Alvin and Brittany: Love Never Dies

A love story of how Alvin and Brittany met and developed a bond that would last forever. Note: This story is in the CGI format mixed with the cartoon, meaning the Chipmunks and Chipettes are the same height as they are in the cartoon. Please leave reviews! Enjoy!


1. Accidental Love

It was any other ordinary day for Alvin and his brothers. The alarm was ringing the same time it did everyday; 7:30 A.M. Alvin was struggling to get up, so Simon had to drag him out. Alvin grunted and tried to refuse, but Simon's strength was greater then Alvin's, so he couldn't escape Simon's grasp.

"Just let me sleep, Simon! I was up late doing homework that I didn't want to do."

"It's not my fault that you slack to get your work done at school. Now, quit acting like a baby and go freshen up."

"What if I don't?!"

"I'll get Dave. Would you rather like to face him over me?"

"No! I'll get ready!" Alvin ran to the bathroom, while Simon stood laughing with his arms crossed.

"Works every time." With no other word, Simon rushed to the kitchen for breakfast. In the kitchen, Simon met up with Theodore and joined him at breakfast which was toaster waffles. Simon ate his plate quickly with Theodore, who was chomping down his breakfast. "That's enough Theodore. Despite his attitude, we have to save some for Alvin."

"Oh. Sorry, Simon."

"It's okay, Theodore." At that moment, Alvin walked into the kitchen.

"Are you happy?"

"Yes, Alvin. Seriously, you need to stop acting so immature."

"Don't you know me by now, Simon? It's just who I am, okay. Don't go criticizing me."

"I'm not. I'm just saying... Suddenly, Dave walked into the room.

"What are you arguing about now?"

"Sorry, Dave. It's just Alvin. He was acting like a baby this morning, so I had to drag him out of bed."

Dave looked over at Alvin who had a fake smile of innocence on his face.

"Alvin, you need to stop acting so immature."

"Dave, I was up until midnight doing homework."

"That's no excuse. If you'd get your work done in school, you wouldn't have to worry about doing it all at home."

"I try to, but I can't work as fast as the other students."

"One more mishap like this, I'll have the coach take you off the football team!"

"Okay! I'll try harder! I promise!"

"That's good to hear. Now, hurry up and eat your breakfast."

"Okay, Dave, and sorry about all the trouble I caused this morning, Simon."

"It's okay, Alvin."

Alvin said nothing else and ate his breakfast.

Dave dropped Alvin and his brothers off at school then took off back home. Alvin and his brothers walked up to the school's front doors, and opened them. The hallways were hectic, as always, so it took Alvin and his brothers to get to their lockers. Once they got to their lockers, Simon and Theodore were able to get their's open, but Alvin was struggling with his locker.

"Stupid locker. Jammed again."

"You're just tired, Alvin. Here. I'll open it, just like I have multiple times before." Simon opened the locker with no problems. "Now, get your things and get to your class."

"Okay." Simon and Theodore walked off to their classes, so Alvin grabbed his requirements from his locker, and shut it. As he turned to walk to class, he accidentally bumped into someone. "Hey! Watch... Alvin dropped his things and looked down to see a female chipmunk dressed in a pink outfit. His heart dropped at the sight of the chipmunk, and started to feel funny. He came to his senses and helped the chipmunk up from the ground.

"I'm so sorry."

"It's okay. I should've moved further away from the lockers."

"You must be new here, because I've never seen you before."

"Me and my sisters just transferred here."

"Sorry your first day started off like this. Oh and my name's Alvin by the way."

"No need to tell me your name. I knew it already."


"I've seen you perform on T.V with your brothers; Simon and Theodore."

"Oh. Right. I forgot how famous we were." The chipmunk laughed then looked at Alvin with a smile on her face.

"My name's Brittany. The leader of the Chipettes."

"Nice to meet you. Today, at lunch, why don't you and your sisters eat with me and my brothers?"

"Sounds nice. I'll meet you at lunch."

"Thanks, Brittany. See you at lunch." Brittany waved Alvin goodbye, as she walked down the hall to her class. Alvin smiled as he walked to his class, lovestruck.

During his classes, Alvin couldn't think straight. All he had on his mind was Brittany. He couldn't get her out his head, no matter how hard he tried. All he could think of was seeing her at lunch, and hopefully, seeing her everyday. Alvin's teacher's were constantly having to yell at him to get his attention, but it was no use; Alvin could only think about Brittany and how beautiful she is.

