minutes later, Alvin and Brittany arrived at the park. Strangely, the park was empty, like a ghost town, which was even better for Alvin and Brittany. All they wanted was some peace for awhile, which they needed very much.

Alvin walked Brittany over to the park bench, which is the same one that they sat on the last time they were there. "A little bit of de'ja vu, Brittany."

"Indeed. I remember what happened very well, like it was yesterday."

"Let's hope things go better then last time."

"I agree. I'll never forget the amount of pain I went through that day, until you made it go away."

"I guess I just have the magic touch."

Brittany laughed then landed a small kiss to Alvin's lips. "You make me laugh."

Alvin giggled, then both of them sat down on the bench, holding each other close. Brittany leaned her head against Alvin's shoulder, then she closed her eyes, feeling like she was in Heaven. Alvin put his arm around Brittany then started to run his fingers through her soft hair, causing Brittany to fall asleep.

Despite her sleeping, Alvin continued to run his fingers through Brittany's hair. It was as soft as baby skin and smelled like roses, which overwhelmed Alvin. She started to make small snoring sounds, which Alvin found cute.

The noises she was making were not loud, they were quiet, soothing sounds, which sounded like an angel singing to Alvin. He whispered into her ear, "I love you, and I will never let anything bad happen to you."

Alvin kissed Brittany on the top of her head, then he started to sing a song in a low tone to Brittany as she slept.

I still hear your voice

When you sleep next to me

I still feel your touch

In my dreams

Forgive me, my weakness

But I don't know why

Without you it's hard to survive

Cause, everytime we touch

I get this feeling

And everytime we kiss

I swear I could fly

Can't you hear my heart beat fast

I want this to last

Need you by my side

Cause, everytime we touch

I feel the static

And everytime we kiss

I reach for the sky

Can't you feel my heart beat so...

I can't let you go

Want you in my life

Your arms are my castle

Your heart is my sky

They wipe away tears that I cry

Oh the good and the bad times

We've been through them all

You make me rise when I fall

Cause, everytime we touch

I get this feeling

And everytime we kiss

I swear I could fly

Can't you hear my heart beat fast

I want this to last

Need you by my side

Cause, everytime we touch

I feel the static

And everytime we kiss

I reach for the sky

Can't you feel my heart beat so...

I can't let you go

Want you in my life

Can't you feel my heart beat so...

I can't let you go

Want you in my life

Brittany suddenly, started to hum the same tune Alvin was singing, causing Alvin to fall asleep, with a smile on his face.

Alvin was awoken by Brittany tickling his nose. Alvin looked at Brittany, and she was giggling. "Good morning, sleepy head."

"Don't you mean, "good afternoon?"

"Nope." Brittany giggled at her own reply. "We should get back to the house, it's getting dark."

"How long were we asleep?"

"I'd say, at least an hour or two."

"I would guess that too. If we slept for two hours, it was the best two hours of sleep in my life, because you were there with me."

"The song you sang to me was wonderful, Alvin."

"You heard?"

"Of course I did."

"I only thought of you when I was singing. Listening to the sounds you were making in your sleep."

"I heard you, and dreamed only of you singing to me."

"Our bond is strong enough, that we can hear each other, even in our dreams."

"Yes. I suppose it is."

Alvin kissed Brittany on the lips. "Let's get going, before the sunlight fades."

"Okay. Let's go."

Alvin stood up first, then reached for Brittany's paw. Brittany grabbed Alvin's paw, and rose up from the bench. Both of them held paws, as they started to walk back to the house.

Alvin walked Brittany home, holding her close, so that she wouldn't get cold. Just as they were about to exit city limits, Brittany stopped Alvin in his tracks. "What's wrong, Brittany?"

"I don't know. I suddenly, got a sharp pain in my stomach."

"Is it a gas bubble?"

"No, it's... Brittany suddenly, started to moan, and lowered to the ground. "Oh my gosh. I feel like I'm going to be sick, but I don't have the urge to vomit."

"Brittany, you're scaring me. What's wrong?!"

"I just don't feel good." Brittany fell to the ground into a "push-up" exercise position. "Alvin! I... It hurts! Help me! Make the pain go away!"

Alvin was scared. What was wrong with Brittany? "I don't know what to do!"

"There it is, again!"

Alvin was confused. "What is it?!"

"There something moving!"

Alvin's heart skipped a beat, and realized what the problem was. "Brittany, I think what you are feeling is a baby."


"Brittany, I think you are pregnant."

"I can't be!"

"Where's your cell phone?!"


"I have to call for help. I have to get a pregnancy test, to see if you are pregnant."

"It's in my pocket!"

