Alvin and Brittany: Love Never Dies

A love story of how Alvin and Brittany met and developed a bond that would last forever. Note: This story is in the CGI format mixed with the cartoon, meaning the Chipmunks and Chipettes are the same height as they are in the cartoon. Please leave reviews! Enjoy!


14. A Sister's Touch

Alvin sat on the couch, awaiting Sebastian's arrival, while Brittany was in the kitchen preparing dinner, which was spaghetti. The smell of the noodles in the boiling water made Alvin's stomach growl, along with Brittany's as well.

The sight of Brittany cooking the spaghetti was an image of a beautiful angel sent from heaven to him. Brittany saw him staring at her, and smiled from the gaze of his hazel-brown eyes.

Brittany's appearance had never changed, and still looked like the chipmunk Alvin had met in the hallway. The same was with Alvin. He still looked the same when he met Brittany, and had no sign of ageing in him, except his voice had deepened a little.

Chipmunks age, but don't change as far as appearance, except growing taller and voice change. Brittany's voice had also changed a little, but not by much.

Alvin overheard the sound of the school bus pulling up in front of the house, meaning Sebastian would be walking through the door any moment. He was wondering if Sebastian had done what he set out to do today, or if he let his nervousness take over again.

Sebastian may be Alvin's son, but Sebastian wasn't as smooth with girls as Alvin was, back when he attended West Eastman. However, Alvin knew his son was strong, and would be able to overcome his nervousness.

Sebastian entered the house, but not alone. Next to him was a female chipmunk, which Alvin guessed was Destiny. "What do ya know? He did it."

Alvin looked at Sebastian with a smile on his face, so Sebastian smiled back. Sebastian was gripping his left paw with Destiny's right paw, which surprised Brittany, in the kitchen. Brittany looked at Destiny, and smiled at the sight of Sebastian experiencing a girl's touch for the first time.

"Mom. Dad. I would like to introduce you to Destiny", said Sebastian.

"Nice to meet you, Destiny", said Alvin.

"Welcome to our home", said Brittany.

Destiny looked at Alvin and Brittany with a smile. "Nice to meet you too, Mr. and Mrs. Seville," replied Destiny.

"Dinner is almost ready, so you are more than welcome to stay," said Brittany, preparing the spaghetti sauce.

"Thank you, Mrs. Seville."

"Make yourself at home, dear."

Destiny, along with Sebastian released their grips, and set their luggage from school next to the front door.

"Want some help, Mrs. Seville?", asked Destiny.

"Do you know how to spread out spaghetti sauce?"

"Yes. My mother has taught me how to cook multiple things."

"You can help me spread out the sauce, while I attend to the noodles."


Destiny walked into the kitchen, while Sebastian joined his Alvin on the couch. Alvin turned toward his son, focused on the t.v. show.

"So, how did it go?", asked Alvin.

Sebastian turned away from the tv. "Strangely, it was the same exact way you met mom. I was grabbing something out of my locker, and right after I shut it, I bumped right into her."

Alvin was surprised, and started to think of the day he met Brittany. She was so beautiful, perfect in every way possible. Her fur shined in the light, an image of an angel from heaven. "Love works many ways. What happened when you saw her on the ground?"

"All the noise disappeared, and she looked like an angel in the hallway light. Her fur glowed, and she looked like a beautiful angel."

Alvin was stunned. Sebastian was describing how he met Brittany perfectly word-for-word. "Well, all I can say is that that is exactly what your mother looked like, when I saw her for the first time."

"Strange. I'm just glad I was able to conquer my nervousness, and sort of ask her out."

"What do you mean by "sort of?"

"She knew what I was going to say, and she said "yes".

"I'm happy for you. I hope you enjoy your time with her, Sebastian."

"I couldn't of done it without your help, dad. Thank you for helping me."

"Your welcome, Sebastian. I'm always glad to help you, whenever you need it."

Sebastian just smiled, but Alvin started to cry small tears, from his son's words.

