a Collection of short erotica, not meant for everyone. Read with caution. Trigger warnings in effect. I would also like to add, that everything I write is done with consenting adults. I do not condone rape or agree with anything about the rape culture. Please read authors note.


7. Authors Note

                Yesterday evening on one of my other websites, I read a bit of a controversial story about a man who violated consent even while his girlfriend said yes, but her body screamed no.  To give a brief summary, this man has a girlfriend who vehemently dislikes him going down on her nether regions or touching parts of her lower body due to scars which he finds out about in the end. He claims that he accepted her boundaries, but apparently decided to continue to push them when he wants. For example at a family dinner with his girlfriends parents, he decided to try and inch his way up her skirt, even with her hand pushing his down. Then apparently his girl friend and her friends went to get drunk, he was the designated driver. When he and his girlfriend got home, he again tries to finger her/orally pleasure her while she’d saying it’s okay but her body says no. Now mind you at this point in the story she is drunk, while he is sober.

                Now, I’m not trying to say it’s an awful story, and I know some of my work comes out as a bit rapey too. But everything I write about is consensual. I’m writing about to people, who before going through an act have sat down and negotiated their scene with limitations and boundaries. His story was read as a real life story. I’m not trying to bash him specifically, but rather everyone who thinks you can consent to any sort of act while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you don’t believe me think about this, when you get drunk and you drive can you actually drive in a straight line? No, because your brain is under the influence of alcohol and cannot make straight judgments. The same thing goes for when your partner is drunk they say yes to something they wouldn’t do while sober, and have explicitly stated through actions and words, “No I don’t want you to do this or that.”

                And now imagine your partner waking up in the morning and going, “OMG, what have I done?”

Just because they had a little bit of liquid courage the night before, doesn’t mean they’re going to wake up in the morning and still be fine with it. The other side is, legally under no court of law (in the U.S at least), can anyone consent to anything under the influence. If your partner after the fact decides that yes they feel violated, they can charge you with rape and it WILL stick to your permanent record and telling the court that she said Yes, while drunk with no previous negotiations or proof that she said she was alright with doing this or that while drunk, is not going to save your ass.

                Now another thing I would like to address is those people who say that, “Well you got drunk, you should have expected bad things to happen.” That is Victim Blaming, and I HATE Victim blaming. You want to know why? Because there is no such thing as the perfect victim, and even if you were the perfect little angel, how can you be held accountable for other people’s actions? Even if you are drunk and half naked, you should be able to expect people to be decent human beings.

                Lastly, I applaud anyone who enjoys getting their kink on in a consensual manner. You love Flogging or getting flogged? Great do; it with a consenting partner. You love rape play? Great do it with a consenting partner. You love spanking/paddling/pet play/ rope/anything thing else that not part of the norm, Great just remember to negotiate and do everything consensual. There are some great tools out there for those who are curious about getting their feet wet or those who are unsure about consent. Feel free to message me if you have any questions, I can point you in the right direction. 


I wanted to add a last couple of notes; I can be pretty passionate about some things. It’s still rape even if a girl says yes and then changes her mind and says no, when that happens you need to stop what you’re doing and back off, and get in touch with your partner.  If she wants to continue after that great, but if not then it’s time to put your pants back on.  And then there are those who are in M/s and or D/s relationships, who have agreed to consensual non consent, if she ever changes her mind and says no to something, it doesn’t matter if you’re the Master you need to stop because legally she can charge you with rape in a court of law.

Rape isn’t pretty and it is never enjoyable for the Victim, however Victims forget that rape isn’t always violet and brutal with whispered threats, it is done by the nice guy too, it’s just not always seen as rape because “He didn’t hurt me.” Rape is still rape when the victim doesn’t consent not matter if sweet nothings are whispered into her ear or she’s having the crap beaten out of her. If the Vitim does not want sexual inter course and is unwilling its rape. And a fun fact to throw into here, Rape doesn’t necessarily have to involve a penis; Rape is classified as any foreign object like a dildo or a penis. Here’s the full definition;

Unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth of another person, with or without force, by a sex organ, other body part, or foreign object, without the consent of the victim.

                Although I’ve written the article from a female victim male perpetrator point of the, the truth is anyone can be the victim and anyone can be the perpetrator.  There are male victims of Rape, who don’t come forward because of society’s views. There are female on female rapes, which don’t get told often enough. The point is, anyone can be a victim, and sometimes the perpetrator is also a victim. Here me out on this one, imagine a college male who’s at a college party hooks up with a girl who claims she’s 18 or over and she even has an I.D. Most people don’t know how to spot a fake I.D (I certainly don’t), and since she has the “proof” that she is legal age, he believes her and they do the deed. The next morning he finds out she was under eighteen and is charged with Rape while the girl gets away scot fee. 

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