Her crystal-blue eyes. Her cute, little pink-button nose. How her fur shined in the hallway. All he wanted to do was get to know her and possibly, end up in a relationship. He wanted to hold her paws in his paws. Sing a song to her that would warm her heart. All these things stuck to Alvin's mind, then the bell rang to go to lunch. He was the first out of all the students at the door, but his teacher wanted to talk to him. While the other students left, he stayed to talk to his teacher.

"Alvin, you looked like you were in la-la land this period. Your usually working and paying attention. Is there something wrong?"

"I don't know if there is or not."

"Tell me about it. What's wrong?"

"I think I have been struck by something I thought I'd never be struck by."

"What is that?"

"Love." Alvin's teacher looked at Alvin with a positive expression.

"I suspected as much. It's that new student isn't it?"


"Well, Alvin there's not much advice I can give you, but even though this Brittany has struck your heart, you still have to pay attention and do work."

"Okay. I'll start paying attention."

"Good. Go to lunch."

"Thank you, sir." Alvin wasted no time and rushed to the lunchroom. In the lunchroom, the line was long, so Alvin decided to go wait at a table, until the line shortened. He sat down at a table and looked around for Brittany; He couldn't see her anywhere. He started to get depressed, until he saw Brittany appear out of the crowds of students. She sat down at the table. The sight of her made Alvin's heart jump.

"Brittany. You aren't going to get any lunch?"

"I am, I just hate waiting in mile-long lines, so I saw you over here and decided to join you."

"We can get lunch together then."

"We can. Can I ask you something?"


"Do you think I'm pretty?"

Alvin pondered on what he should say in response to her question. He didn't want to say anything wrong that would offend her. "Yes. Why do you ask?"

Brittany looked at him, blushing. "Because, I... was wondering."

"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure. What is it?"

"Do you think I'm... you know, handsome?" Alvin had wondered if he'd used the right words, but now all he could do is await Brittany's response.

"Yes. I always thought you have been, ever since I saw you on T.V. Why do you ask?"

"Like you, I was just wondering." They both giggled, blushing doing so.

It was awhile before Alvin and Brittany got lunch together and joined their siblings. Brittany introduced Jeanette and Eleanor to Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. When she did, they reacted like Alvin did when he met Brittany for the first time. They all talked and quickly, became friends. Simon and Theodore barely ate anything, which is unusual for Theodore, and Alvin knew why they didn't; they were struck by love as well.

After school, Dave pulled up in his car and took Alvin, Simon, and Theodore home. At the house, Simon was finishing up some math homework, while Theodore was in the living room watching Meercat Manor on Animal Planet. Alvin was in his bedroom thinking about Brittany and couldn't wait to see her again the next day. Dave came into the bedroom and looked at Alvin, worried.

"Are you okay, Alvin? You look down."

"I'm fine. I just met a girl today named Brittany. She's been stuck on my mind since this morning, and I kinda have a funny feeling inside."

"So, Cupid's arrow has struck your heart."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You are experiencing love for the first time, Alvin. It's completely normal."

"I never said I was in love!"

"Don't be ashamed. Love is normal for someone at your age."

"We're just friends and nothing more!"

"Oh, Alvin, you just can't stain your pride. I'll give you advice, but only if you let me."

"I don't need any advice!"

"Okay, then I'll leave you to your wondering about this girl." Dave walked out of the room. Alvin just put his face face-down into the pillow and kept thinking about Brittany.

That night, Alvin only dreamed about Brittany. Dreams of him and her holding paws, singing duets together, and walking along the side of a beach during a sunset. The next day, unfortunately for Alvin was not a school-day, so it was hard for him to go the entire weekend without seeing Brittany again. Saturday went by so slow for Alvin, because Brittany was still in his mind. Simon and Theodore tried to get their brother to think of other things, but nothing could shake Brittany from Alvin's mind.

On Sunday, Dave had to get some things from the store. Alvin, Simon, and Theodore went with him in the car, because Simon and Theodore saw this as an opportunity to get Alvin's mind off of Brittany. Alvin tried to refuse, but Dave made it clear that Alvin wasn't staying home alone, so he had no choice but to go. On the way to the store, Alvin's brothers tried to get him focused on things such as trees or the sky. They even turned on the radio, only to hear "That's What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction. This caused Alvin just to think more of Brittany and how beautiful she was.

At the door, Dave was in the dairy department of the store, getting cheese. Alvin and his brothers just sat in the shopping cart. While waiting, Alvin began to sing in a low voice, "That's What Makes You Beautiful." His brothers started to get worried, but they knew that there was nothing they could do to cheer Alvin up. Dave also was worried, but also knew that there was nothing that could shake Alvin's mind free of Brittany.

