Alvin and Brittany: Love Never Dies

A love story of how Alvin and Brittany met and developed a bond that would last forever. Note: This story is in the CGI format mixed with the cartoon, meaning the Chipmunks and Chipettes are the same height as they are in the cartoon. Please leave reviews! Enjoy!


10. A New Family Member

During Brittany's pregnancy, everybody helped to support Alvin and Brittany. Miss Miller provided a crib that she had stored away, just for this occasion. Dave had bought some diapers, toys, and clothes for the baby.

Theodore and Simon bought some bottles, wipes, and formula, due to Brittany preferring not to breast-feed. Lastly. Jeanette and Eleanor bought a swing for the baby, so Brittany and Alvin wouldn't have trouble putting the baby to sleep.

A week after Brittany's test, she had an ultrasound done, so her and Alvin knew the gender of their child. Brittany was pregnant with a baby boy, and was almost at the point when she's ready to give birth.

The doctor estimated Brittany to give birth in two or two and a half weeks, which was plenty of time to prepare for the baby's arrival. Alvin and Brittany hadn't decided the name yet, which they knew they needed to decide quick.

They wanted to name their child something uncommon. A name that is rarely ever given, like Alvin's name. Dave suggested some unusual names, but Alvin and Brittany just didn't see them fitting their child right.

Every night, they would sit and argue over names, which caused restlessness, making it even more difficult choosing a name. They had only a week or a week and a half left to choose a name, so they needed to act fast.

Brittany would get pains constantly, and would vomit in the middle of the night, or right after a meal. She craved things like coconuts, cake, and jalapeños, so Alvin had to convince some of his friends at work to help him out.

Luckily, his friends at work helped provide jalapeño burgers, some chocolate cake, and sliced coconuts. Alvin was grateful for their generosity, but knew it wouldn't last. He only had to last a bit longer.

A few days passed, and Brittany remained in bed. The only times she would get out of bed was when she felt sick, or when she took a warm bath. Alvin did all he could to support her, and was working tooth and nail to make her feel better.

Brittany was in the bath, so she could have some relief from the pain. Their child was kicking Brittany in the ribs, which caused Brittany to burst into pain, and cry.

Alvin opened the bathroom door, not knowing Brittany was in there. Brittany shrieked, but when she realized it was just Alvin, she calmed down. "Sorry, Brittany. I didn't know you were in here. I'll let you have some time to yourself."

Brittany looked at Alvin, walking out of the bathroom. "Alvin. It's okay. Stay here. I need some company."

Alvin could tell Brittany was serious, so he turned back into the bathroom, then he sat on the toilet. "Alright. What do you want to talk about?"

"Nothing. I'm just glad your here. You make me feel better."

"I'm glad I can help."

Brittany smiled, then she let out a moan of pain. "Ow! Not again!"

"What?! What's wrong?!"

Brittany sobbed, then she put her hand over her stomach area. "Our son is kicking my ribs again!"

"He's starting to become really active."

"Indeed." Brittany had tears coming from her eyes, so Alvin brushed them away with his finger.

"Don't cry, Brittany."

"It's hard not to. Feel for yourself."


"Feel my stomach." Brittany grabbed Alvin's wrist and gently placed his paw on her stomach. "Can you feel him kicking?"

Alvin was overwhelmed by what he was feeling. He could feel his son kicking his paw. "I feel him. I feel my son." Alvin started to cry.

Brittany continued to hold Alvin's paw down, with her paw on top of his, and feel their son kicking their paws. "He knows that we're his mommy and daddy," said Brittany.

Alvin was starting to cry tears of happiness."He's saying "hi" to us, by doing that, Brittany. It's the best feeling I've ever experienced in my life," replied Alvin.

"He is, and he's going to be a beautiful baby, when he is born. The only problem is that we haven't come up with a name for him, and the time is nearing closer and closer."

"I've realized that, so I've been thinking hard about a name that fits our son, and I found one that I believe is perfect."

"What is it, Alvin?"

"Sebastian. I think it's perfect, but you have to decide if you agree as well."

Brittany smiled at the name. "It's perfect. I like it a lot."

"It's decided. Our son's name shall be, Sebastian Seville."

"It shall." Suddenly, Sebastian kicked both of their paws, meaning he also agreed. Alvin and Brittany giggled then landed a small kiss to each other's lips.

