Alvin and Brittany: Love Never Dies

A love story of how Alvin and Brittany met and developed a bond that would last forever. Note: This story is in the CGI format mixed with the cartoon, meaning the Chipmunks and Chipettes are the same height as they are in the cartoon. Please leave reviews! Enjoy!


7. Alvin's Surprise

Once Alvin's wounds had healed, Brittany and Alvin started to make love more often, without letting Dave or any of their siblings know, even though their siblings probably knew that they were making love all the time. Five years have passed since the night Brittany and Alvin made love for the second time, and now, both of them were adults.

Over the five years that have passed, they had made love at least twenty or thirty times. After about the twentieth time they made love, both of them realized they were out of control and needed to slow down, but it didn't last up until now.

Alvin and Brittany had decided it was too risky making love so much, so they decided to take a break from it, even though it was hard to do. Alvin still worked recklessly at his job, doing the late shifts for some extra money. Dave was proud of Alvin for what he was doing, because it showed that he was entering adulthood as a responsible person.

As for the rest of his siblings, Simon had decided to go to college with Jeanette to become a scientist and Theodore had started taking cooking classes. Alvin had no intentions of going into any field of education, so he just kept his job at the restaurant.

It was a sunny day, as Alvin opened his eyes. He rubbed the crusty material that forms over your eyes at night away from his eyes and sat up more straight. He could smell something in the kitchen, so he lifted the bed sheets away from his body and planted his feet on the floor, yawning as he did. He rose out of the bed and walked out of his room into the kitchen, where Dave was cooking pancakes for breakfast.

"Good morning, Dave", said Alvin.

"Good morning, Alvin", replied Dave with a smile. "Want some pancakes? They're chocolate chip pancakes."

"Sure. I'll get a plate."

"Be careful, these pancakes just came off of the oven."

"I will."

Alvin walked over to the cupboard with the plates in it and pulled out one glass plate. From the pile of pancakes, he grabbed only two, then smothered them with syrup. He wished that his brothers were there with him, but he knew that they were happy where they were, and that they were doing what they have always wished of doing. He had something else on his mind too, but he was just keeping it to himself for now.

Alvin took a bite of one the pancakes on his plate, trying not to make a mess, but a small amount of syrup slipped from his fork, onto the table. He wiped the syrup up using the napkin provided by Dave, and tried to get every bit of the syrup. Dave looked at Alvin, seeing he was acting different than usual.

"Alvin, why are you trying so hard to get the syrup, when you usually would only swipe it once with the napkin?"

"Just trying to be a good son."

Dave recognized Alvin's response, and he knew something was wrong. "Okay, Alvin, what's wrong?"

"Nothing!", Alvin snapped.

"There is no need to get upset, and I know you're lying to me."

Alvin knew he was caught, and was stuck.

"So, what is bothering you, Alvin?"

"I was hoping to keep this hidden from you, but I guess I have to tell you."

"What is it? Brittany isn't pregnant is she?!"

"No, but it has to do with her."

"Tell me. You can tell me anything."

"I-I want to ask her something. Something special."

"I think I know where this is going", said Dave sarcastically.

"You guessed it. I want to ask her if she will marry me, but I think I might be rushing by asking."

"Alvin. If she loves you, she will accept, plus you two are more then old enough."

"You're right. I just get cold feet every time I attempt to ask."

"Well, when the time is right, you'll do it. That's all I can tell you; the rest is up to you."

Alvin smiled. "Thanks, Dave. I'll do it when the time is right."

"I'm glad I could help." Dave turned away from Alvin, then sat on the couch and turned on the tv.

In his mind, Alvin thought, when the time is right, I'll ask her.

All day, Alvin thought of only what Dave said later that morning. He wasn't sure when or how he was going to propose to Brittany, but he knew that he needed to do it soon, because the pressure and temptation was eating at him like a consuming insect.

He was even starting to sweat from the thought of proposing to Brittany, which he found ridiculous, due to him being a "ladies man", before he met Brittany at school. He knew that he just had to think like that "ladies man" Alvin, that he used to be. It would be simple for him to ask her, then.