As Dave finished up, Alvin suddenly heard a voice from afar, singing the same thing that he was singing. He continued to sing, and listened in the distance for the voice, to join in. The voice continued to sing with him, so he didn't stop singing along to the other voice. The voice got closer and closer, until it was so close he could tell who was singing with him. Next to a shopping cart, with her two sisters, was Brittany.

Alvin's heart jumped at the sight of her. Her voice was so soft and clear as a crystal, almost like an angel sent from above to him. Alvin and Brittany finished singing at the same time and immediately, started to wave at each other. Dave rolled the cart over toward the one Brittany was at, so that he could introduce himself to Brittany's caretaker, who was a lady.


The lady looked at Dave with a smile. "Hello. I'm Miss Miller."

"My name's Dave Seville."

"Pleasure to meet you."

While Dave and Miss Miller talked, Alvin walked towards the cart Brittany was next to, so he could meet up with Brittany. Brittany walked towards Alvin, away from the cart and met up with Alvin, staring at him with joy, as if she'd been missing him. Both of them blushed, which kind of embarrassed Alvin a little, but at this point, he didn't care. Brittany was the first to speak, since Alvin was speechless and couldn't think of anything to say.

"Nice to see you again."

"I know." Alvin couldn't take it anymore, so he let all his emotions out to Brittany "I've been missing the sight of you." This caused Brittany to blush so much, that her cheeks were red as a tomato.

"Wow. You missed me that much?"

"Yes. I couldn't think of anything else, except you." Brittany looked at him, smiling.

"Nobody, except Miss Miller has missed me that much. Do you like me that much?"

"I think your beautiful, Brittany. I've never felt like this about anyone else before."

"You really like me that much? Nobody, except my sisters and Miss Miller has ever called me "beautiful."

"I do. I've sucked up my pride and realized, I've been struck by your beauty." Brittany was speechless for a moment, then she pulled out a small slip of paper from her pocket and wrote down something on it with a pen she had in her pocket.

"Here. With this you can contact me." She handed the paper to Alvin.

Alvin looked down at the paper, only to see a phone number. "Maybe we can do something together sometime."

"Are you asking me out?"

"Well uh... I guess I am." Brittany laughed then responded back to Alvin's request.

"If you are, I accept."

"Then I am!"

"Oh, Alvin, you crack me up. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Okay. I'll call you tonight."

"I'll be waiting for the phone to ring then."

Alvin laughed then waved Brittany goodbye, while slipping her phone number into his pocket. He returned next to the cart with his brothers, happy that he had gotten his wish.

"Well, Someone looks better."

"I am. I officially have a girlfriend for the first time ever."

"Did I miss something?" Simon looked at Alvin with a shocked look on his face.

"I entered a relationship with the most beautiful chipmunk in the world." Simon and Theodore said no more for the rest of the shopping trip, knowing their brother was happy.

That night, Alvin called Brittany, just like he said he would and talked to her for over two hours. He loved hearing the sound of her voice, because it was so soft and peaceful. It was like listening to a slow song for two hours. He didn't want to stop talking to her, but Dave told him it was time to go to bed. Alvin tried to sleep that night, but couldn't. All that was on his mind was the next day.

The next day, Alvin was the first to get up and be ready before anyone else. Simon and Theodore were surprised, because Alvin was usually the last to be up and ready. It was a relief to Simon and Theodore though, because they knew that Alvin was back to normal and better then ever before in his life.

Dave dropped Alvin and his brothers off at the front of the school, and before Dave could even shut the door, Alvin was at the front entrance of the school. Simon and Theodore joined him, and entered the school. Alvin rushed to find Brittany before the doors were even opened fully. He went to his locker and patiently, waited for her to appear. A few minutes passed, but Brittany showed up wearing her pink school uniform, and hugged Alvin. "Hello, beautiful."

"Hello, handsome." They both laughed, blushing.

"You look beautiful. Even more beautiful then before."

"Same to you, handsome." Alvin smiled then grabbed Brittany's paw.

"Let me walk you to class, as a token of our relationship." Brittany looked at him with love in her eyes. Her crystal-blue eyes glistened and glittered like a beautiful oasis.

"I'd have it no other way. My first class is language arts."

"Then shall we?"

"We shall." The couple walked to the front of the language arts classroom. "I'll see you after class."