"Ugh. Dad, don't go all sobby on me."


Sebastian leaned forward and hugged Alvin. Alvin returned the hug, and in his mind he thought he's growing up so fast. Now, I know how Dave felt when he had to let me go.

At the dinner table, the four chipmunks started to eat their spaghetti, prepared by both Destiny and Brittany. Sebastian took his first bite, and was already messy from sipping the noodles into his mouth.

Spaghetti sauce covered Sebastian's mouth, so he wiped it away with a paper towel given to him for wiping food from his mouth. The paper towel was soaked with spaghetti sauce, making it look like he just wiped a ton of blood from his mouth.

Destiny took small bites to avoid a mess, along with Brittany. Alvin had spaghetti sauce all over his mouth, so Brittany wiped it away, as an act of kindness toward her husband. Alvin smiled at the kindness, and returned the favor by wiping away a small speck of spaghetti sauce from her soft lips.

"So. Destiny. Tell us about yourself," said Brittany. "Where are you from?"

"I'm originally from Australia," replied Destiny.

Brittany paused, due to her being from Australia. "How convenient. So am I."

"I was born there, and lived in a small house for most of my younger years. The landlord of the house though, was a nasty lady. She would offer double the amount of rent money, or she would kick us out on the streets."

"That's terrible."

"Luckily, my mother had singing talent, so using her singing, she would perform on the streets, and come home with over two-hundred dollars every night."

"Who's your mother?"

"Her name is Savannah."

Brittany froze, nearly spitting out the spaghetti she was chewing on. "I was friends with your mother! Sometimes she would ask me to come sing with her on the streets."

"No way! This is so cool! I'll tell my mother about you."

"It sure would be nice to see her again."

"I'll tell her as soon as I get home tonight."

"Thank you, dear."

Alvin and Sebastian remained quiet, and ate their spaghetti, letting the girls talk.

Around 5:00, Destiny went home, leaving Sebastian with Alvin and Brittany. All three of them sat out on the couch, watching Meerkat Manor, due to Alvin being addicted to it, because of his brother, Theodore.

Brittany laid with her head on Alvin's shoulder, while Alvin held Sebastian against him with his right arm wrapped around Sebastian. The house was quiet as a mouse, except for the television.

The episode of Meerkat Manor was one Alvin had seen already, when he was still living with Dave. His eyelids were dropping slowly, due to the spaghetti making him tired. Sebastian was wide awake alongside his father, but Brittany was asleep, snoring softly.

Sebastian giggled at the sound of his mother's snoring, even though they were silent. Alvin was starting to snore, even though he was slightly awake.

Alvin yawned, causing Brittany to move, but she returned to her original position without waking up. Alvin let out a long breath, glad that he didn't wake Brittany. Sebastian removed himself from Alvin's grasp, and walked out of the living room, into his bedroom.

He grabbed an acoustic guitar that Alvin and Brittany had gotten him for his 9th birthday. It wasn't anything like a Fender or Les Paul, and only a beginners guitar. It came with an instructional video, and a book full of songs.

He started to play a small tune that he had been working on for a few weeks, and started to sing the lyrics to the song, silently.

Just a small town girl

Living in a lonely world

She took the midnight train

Going anywhere

Just a city boy

Born and raised in south Detroit

He took the midnight train

Going anywhere

A singer in a smoky room

The smell of wine and cheap perfume

For a smile

They can share the night

It goes on and on and on and on



Up and down the boulevard


Searching in the night



Living just to find emotion


Somewhere in the night

Working hard to get my fill

Everybody wants a thrill

Paying anything to roll the dice

Just one more time

Some will win

Some will lose

Some were born sing the blues

Oh the movie never ends

It goes on and on and on and on



Up and down the boulevard


Searching in the night



Living just to find emotion


Somewhere in the night

Don't stop believin'

Hold on to the feelin'



Ohhh woahhhh

Don't stop believin

Hold on...



