a Collection of short erotica, not meant for everyone. Read with caution. Trigger warnings in effect. I would also like to add, that everything I write is done with consenting adults. I do not condone rape or agree with anything about the rape culture. Please read authors note.


3. Anonymous 3

She wore a large overly comfortable sweater with nothing underneath as she answered the door.  At the door was a delivery man, with a pen and clipboard asking her to sign a paper before he could bring in her delivery.  As she signed the paper, the pen slipped and fell to the ground. Bending over she went to retrieve it, giving him a glimpse of her bare pussy. Smiling as she stood up again she returned it into his grasp.  She stood aside so he could roll in the heavy box, closing the door behind him.

               With a quick movement, he had her pinned against the wall while his thick fingers probed her pussy. She could feel his cold fingers inside her warm cavity. As she began to moan and thrust herself against his fingers, he pulled his cock out from his pants and forced it inside her. She thrust her hips back and forth, grinding herself against him. Once his cock was slick from her pussy juices, he pulled out and placed the tip of his cock against her ass hole. With a forceful push he was inside, and fucking her ass. With each pounding her asshole stretched to accommodate his overly thick cock. Moaning loudly, she played with her pussy while getting stuffed in her ass.

               A loud crack rang through the room as his hand connected with her ass cheek. At the sudden pain she tried to move away, but he grabbed her by the neck forcing her to stay put while he spanked her ass raw. As he came to a climax he sprayed her insides with his warm creamy cum until it started to dribble out. Pulling out, he threw her to the floor, forcing her onto her back. She found herself on the hard wood floor,  with him standing over her, his cock erect as he began pissing on her. Once he was done he came the way he left, leaving her laying in on the ground covered in piss and cum.

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