"Okay, I'll look for you in the hallways." Brittany giggled then landed a light kiss to Alvin's cheek. Alvin's heart skipped a beat. He let go of Brittany's paw and slowly, saw her disappear behind the classroom door. "I'll see you after class." Alvin walked to his class.

During his class, Alvin payed full attention to his teacher's lectures. He finished all his work in time before the other students, got better scores, and even some appreciation from the teacher, like Simon usually gets. The bell rang, and Alvin was the first out of the class. He went to his locker to get his things and meet up with Brittany before his next class.

Brittany showed up and lunged toward Alvin, landing a kiss on Alvin's cheek. Again, Alvin's heart jumped, then he did the same and landed a light kiss on Brittany's cheek. She blushed, but she liked the feeling of Alvin kissing her cheek, so she enjoyed every moment of it. Alvin pulled away, blushing as well then turned his attention toward Brittany again. They both looked at each other with nothing but love for each other.

"Alvin, since you escorted me like a gentlemen to my first period, would you like me to return the favor, and be a lady by walking you to your next class."

"Like you said. I'd have it no other way."

"What's your next class?"


"Then let me escort you there, handsome."

"Of course, beautiful." They both let out a small chuckle, then they grabbed each other's paws and walked through the halls to the math classroom. "I'll see you after class."

"Okay. See you after class." They then kissed each other, only not on the cheek this time; the lips. Alvin walked into his class, overjoyed and struck by the kiss he'd just received.

Brittany and Alvin continued to meet each other after their classes and walk each other to their classes. At lunch, both of them ate together, while their siblings ate at another table. Instead of acting stubborn, Alvin acted mature and offered Brittany his pudding, since he got the last one. Brittany found this act sweet and accepted the pudding, but split the pudding half and half, so Alvin could have some himself. They were both perfect for each other, and both Alvin and Brittany knew that.

After school, Brittany offered Alvin to come to her house, so Alvin asked Dave. Dave accepted, but only if he was home before 8:00. Alvin was escorted to Brittany's house, both of them holding paws all the way there. At the house, when Alvin walked through the door, Miss Miller was surprised to see him. She gladly accepted him as a guest then left him and Brittany alone for the rest of the visit. Brittany took Alvin upstairs to her room, while Jeanette and Eleanor remained downstairs watching T.V. Her side of the room was based around the color pink, which Alvin knew was only obvious, since that was her favorite color.

"Well, Alvin, dinner won't be ready for awhile, so what do you want to do on our first date?"

"Why don't I learn more about you, since I am your boyfriend."

"Okay. Where do I start?"

"Anywhere. I don't care. I'm sure anything that you have to tell is worth listening to."

"Well, first of all, my sister's and I grew up in a small town, and were discovered by a cruel woman. She recognized our singing talents and wanted to force us into performing for horrible people, but luckily, Miss Miller was there at the time we needed her most. She rescued us from that cruel woman and took us in as her own, and ended up moving to a different town, so that cruel woman couldn't ever find us again."

"That sounds horrible. You are lucky to have such a grateful caretaker."

"Yeah, but our secure lives were soon interrupted by that cruel woman again. We don't know how she found us, but as soon as she threatened to take us, Miss Miller turned against the lady and soon had her involved with the police. Miss Miller freed us from that woman's grip forever, then we lived a quiet life for three years, until we were being forced out of our home. We moved here and have been here ever since for three years."

"How'd you come to know of me and my brothers."

"That is what comes next in the story. One night, my sisters and I were just looking for something on T.V, so we searched, until we found a program on PPV called "Alvin and the Chipmunks: Live In London."

"We had to convince Miss Miller a million times, before she finally allowed us to watch you on PPV. Once I saw you, my heart immediately started beating so fast, I couldn't control myself."

"I remember that concert. I had the stage all night."

"Basically. Miss Miller recognized my reaction and gave me advice on love."

"Dave offered the same thing, but I was to stubborn and didn't take any advice."

"Well, to me, you've done just fine at being my boyfriend. You treat me like gold and like me for who I am, unlike other boys in the past, who only liked me because of my looks."

"Well, just know this, I love you for who you are, Brittany, and I wouldn't trade you for any other girl in the entire world." Brittany started to cry tears of happiness, knowing Alvin meant what he said and loved her more then any thing in the world. "Brittany, don't cry."

"These are tears of happiness, Alvin. I love you too, and wouldn't trade you for any thing else in the world."

"Now, let's forget about all those horrible things in your past, and focus on a new future for our relationship."

"I already have." Alvin and Brittany then kissed and hugged each other more then they ever have for the remaining time of the night and moved on to a long lasting future of happiness together.

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