Ohhh woahhhhh

Don't stop believin

Hold on to the feelin'



Ohhh woahhhhh

He played it in a fingerpicking pattern, so it sounded peaceful. He heard applause from outside his door, meaning Alvin had heard him. "Well done, Sebastian. Even I couldn't play it that perfect."

"Thanks, dad. I've been working on it for weeks."

"Practice makes perfect, and you did great."

"How well can you play, dad?"

"It's been forever since I played the guitar, Sebastian. I could play just as well as you can."

"You can't be all dried up."

"I am. Your dad is too old for the guitar anymore."

"You're never too old to play the guitar. Give it a try."

"I don't want to wake your mother. Maybe tomorrow, when you get home from school."

"Okay. I'll remember."

Alvin was hoping that he wouldn't remember, because he couldn't remember how to play any songs.

"Hard to believe I used to play solos in front of millions. Now, I have only one thing on my mind, and that's Sebastian."

Alvin walked off and let his son have time to himself.

Later that night, Alvin sat next to Brittany, who was having trouble sleeping. She was sweating horribly, was hot as the sun, and was moaning from pain.

At first, Alvin wondered if she had come down with a cold, due to the symptoms, but she wasn't coughing or sneezing. Alvin flipped on his bedside lamp, and stared at Brittany, nearly pale as a ghost.

"Brittany, are you okay?"

She didn't answer, but instead continued to moan from pain.

"What's wrong?"

"Just a stomach ache," she said sickly.

"Gas bubble?"

At that moment, Brittany kicked Alvin in the leg.

"OW! What was that for?!"

"I don't have gas!"

"Then what is it? The spaghetti?"

"No!" The pain was growing to where she was yelling at Alvin.

Alvin drew back from Brittany, afraid that she might hurt him. Brittany felt horrible, so she turned to him with a sorry look on her face. "I'm sorry, Alvin. It just hurts."

"Do you want me to get some Pepto Bismol? It'll help your stomach settle."

"No. I'm fine."

Alvin knew she was far from fine, and decided to give her some Pepto Bismol. Alvin lifted the covers off of him, and planted his feet on the carpet. As he started for the kitchen, he overheard Brittany.

"OH GOD!" Brittany rushed toward the bathroom, and put her head over the toilet. Finally, Brittany started vomiting severely, which scared Alvin.

"Brittany!" Alvin rushed into the bathroom, to Brittany's side, still vomiting in the porcelain bowl. She was crying as she vomited, causing Alvin to burst into tears, because he didn't know what to do. Suddenly, Sebastian darted into the bathroom.

"What's wrong with mom!?"

"I don't know! She's sick, or could she be... Alvin paused, wondering if there was another cause for this sudden sickness. "Sebastian. Go grab the phone, and call Grandpa Dave."


"Just do it, and hurry!"

Sebastian didn't argue, and ran out of the bathroom, to call Dave. Alvin comforted Brittany as best he could, trying not to break down. Brittany stopped vomiting, and looked up at Alvin. "Why are you calling Dave?"

"Because, I think you could be pregnant."

Brittany froze then gave Alvin a stern look. "What!? Are you serious!? Just because I have a sudden sickness, you think I'm pregnant?!"

"Brittany. Calm down. You'll wake the neighbors."

Brittany calmed herself. "I can't be pregnant."

"Think about it. The last time we made love, we didn't use protection."

Brittany was speechless, knowing her husband was right. "That's not good."

"If you are, we can't stop it. We'll have to get a pregnancy test done."

"I hope I'm not."

"Me too. Sebastian is already enough to handle. Another child would be a handful."

"We'll have to wait."

Dave arrived about ten minutes later with two pregnancy tests, along with the rest of the family. Simon and Jeanette had had a young boy and girl a few years back, and Theodore and Eleanor had had a young girl just a couple years before.

Simon had named their son Stryder, due to the stripes on his back being different colored, and Jeanette had named their daughter Vinora, because they thought it was unusual and a beautiful name.