That night, Brittany was struggling to sleep, due to Sebastian kicking her. Alvin cuddled with Brittany, in an attempt to ease her pain, but no matter what he tried, nothing worked. Brittany was sweating horribly, and her temperature was very high, almost as if she had a cold.

She gritted her teeth, due to the pain she was having, and was shivering. Alvin was starting to get scared, but only knew that it was Sebastian acting up.

"Sebastian! Go to sleep, please!", exclaimed Brittany. Despite her pleas, Sebastian continued to kick her in the most painful spots she could be kicked in. Alvin saw that Brittany was in need of something to relieve her, so he thought of something that might help.

"Brittany, let me give you a massage. It might help."

Brittany looked at Alvin, and nodded her head, since she couldn't talk. Alvin rolled out of the bed, and went into the bathroom. He grabbed Brittany's favourite massaging lotion, and drenched a rag with cool water out of the sink, so he could cool her down. Just as he was about to exit the bathroom, he heard Brittany yell.

"Alvin! I need you!"

Alvin dropped the bottle of lotion, along with the rag then rushed to Brittany. The sight he saw of Brittany was enough to make him panic. Brittany was sitting upward, and near her legs, was a pool of water, meaning Brittany's water had broken. "I'm going to call Dave! Don't move!"


Alvin wasted no time and rushed to the phone in the living room. He grabbed the phone off the hook then dialled Dave's phone number. Alvin tapped his foot on the floor, waiting for Dave to answer. After two rings, Dave answered, and he sounded groggy.



"Alvin? What's going on?"

"Brittany's water broke!"


"Brittany's water broke!"

"How long ago?"

"Not even two minutes ago. She's been having pains all night."

"Okay. I'll be there in about ten minutes."


"I will. Just make sure Brittany is okay."

"I will. Thank you, Dave."

"Love you, Alvin."

"Love you too, Dave."

Alvin hung the phone up then placed the phone back on the hook. He rushed back to the bedroom and ran over to Brittany. "Brittany, it's going to be okay. Just breathe."


She attempted to breathe normal, but she was in too much pain to breathe normally. Alvin was getting worried, so he held Brittany close, and waited patiently for Dave to arrive.

Ten minutes later, Dave arrived in the car. He quickly, rushed up to the door and knocked. Alvin answered the door with Brittany in his arms, gasping for breath. Dave was horrified by the sight of his daughter-in-law in pain and struggling to breathe, and Alvin in desperate need of his guardian's help. "Alvin, get Brittany to the car, but be careful putting her in."

"You got it, Dave." Alvin rushed to the car, opened the back door, and sat Brittany down as gentle as he could. He slid into the back seat, then shut the car door.

He grabbed Brittany, and lied her down on her back, on his lap and started to comfort her. Dave rushed out of the house, shutting the door behind him, and ran to the car. He opened the front door, settled into his seat, shut the car door, then revved the car to the nearest hospital.

Along the way, Alvin held Brittany close, singing songs to her, and running his fingers through her soft hair. Brittany grabbed Alvin's paw and continued to breathe as best she could.

There was no traffic, fortunately, so they would be able to make it to the hospital in no time. Brittany was the most relieved, due to her being the one who was in need of a doctor, and was the only one in pain. She continued to hold Alvin's hand, as they drove to the hospital.

It wasn't much longer, until Dave turned into the hospital parking lot. Brittany was relieved, and was overjoyed at the sight of the hospital. She attempted to sit up straight, but was stopped by Alvin. "Just lay down, Brittany, and let me carry you in."

Brittany looked up at Alvin with a distressed look, but realized Alvin was right, and that she needed to relax. "Okay, Alvin."

"The pain will be gone, soon. Just be patient."

"Okay. I trust you, Alvin." Brittany tried to smile, but the pain from Sebastian was too much for her to handle. Quickly, Dave parked in a spot right next to the side of the hospital, where a neon "EMERGENCY" sign was just above the entrance. Dave shut the car off then walked to the side of the car Brittany and Alvin were closest to, and opened the door.

"Alvin. I'll get Brittany out, so you can get out of the car."

"I promised I would carry her in, Dave."

"Don't worry, Alvin. I'll let you carry Brittany, just listen to what I say, and don't argue."

"Okay, Dave." Alvin released his grasp from Brittany's paw, and rushed out of the opposite side of the car. Alvin shut the car door then rushed to Dave, who had lifted Brittany out of the car. Brittany was moaning from the pain, and looked like she was very ill. Dave placed Brittany in Alvin's arms, and immediately, Alvin started to comfort his loved one.