On a piece of paper, Alvin wrote down some things that Brittany liked. He had written down things that he had done throughout their relationship that she enjoyed, such as being presented with flowers, cuddling, and of course, making love.

Alvin thought of other things Brittany enjoyed, that he could possibly mix together to create a image in his mind of how and where he would propose. That's when Alvin thought of the perfect place to propose. He snapped his fingers, showing that he had succeeded, and expressed a smile. "Tonight, is going to be the night."

The reason Alvin thought of that night, was because he was free for the day, and had nothing else to do. Alvin put the paper he was using on night stand, next to the bed. He rose to his feet, and started to walk over to his closet. Inside the closet, Alvin searched for his tuxedo, he wore the night of his graduation. It took him a minute, but he found his tuxedo in the very back of the closet, wrapped in plastic, so that it stayed in good shape over the years.

He carefully, pulled the tuxedo from the closet, then sat it out on the bed. There wasn't a single hole or any sign of damage at all. The tuxedo was just like it was the night Brittany and him made a promise to be together, forever. He removed the plastic, and pulled out the tuxedo. Step one of his plan was complete, now he moved on to step two, which was calling Brittany and asking her out on a date.

Alvin walked out, into the living room, where Dave was still watching tv. Dave noticed his son's attitude change, and turned to him.

"Someone looks better", said Dave.

"That's because, I have come up with the perfect way to propose to Brittany," Alvin replied.

"What are you planning?"

"I'll ask her out on a date, tonight, then when the time comes, I'll propose."

"That's all fine, but do you even have a ring to present to her."

"I don't need one. The ring I gave her the night of our graduation, is the ring."

"So, technically you two have been more that just boyfriend and girlfriend since that night."

"Not exactly. I didn't ask her to marry me that night. All I asked was if she would remain with me forever, and that the ring was a symbol."

"That's exactly, the same thing, Alvin."

"Think what you might, but I'm still proposing."

"Okay. It's your relationship, not mine."

"Thanks, Dave."

Dave smiled, then he returned to watching tv. Alvin rushed over to the phone and dialled Brittany's cell phone number. It rang about three times, until she answered.


"Hey, beautiful"

"Oh. Hi, handsome."

"What are you up to right now?"

"Nothing, really. Just watching television."

"I was wondering if you wanted to hang out today, because I'm not doing anything either. It's really quiet, without my brothers here."

"It's the same way here. I only have Miss Miller to talk to, just to entertain myself, so yes. It's a date."

"Alright. I was thinking of going to the new restaurant, when the evening comes."

"That's fine."

"Also, wear a dress, and not just any dress, the one you wore the night of our graduation."

"Okay. If I can find it."

"You crack me up. I'll be there in about twenty minutes."

"See you, then."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Alvin hung the phone up, then placed it back on the table.

"Hey, Dave, can I borrow some money?"

"Alvin." Dave sighed, then grabbed his wallet from his back pocket, and pulled out twenty dollars. "That's the last time that I'm lending you money, okay."

"Sorry about that."

"Just don't overspend."

"I won't. I have to go get ready."

"Okay. Good luck tonight."

"Haha. Very funny."

"I love you too, Alvin."

Alvin rolled his eyes, then returned to the bedroom to prepare for one night he'll never forget.

At the Miller's residence, Alvin knocked on the door. As he waited for someone to answer, Alvin thought of what he was going to say when he says the four magic words. He wondered if he would get cold feet again, when he stands before her and prepares for the big moment. Immediately, he shrugged away the thought of him getting cold feet. Tonight was the night, and he was going to go through with all that he had planned.

The door opened, only for Alvin to be stunned by Brittany, in her diamond dress, posed in the doorway. She stared at Alvin with her crystal-blue eyes, then she leaned in toward Alvin and kissed him. She pulled away from the kiss, and reached out for Alvin's paw. Alvin accepted Brittany's paw in his paw, with no hesitation.

"Ready to go, my sweet?", asked Alvin.

"I've been ready to go for over ten minutes!", exclaimed Brittany.

Alvin started to worry, and started to wonder what he had done to make her so angry. "Whoa! Sorry I took so long, but...

Brittany giggled at Alvin. "I'm only teasing with you, Alvin."