Theodore and Eleanor had a young girl, and named her Erebelle, the same reason why Jeanette and Simon named their daughter, Vinora. Neither Alvin or Brittany had met their nieces and nephews yet, so to meet them was a pleasure, but they were focused on finding out if Brittany was pregnant or not, so Alvin grabbed the tests from Dave and returned to the bathroom, Brittany at his side.

The most surprised of the entire family was Sebastian. When could they have done "it", with him around? Then he thought of the days he was in school, and immediately he felt like he going to be sick.

He was going to possibly have a brother or sister, which he wasn't looking forward too. He enjoyed his life as an only child, with no brother or sister to share with. He had Destiny now, and loved her to death. A sibling would complicate things.

"Mama, what's wrong with Aunt Brittany?", asked Erebelle.

Eleanor struggled on how to answer that question. "Let's just say she might have something in her belly."

"Did she eat it?"

Eleanor giggled at her daughter. "No."

Erebelle asked no more questions, and returned to waiting. Stryder was curious and kept asking Simon and Jeanette question-after-question nonstop.

Vinora was silent, due to her being just like Jeanette; shy and setback. Dave was wondering why Alvin would make love with Brittany without using protection in the first place, because if it comes out positive, Brittany and Alvin will struggle taking care of both Sebastian and the baby.

Alvin and Brittany walked into the room, ready to reveal the answer, and everybody except the children were holding their breath.

"We tested it twice, and both tests came out with the same result." Everybody continued to hold their breath, as Alvin revealed the answer.

"Both tests came back positive." Brittany burst into tears, while everyone else released their breath. "By the end of this month, Brittany will be giving birth to another child."

The room was silent, because Alvin and Brittany were in a sticky situation. They would have to deal with another son or daughter.

Alvin and Brittany were lucky they kept their baby things, when they had Sebastian. This time they were ready for another child, but handling Sebastian and Brianna was going to be a challenge.

Brittany came up with the name, due to an ultrasound revealing it was a girl, and when she mentioned the name to Alvin, he agreed. It was a beautiful name for a girl, and they both loved it.

Eleanor, Theodore, Jeanette, and Simon helped with diapers and formula, due to Alvin and Brittany already had toys, a swing, and a crib. As for clothes, Alvin and Brittany had to buy a bunch of clothes, with the help of Dave and Miss Miller.

At Brittany's baby shower, they received more clothes, diapers, blankets, bottles, and formula for the baby, mostly from their siblings, and Dave, and Miss Miller.

Sebastian was still disappointed that he was going to have to deal with a sibling, and went on dates with Destiny to rid the thought of a sibling. Destiny and him had gone to see movies, ate at diners, and taken a simple walk to the local park.

Destiny was thrilled that Brittany was having a girl, and constantly teased Sebastian about the fact he will be stuck with a baby sister for the rest of his life.

Destiny had introduced her mother to Brittany, who was thrilled to see her long-lost childhood friend after over twenty years. The introduction was just less than a week from her due date.

Brittany invited both her and Destiny to be there when the baby is born, but they would have to behind a curtain or something, so they couldn't see her private parts. The only person allowed to see that was Alvin, Miss Miller, Eleanor, and Jeanette. Sebastian chose not to be present.

Brittany's water broke on the 25th day, and was ready to give birth for the second time in her life. Alvin sat next to Brittany in her hospital bed, screaming from the contractions going on inside her body.

She held Alvin's paw, hoping it would help comfort her, but it didn't. Alvin couldn't bear to see Brittany is this much pain much longer, so he closed his eyes and said a prayer.

"Heavenly father, please give Brittany the strength to make it through this pain, and I ask that you keep Brianna safe during her delivery from the birth canal. I say this prayer in the name of your son, Jesus Christ. Amen."

Alvin opened his eyes, and suddenly Brittany screamed so loud it echoed throughout the room. She had tears coming out of her eyes, and she was breathing heavily. "Get a doctor! The baby's moving into the birth canal!"