Alvin held Brittany against his warm chest, so she didn't get cold, and started to rush to the entrance of the hospital. Dave was trying to keep up with Alvin, but knew it was useless, seeing Alvin was already in the hospital, while he was still shutting the car door. Dave rushed to the hospital's entrance, and opened the door to the hospital entrance.

Inside, Alvin was at the front desk telling a lady what was going on. Dave walked over to Alvin, and tried to calm him down, but it was useless, due to Alvin being in "panic mode" right now. The lady looked at Alvin, and was trying to calm him down as well.

"Sir. I need you to calm down. Your wife is going to be fine, just let me get a doctor in here," she said.

"I just want her pain to stop, because it kills me to see her like this," replied Alvin in a sad tone.

"She's going to be fine. Once we get her on Morphine, her pain will fade for a while."

"Just get her better."

"We will." The lady turned and grabbed the phone next her. "Dr. Brown, please report to the main lobby." She put the phone down on the hook, and turned toward Alvin. "Dr. Brown will take care of her. How long has she been like this?"

"Five hours. It started at 8:00 p.m, after we ate dinner."

"You should've brought her in then. We could've made her feel better hours ago."

Alvin received a look of guilt to his face. "Both of us thought it was just our child moving around."

"When is she due?"

"She was due in two weeks, but it's only been a week. Is that normal?"

"Most babies never are born on their due date. If she's a week early, it's normal."

"That's good to know."

"Is this your first experience with a pregnancy?"


"Then your reaction is no different from other first-timers that have come in here panicking."

"Thank you for letting me know that."

"My pleasure, sir." At that moment, a man came walking into the lobby, and strangely, he looked familiar. Then Alvin remembered that this was his doctor, when he was in that coma.

"Well. Hello. Mr. Seville," he said.

"Hello. Doctor," replied Alvin. "I need some help here. My wife's water broke just recently."

"Let's get her a wheelchair, so we can get her into a room."

"Okay." Dr. Brown walked off to find a wheelchair, so Alvin decided to lay Brittany down on the couch in the lobby. He set her down slowly then sat down on a chair next the couch. Brittany reached out her paw with all her strength and grabbed Alvin's paw.

She was still breathing heavily, and her fur was all frizzled from the all the sweating, but Alvin didn't care what Brittany looked like. He loved her to death, and would always see her as his beautiful wife, that he married a couple months ago.

Through her heavy breathing, Brittany was managing to speak. "D-Don't leave my s-side, Alv-vin."

Alvin wanted to cry, but knew he had to be strong. "I will never leave your side, Brittany. I love you so much, and just want to see you better. I want to make the pain go away."

"I-Iove y-you, Alvin."

"I love you too, Brittany." Alvin didn't realize it, but he had started to shed tears. "I'll never leave you. Never."Brittany slowed her breathing, and landed a kiss to Alvin's lips.

At that moment, Dr. Brown walked into the room with a wheelchair. "Ready to go, Mr. Seville?"

"Yes." Alvin rose from his seat, then he lifted Brittany off the couch, into his arms. Alvin carried Brittany over to Dr. Brown with care, then sat her down in the wheelchair. Finally, Alvin grabbed the wheelchair and rolled Brittany to the back of the hospital, where she would be put into labor.

In Brittany's room, Alvin sat next to Brittany, holding her paw. Brittany had already entered the active stage of labor, and the only thing preventing her from any pain was the morphine.

Brittany could feel some of the contractions happening, and let out moans of pain when they did. She just kept a firm grip on Alvin's paw, and bared the pain from the contractions. Due to her being a chipmunk, the baby will be born sooner then a human baby.

After an hour of hard labor, Brittany's contractions had increased massively, meaning that it was almost time for their child to be born. The contractions she was experiencing felt like sharp daggers stabbing the inside of her stomach, and near her leg area, she was starting feel like she could push Sebastian out, but the doctors wanted to wait longer. She knew that she could push, and she wanted to land a nasty jab to the doctor's face, so they would get the memo.

Brittany's grip on Alvin started to increase, nearly crushing Alvin's paw. He bared the pain, knowing that Brittany was in a lot of pain, and was ready to give birth.

"Doctor! She is in severe pain, and she's ready! She's not like a human! A chipmunk's labor is completely different from a human's! Let's go! She's ready to give birth!," snapped Alvin with anger.