Alvin blushed, because he was so embarrassed, but he was also laughing at the same time. "You scared me there for a second. Please, don't do that again."

"Don't worry, Alvin. I won't. I just wanted to mess with you."

"That's good. Now, let's get moving. We have the whole rest of the day to ourselves."

"Very well. Let's go."

Brittany shut the door, then both of them walked on into the best date of their lives.

Alvin and Brittany walked further into the city, to the restaurant that Alvin suggested during his conversation with Brittany. As the two walked, they held each other close to each other. Other spectators noticed the couple walking together, and were wondering why both of them were dressed so fancy.

Alvin and Brittany both noticed the unexpected attention they were receiving, but didn't care the least. All they cared about, was that they were together, and this was their night to shine.

There was only a limited time, before the sun would go down, so both of them rushed to the restaurant. They were happy that they made it there with plenty of daytime life, but were shocked by what they saw on the door to the restaurant.

On the door, was a sign that was labelled "closed." That was when Alvin realized that he had made a small mistake; the restaurant was closed on weekends, and today was Saturday.

He smacked himself in the forehead with his free hand, causing Brittany to giggle a little.

"It's okay, Alvin. We can go to another restaurant, plus we have the rest of the night together."

Alvin moved his hand away from his forehead then smiled at Brittany. "Okay. Where do you want to go?"

Brittany paused and started to think of anywhere else nearby. "This may seem like de'ja vu, but what about that one that we went to when we graduated?"

Alvin jumped at Brittany's suggestion. "That's perfect! I can't believe you thought of that."

Brittany laughed. "Just because I'm not Jeanette, doesn't mean I can't come up with perfect ideas."

Alvin laughed at the thought that she thought he referring to her as Jeanette. "I never said you was Jeanette, otherwise, that would be kind of awkward."

"It would. So, are we going to the restaurant or not?"

"Yes, ma'am."

Brittany giggled. "Oh Alvin Seville, you crack me up. Let's go, before it gets dark."

"Let's go."

Both of them hurried to their destination, that was only a few blocks away from them. Alvin and Brittany felt like they were kids again. They held each other's paws, and ran as fast as possible, trying to avoid any city-folk, until they were at the restaurant. They both were gasping for breath and laughing at the same time. "That's the most fun I've had in a long time," said Alvin still trying to catch his breath.

"Me too", replied Brittany. "It's been really boring since my sisters left, to do what they wanted all their lives."

"Yeah. I bet Simon is having a lecture with Jeanette right now."

"I bet she is. I'm just glad I'm here with you, and not in college, like Jeanette."

"Me too. I remember when I accidentally fell asleep during one of Mr. Brown's lessons, and was awakened by a book being slammed on my desk."

"Mr. Brown was mean and boring."

"He was, but that's all in the past. Let's focus on tonight."

"Okay. I'm hungry, so let's get some food in our small bellies."

"Then allow me to escort you in, Ms. Miller."

"Please, do."

Both of them giggled, then Alvin walked over to the restaurant door and opened it. He continued to hold it open, as Brittany walked in doing her famous "princess walk." Once Brittany was clear of the door, Alvin released his hold on the door, then walked over to Brittany. He grabbed her paw in his, as a man at the front counter escorted them to a table at the far end of the restaurant.

Brittany sat down first, then Alvin slid into the seat. He sat right next to Brittany, who suddenly, lied her head against Alvin's right shoulder. The broadness of Alvin's shoulders caused Brittany to let out a silent moan, which didn't bother Alvin at all. He enjoyed hearing Brittany's moans and any other noise she made.

Alvin leaned his head against Brittany's, trying to sooth her more. She smiled, and started to blush from Alvin leaning his head on her's. Alvin didn't know it, but he was blushing as well from Brittany leaning against his shoulder. Both of them let out small giggles, then raised both their heads up. As Brittany rose her head from Alvin's shoulder, Alvin managed to land a soft kiss to her forehead.

"I love you", he whispered in Brittany's ear.

"I love you too", she whispered into Alvin's ear. Their whispers were interrupted by the waiter.

"May I take your order, lovebirds?"

Both of them felt embarrassed, but at the same time, they didn't care. "Yes, sir. I'll have the chicken wings, and the clam chowder.", said Alvin.