Alvin turned to Theodore. "Theo, go get a doctor!"

"Okay." Theodore darted out of the room to find a doctor, while Destiny, Simon, Erebelle, Stryder, Vinora, Sebastian, and Dave moved behind curtain next to the door.

Behind the curtain, Sebastian started to cry from his mother being in pain, so Destiny grabbed his paw to comfort him.

"She's going to be okay, Sebastian."

"I know. The sound of her screaming kills me inside. It's hard to see your mother in pain, and I can't do anything to stop it."

"It'll be over soon, once a doctor gets in here."

Brittany sat with her legs spread apart, crushing Alvin's paw from the pain. Suddenly, she panicked. "The baby is coming out!"

Alvin was shocked. "Quit pushing."

"I'm not pushing! Hurry, and catch her!"

It was true everyone visible to Brittany's private parts could see Brianna sliding out. Eleanor spoke up. "Alvin, she's not kidding! The baby's legs are out!"

Alvin didn't waste any time, and rushed to catch the baby. Luckily, Alvin was able to make just in time, and caught the blood-soaked baby chipmunk in his arms. Alvin let out a sigh of relief, then stood up from the ground, holding Brianna in his arms.

Everyone burst into tears at the sight of the newborn chipmunk, especially Alvin. Brianna was crying massively, which was, because she was cold, so Alvin grabbed the scissors from a table next to Brittany and cut the umbilical cord.

Alvin handed Brianna to Brittany, now crying from the sight of her baby girl. "She's perfect."

Alvin a spare blanket to clean Brianna the best he could, wiping away the blood and fetus grimy material from her fur. Once she was clean, Alvin grabbed another spare blanket and wrapped Brianna in it, to prevent her from getting any colder.

Brittany comforted her in her arms, looking into her crystal-blue eyes. Alvin returned to Brittany's bedside, and looked at his beautiful daughter.

"She looks just like you," said Alvin.

"She has your fur color, so she doesn't look exactly like me," replied Brittany.

"I guess your right."

"Want to hold her?"

"I think some other people want to hold her."

Brittany smiled and handed Brianna to Alvin. "Everyone behind the curtain can come out now," said Brittany.

Simon, Erebelle, Stryder, Vinora, Sebastian, and Dave moved out from behind the curtain, and sat down on the couch in the room, next to rest of the group. Alvin handed Brianna to Dave first, who was smiling. He held Brianna for a few minutes, then handed her back to Alvin.

Next, he handed Brianna to Eleanor then Jeanette, then Destiny, but Sebastian refused to hold his sister. To talk some sense into him, Destiny nudged him.

"That's your sister!"

"So what?"

"Show some love for her!"

"No! I refuse!"

Seeing he wasn't going to change his mind, Destiny landed a nasty kick to Sebastian's shin.


"Hold your sister, or I'll kick you harder."

Sebastian didn't want to get kicked again, so he agreed. "Fine. Hand me her."

Alvin handed Brianna to Sebastian, and lied her in his arms. Sebastian looked at his sister, and suddenly, received a funny feeling. Brianna was smiling at her brother, and strangely Sebastian started to smile back.

Suddenly, Brianna reached out with her small paw, so Sebastian placed his paw against hers, feeling his sister's love toward him. Sebastian stared into Brianna's crystal-blue eyes. then pulled her in closer toward his chest.

"Welcome to the world, sis," he said in a low tone.

Everyone was speechless at Sebastian's affection toward his sister. However, everyone started to smile, knowing that Sebastian was finally understanding what it's like to have more than one person to love in his life, and that he was going to experience many new things with more and more years to come, something Alvin and Brittany had already experienced.

They had experienced true love, close tragedy, the wonders of making love, and developed an eternal bond that will never be broken, and with Destiny and Brianna in Sebastian's life, he will experience love beyond any limit Alvin and Brittany ever faced.

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