Alvin wasted no time and grabbed Brittany's cell phone out of her right pocket. He dialled the phone number of the only person he knew could help. The phone rang two times, then the person on the other side of the line answered.



"Alvin! What's wrong?"

"I need you to come and take me and Brittany to the pharmacy! We're only a few miles from your house, on the sidewalk!

"Calm down, Alvin. Why do you need me to take you to the pharmacy?"

"I think Brittany is pregnant, so I need to buy a pregnancy test for her."

"Wait. What!"

"Please, Dave hurry!"

"I'll be there in a few minutes, just keep Brittany comfortable."

"I will! Hurry!"

Alvin pushed the "end call" button on Brittany's cell phone screen, then returned to his beloved's aid. "Dave's on the way. Just hang on."

Brittany threw her arms around Alvin and hugged him so hard, Alvin nearly lost his breath. Alvin wiped away Brittany's tears, and comforted her the best he could, until Dave showed up.

Dave pulled up five minutes later, and stared in horror at Alvin and Brittany on the ground. "Alvin, we need to get Brittany in the car. Lift her up, and I'll open the car door."

"Okay, Dave." Alvin grabbed Brittany and lifted her into the back seat, then slid into the car, next to Brittany. "Don't worry Brittany, I'll make the pain go away. I promise."

Brittany didn't answer, she just grabbed Alvin and held him close to her. Dave was trying to drive as quick as he could to the pharmacy, but a stop light slowed him down. Brittany's pain was starting to subside, but she could still feel something.

She was sweating, breathing hard, and struggling to move. Alvin was horrified by Brittany's appearance, and couldn't bear to see his wife suffering, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Alvin was relieved at the sight of the pharmacy, where he could get the answers he needed. Dave turned into the parking lot of the pharmacy, and pulled into a spot. Dave put the car in "park" then looked at Alvin in the back of the car. "Alvin, I'll get a pregnancy test, you stay here and comfort Brittany."

"Okay, Dave. Thank you for everything."

"It's my pleasure, Alvin. You are my son, therefore I will help you and Brittany any time you need help."

"I'm glad to know that, Dave. Please. Hurry as fast as you can."

"I will." Dave exited the car and rushed into the pharmacy. Alvin sat with Brittany, trying to help her the best he could.

"I promise everything will be okay, Brittany. I would never let anything bad happen to you."

Brittany looked up at Alvin. "I know it will. Alvin. I'm scared."

"Scared of what?"

"What if I am pregnant? How are we going to handle a child of our own, when we can hardly handle ourselves?"

"If you are, we'll find a way."

"I don't know how I could be pregnant. I just don't know how."

"Brittany. The last time we made love, was a month ago, and it was unprotected. Even if you are, think about it. We'll have a beautiful son/daughter, and just like we did, they will grow. It will be the best thing that ever happened to us. Teaching our child how to grow into a responsible chipmunk."

Brittany smiled, she kissed Alvin. "Your right. I'm overreacting. Having a child to raise on our own is the best experience in anybody's lifetime, plus Miss Miller would have a grandchild."

"No matter the outcome, I will support you all the way."

"Thank you, Alvin. I feel so much better."

"It's my duty as a husband to care for my wife no matter what."

Alvin kissed Brittany on the lips, then wrapped his arms around her.

At Dave's house, Miss Miller, along with Dave, Simon, Theodore, Jeanette, and Eleanor, sat patiently on the sofa, awaiting the moment of truth. Alvin and Brittany were in the bathroom down the hall, next to the bedrooms, and just like the others, were anxious to find out the answer.

Everyone held their hands together, and were holding their breath, due to the intensity of what was happening. They were about to find out if they were going to become uncles, aunts, and grandparents.

The bathroom door opened, and immediately, everyone turned their attention toward Brittany and Alvin. Alvin held the pregnancy test between his thumb and index finger, and was staring at it with his best poker face. "Well, everyone, the result's are in,", said Alvin. "The result is this." Alvin walked over to the center of the living room, and revealed the answer to everyone. On the end of the pregnancy test was a cross, meaning Brittany was pregnant.

"Simon, Theo, you two are going to be uncles. Jean, Eleanor, you two are going to be aunts. Dave, Miss Miller, you two are going to be grandparents."

Everyone was silent, with shocked looks on their faces. It was hard to believe, but Alvin and Brittany, in less than a month, were going to be parents.

Hope you enjoyed! The pregnancy length is so short, because I want to keep it as real as possible, due to a chipmunk's pregnancy length only being 30 days.

I do not own "Everytime We Touch" all rights belong to Cascada" I do not own "AATC" This is just a fanfiction love story I constructed out of my own ideas.

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