a Collection of short erotica, not meant for everyone. Read with caution. Trigger warnings in effect. I would also like to add, that everything I write is done with consenting adults. I do not condone rape or agree with anything about the rape culture. Please read authors note.


11. Anonymous 10

 She smiled as she heard the front door open, and heard the click of the lock, heavy foots steps, and then a a whistle came from behind her. Turning her head just a little from her task, she looked at him, and knew that wearing nothing but an apron and high heels had been the right choice for today's dinner. The table was set, the dishes just fresh out of the oven, she had timed everything perfectly. However, she realized as he took two large steps and brought his hand around her throat, she didn't time his need of her. She smiled as he brought her to her knees, her face at the perfect angle for his cock. She could see his need straining against his pants, his bulge ever so tempting as she licked her lips.

She smiled hungerly, as he slowly ever so slowly unzipped his pants, teasing her, making her wild with her need to please him. Teasingly, she watched as first his head came out, and then his shaft, followed by his balls. Her lips twitched with anticipation before meeting his head, engulfing his cock in her mouth. His hands grabbed her hair, forcing her head down further on his Cock, making her choke. Releasing her head for just a moment, she took a gasping breath before he pushed her head back down, over and over. She felt the tears stream down her face and her pussy juices dripped down her legs.

Slowing down the momentum, he grabbed her hair again and proceeded to drag her towards the living room couch. Tossing her over his knee, he brought his hand down hard against her ass, “Whose Whore are you?” he asked her, slapping her other ass cheek, as she responded, “Your's, Sir.” She moaned, as his fingers found her dripping pussy, her Clit twitched as he slowly finger fucked her, his large fingers easily sliding inside and out of her Pussy. She moaned loudly, “Please, Sir, Fuck your whore.” His fingers found her clit, prolonging her torment. Carefully, he began flicking it, each time pausing to feel her quiver.

When she was nothing but a dripping puddle, he flipped her over on the couch, pushed her ass in the air and slipped his cock inside her warm, messy, cunt. He fucked her like an animal, like she meant nothing to him, as if she were less than human in that moment. Beneath him she quivered and moaned, her voice coming out in small squeaks. He didn't care about her comfort in that moment, his primal needs took him beyond caring. In that moment all he wanted was to fuck what was his, no questions asked, no second thoughts given and she took what he gave her. When he finally released his hot sticky load inside her hole, his body relaxed. He felt as if a weight has been lifted.

She felt him finish inside her, a small smile playing across her lips, dessert had been served first. She felt his arms wrap around her, hugging her tightly to him as he stroked her hair, murmuring into her ear. “You are such a good girl, my little precious angel,” he whispered to her, “You are safe, you are sound, you are loved, and you are wanted.” 

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