a Collection of short erotica, not meant for everyone. Read with caution. Trigger warnings in effect. I would also like to add, that everything I write is done with consenting adults. I do not condone rape or agree with anything about the rape culture. Please read authors note.


1. Anonymous 1

She sashayed down the street  in a mini skirt, high heels and a tank top. Walking into a bar, she went straight to the counter and shot back a shot of vodka. Leaning against the bar on her elbows, she swayed her hips slightly enticing the men behind her. Her mini skirt barely covered her ass. As she shot back another shot, she felt a hand rest on her lower back, and a man came into view. With a wicked smile, he lead her away to a private booth in the back. As they settled down his hand found her thigh, and his other ripped her tank top down to reveal her breasts to the cool air. His mouth made it’s way down to her nipples. His lower hand found its way to her warm spot, and his deft fingers were soon inside her pussy, his thumb rubbed her clit while his fingers explored her insides.

Her hands found the zipper to his pants and soon she had his cock out, using her spit she began to give him a hand job. Grabbing her by the hair he pushed her head down, her mouth opened eagerly to receive his cock. He throat fucked her until she choked, with spit rolling down her chin. Flipping her skirt up, he pulled down her panties until they were bunch up at her knees. His thumb found her ass and slowly he pushed his thumb inside stretching it. Using his thumb he began to finger fuck her ass, adding more fingers until his whole hand almost fit into her ass. Once she was stretched enough, her pulled his hand out, forced her to her feet and bent her over the table.

She moaned as he thrust his cock into her ass. It was almost to big to fit into her hole, but he forced it in all the way, not caring if she enjoyed it. He began to fuck her ass, thrusting inside deep and hard. She squirmed, his cock stretched her ass but soon she felt herself enjoying the ass fuck. Suddenly she felt a crack, as he slapped her right ass cheek and then her left. He continued to do so, each crack getting harder and harder. She tried to squirm away, but he held her in place. When her ass was nice and red, he forced her legs apart, and his hand found her pussy. While he began to slap her clit she found herself moaning. