a Collection of short erotica, not meant for everyone. Read with caution. Trigger warnings in effect. I would also like to add, that everything I write is done with consenting adults. I do not condone rape or agree with anything about the rape culture. Please read authors note.


9. Anonymous 8

                It had been a long day at the office; all he wanted was to sit down in his chair with a cold glass of beer.  He walked into the house, and for a moment stopped in his tracks. She glided through the kitchen in nothing but an apron and high heels, completely unaware of his presence. He watched the curve of her bare ass, and the seductive sway of her hips. He dropped his brief case on the floor, creating a loud thump. She turned towards him her whole face lit up like a Christmas tree, “Daddy! You’re home!” She ran across the floor, leaping into his arms as he grabbed her by the ass. “Hello Baby girl,” he whispered into her ear as she wrapped her hands around his neck. His mouth found her nipples, and he began to roughly nibble on them.

                Tonight he wasn’t going to play nice, his beast wanted out, and his Baby girl was going to become his prey. He carried her over through the kitchen and set her down on the couch. With his knee, he forced her legs apart; his fingers gently caressed her soft skin. “Don’t move,” he growled, as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his hardened cock. With a singular thrust he filled her tight pussy, stretching her little whole while she cried out. With one hand he gripped her neck, choking her, taking control of her body. He felt her surrender herself to him, felt her body stop fighting as she put her trust in him. And to him, that was beautiful, it was something to be cherished.

                Every so often as he thrust himself inside her pussy, he released his hold on her throat enough to let her breath. She wrapped her arms around him, digging her nails into his shirt. His mouth hungrily found hers, crushing his lips into her soft ones. With is free hand he slapped her boobs, creating red hand prints where he met bare flesh. His teeth found purchase in her soft supple skin as he bit her again and again, bringing a moan to her lips and tightness in her pussy as she clenched down on his cock. He didn’t stop until her claimed her as his, releasing his cum deep inside her. “Oh, fuck, Daddy!” she cried out again and again, as her body orgasimed. 

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