The doctor's were shocked from Alvin's reaction, so they decided to listen and prepare for the delivery of the baby.

Alvin had no feeling in his paw, but he didn't care. All he cared about was Sebastian being born, and Brittany to finally suffer no longer from pain. The doctors slipped gloves on then moved toward Brittany's leg area, ready to have Brittany push.

Brittany inhaled and exhaled at a rapid pace, as the doctor assigned to tell Brittany when to push, started to give her the order. "Ready? One, two, three, push!"

Brittany pushed as hard as she could, starting to cry, and gasp for breath. Brittany's grip tightened so hard, Alvin thought every bone in his hand was broken.

She leaned forward, and continued to push as hard as she could for a total of ten seconds, then she stopped pushing and fell backward onto the bed, exhausted.

She felt like her body was full of lead, and her bones were nothing but gelatin material. Alvin ran his fingers through her hair. "Come on, Brittany. You have to be strong. You only need to push two more times, and it'll be over."

"Alvin. I'm too weak. I-I can't push again."

"Yes you can. Be strong, just like I was, in that coma."

"O-Okay. I-I'll try." Brittany braced herself for another push. "I'm r-ready." The doctor started the countdown again.

"One, two, three, push!" Brittany pushed so hard, a blood vessel surfaced on her forehead, and she was gritting her teeth. The ten seconds of pushing felt like forever to Brittany, and she felt like she was going to die.

After ten seconds of pushing, she collapsed back onto the bed. Her condition was horrific. She was exhausted and looked like she was ready to pass out."One more push, dear, and he'll be out. Don't give up", alerted the doctor.

"I d-don't know if I c-can. My e-energy is v-very low," replied Brittany, feeling like she was going to faint.

"Give me one more push, dear. He's almost out."


"One, two, three, push!"With every bit of her remaining strength, Brittany pushed as hard as she could, and let out a high-pitch scream that echoed throughout the entire hospital.

She fell back onto the bed, but sat up a little, because she could hear a noise. Alvin and Brittany both burst into tears, at the sight of their beautiful son, Sebastian, in the doctor's hands.

Sebastian continued to cry, as the doctors lied Sebastian onto a table. One of the doctors grabbed some scissors, and handed them to Alvin. "Would you like to do the honour's, Mr. Seville?"

"Yes I would." Alvin grabbed the scissors, then he cut the umbilical cord connected to Sebastian. Alvin handed the scissors back to the doctor, then looked over at his newborn son being cleaned up. Alvin grabbed Brittany's paw again, and smiled at her with tears in his eyes. "He's beautiful."

Brittany looked at Alvin with her crystal-blue eyes. "He's our beautiful son."Alvin kissed Brittany on the forehead, and continued to hold her paw with his numb paw.

Five minutes later, Sebastian was clean and wrapped up in some blankets. The doctor that delivered the baby walked over to Alvin and Brittany with Sebastian in their hands. The doctor handed Sebastian to Brittany, and gently, placed Sebastian up against Brittany's chest.

"Congratulations, you two," said the doctor.

"Thank you," replied both of them in unison.

The doctor walked out of the room to give Alvin and Brittany some quality time with their newborn son. Brittany held Sebastian in her arms, and admired him. "Welcome to the world, Sebastian Seville," said Brittany.

"He's perfect," replied Alvin.

"He's a splitting image of you."

"I wouldn't say that."

"It's true. Look. He has the your nose, fur colour, and even your hair style."

Alvin examined his son closely, and realized Brittany was correct. "If that's the case, raising him is going to be a pain."

"Why is that?"

"If he has the attitude I had as a child, he'll be a very big handful."

"We can handle it. Besides, what if he has the attitude I had as a child?"

"It will be the same both ways, except he won't be as immature."

"Hopefully, but for now, let's enjoy the time we have with our son."

"Let's." Brittany handed Sebastian to Alvin, and placed him in Alvin's arms. "Say hello to Sebastian, big daddy."

Alvin laughed at Brittany's humour, then he turned his attention to Sebastian, sleeping like an angel. "Welcome to the family, Sebastian." Alvin smiled at his son, and rocked him back and forth in his arms. "Now, we are officially, a family of three." Alvin leaned down and kissed his son on the forehead, then he handed him back to Brittany.

Brittany took Sebastian from Alvin, with care, then lied her son against her chest. For the remaining time, the newly-formed family remained close together. Alvin and Brittany had officially started a family of their own, and would have many adventures in the future with their new child.

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