"What about you, ma'am?"

"I'll just share with my partner." she replied.

"Very well. So, just chicken wings and a bowl of clam chowder?

"That'll do, waiter", said Alvin.

"Your meal will be here in about ten minutes."


The waiter turned, and walked away from the table.

"Alvin? You realized that you just ordered the same thing that we ordered last time we were here", said Brittany.

"Yeah. I realized that, and since this is our night, I figured I'd order the same thing we ordered last time," replied Alvin.

"Cute. Very cute, but I like it."

"I knew you would, my sweet."

"You're a jokester when you want to be, but I like that about you."

"Thanks, Brittany."

"Your welcome."

Both of them cuddled together again, as they waited for their food to arrive.

After waiting about ten minutes, Alvin and Brittany's meal arrived. To avoid getting any stains on his tuxedo, Alvin ate slow, along with Brittany, who would freak out if a stain got on her dress.

Alvin chomped down on two of the four chicken wings, while Brittany ate the other two chicken wings. To both of them, the food tasted exactly the same as before, making their night even more perfect then it already was.

Once the chicken wings were consumed, Alvin and Brittany grabbed their separate bowls of clam chowder, and slurped the contents of the bowls down, until the bowl was completely empty. Both of them fell back in their seats, and rubbed their paws over their bellies, now full. Alvin accidentally, let out a small burp, causing Brittany to laugh.

"Alvin Seville!", she said, playfully.

"Excuse me." His face was as red as a beet, but he was smiling. "It just slipped out."

"Sure it did", said Brittany, with sarcasm. Suddenly, she let out a burp, that was louder than Alvin's. Alvin started to laugh.

"Brittany Miller!"

"I swear. That one slipped out, Alvin." Her face was as red as Alvin's.

"Sure it did."

Brittany didn't bother trying to say anything back to Alvin, so she just started to laugh. Alvin joined in on the laughter, then he kissed her lightly on the lips. He pulled away, then he whispered to her. "I love you, no matter what."

Brittany blushed even more. "I love you too." She then kissed Alvin on the lips, then she pulled away.

"Let's get out of here. I have a surprise for you anyways."

"You do? What is it!?"

"You'll have to wait to find out. Be patient."

Brittany had a thought of what Alvin was referring to as the "surprise." She looked at him, stunning him with her crystal-blue eyes. "Let's go then. I want to know what the surprise is!"

"Alright. Just let me pay for our meal." Alvin pulled out the money that Dave had provided. It was a total of fifty dollars, but he didn't need all the money, so he just grabbed twenty dollars. Alvin placed the money on the table, then he put the other thirty dollars back in his pocket. "Ready to go, my sweet."

"I'm ready. Let's get moving."

Alvin scooted out of the booth, then he held his paw out to Brittany as an offering. Brittany gladly, accepted Alvin's paw and scooted out the booth as well. Alvin held Brittany's paw tight, as they walked toward the front entrance. At the counter, the man that had escorted them earlier, said one last thing, before they left.

"You two have an excellent night."

"We will, sir", said both of them in unison. The man smiled, then Alvin and Brittany walked out of the restaurant.

Outside the restaurant, it was almost dark. Alvin had to act fast, if he was going to give Brittany her surprise. "Brittany, we have one last stop to make, before the sun sets."

"Okay. Where?"

"The beach."

Brittany received a shocked look on her face. "Alvin, if the surprise you have for me is to make love on the beach again, we should wait longer to make love again."

"That's not it. Now, we need to hurry, before the sun sets."

"Okay. Take me to the beach."

"Very well." Alvin wasted no time, and rushed to the beach with Brittany in his grasp. It was time. The time Alvin had been waiting for for weeks.

Alvin and Brittany were at the beach in less than two minutes, giving Alvin plenty of time to give Brittany her surprise. The couple walked along the shoreline, with the sand rubbing against their bare feet, holding paws. Alvin knew where he was going to give Brittany her surprise, so he kept walking with his sweetheart down the shoreline.

The two chipmunks arrived at a spot, but not just any spot. It was the spot where Alvin gave Brittany the promise ring on her finger, the night they made love the first time.

Alvin started to feel sick to his stomach, but he ignored it and continued on with his plan. Alvin stopped in his tracks, then he let go of Brittany's paw. This surprised Brittany, because Alvin usually loves to hold her paw, but she just went with whatever Alvin was up to.

Alvin stood in front of Brittany, starting to blush. "Brittany, we have been together for over ten years, have been through many things, have remained faithful to each other, and have developed a bond that can never be broken."

Brittany was starting to cry, knowing what Alvin meant. "Yes. We have been through many things, but have always overcame them, because of the bond we share."

"Brittany. Would you please hand me the ring I gave you in this spot five years ago?"

Brittany looked at her left hand, and saw the ring Alvin presented to her, five years ago. She slipped the ring off of her middle finger then handed it to Alvin. Alvin took the ring and held it tightly with his thumb and index finger, trying not drop it. "Brittany with this ring I ask you... Alvin got down on one knee. "Will you marry me?"

Brittany immediately, shed into tears of happiness, and struggled to answer Alvin's question, but she managed to speak through the tears. "Yes! Alvin Seville, I will marry you!"

Alvin rose up to his feet then grabbed Brittany's left paw. He slithered the ring onto Brittany's ring finger, then he glanced at his fiancé, glowing like an angel from the sunset. "Now, we truly, are together forever." Brittany lunged at Alvin, and started to kiss him on the lips. Brittany had lunged Alvin so hard, it caused him to fall to the ground.

Brittany, unexpectedly, started to attempt to remove Alvin's tuxedo, which surprised Alvin. "Brittany, I thought you said you wanted to wait longer."

"Forget what I said. This is our night to do what we want, so I'm willing to make love, despite trying to take a break from it."

"Then why are we talking?! Let's make this time be the the best time we ever have made love!"

Brittany didn't say another word and continued to remove Alvin's tuxedo. She un-buttoned Alvin's tuxedo, until his entire body was bare. Brittany dived into Alvin's lips, and started to kiss him more than any time before. Still kissing, Alvin rolled on top of Brittany and started removing her dress. Alvin broke the kiss for a mere second, to remove Brittany's dress, which revealed Brittany's cute nipples that Alvin adored, then dived right back into the kiss.

Both of them were bare-naked, so Alvin remained on top of Brittany, as she stared into his hazel-brown eyes. Alvin had realized something, and it was critical. "Brittany, I have no protection."

Brittany looked at him with a seductive look on her face. "It's okay. I want it to be this way. I want to make love and have it feel real."

Alvin smiled. "Let this be our night, always."


Alvin and Brittany leaned into each other, and made love, as the sun went down.

After two hours of making love, Alvin and Brittany lied in the sand, staring at the night sky. Both of them were sweating repulsively, breathing heavily, and their hearts were beating so fast, they felt like they were going to jump out of their chests. They were smiling at each other, and were cuddled together, landing small kisses to each other's cheek, neck, or forehead. They were both exhausted, yet overwhelmed by the experience they just had.

"That was the most wonderful thing I've ever experienced", said Brittany.

"Mine too, and it was even more wonderful, because I did it with you, Brittany", Alvin replied.

"I've never felt so alive. It was like a dream, but it was real."

"It was a hundred times better than any other time."

"I agree. The feeling was completely different, compared to protection."

"If I could do it again, I would, but I don't want you getting pregnant."

"I know, Alvin. I just had to make love, and have it feel so much better, without protection. Until we are ready for a child, we will use protection, okay."

"That won't be for a long time."

"I know, but it's best to do it with protection. This way, tonight, was just a one-time thing for now."

"I can wait."

"Good to know. We should start heading home. I don't want our guardians worrying about us."

"Alright. Let's go."

Both of them put their clothes back on, then did their best to fix their hair, which was all tangled and ruffled. Brittany managed to fix Alvin's hair, but Alvin had a hard time fixing Brittany's hair, due to her having more hair than him. Brittany did her best to fix her hair, then grabbed Alvin's paw, and kissed him.

"I love you, Alvin."

"I love you too, Brittany."

Alvin and Brittany headed back to their homes, closer then ever before, in their lives.

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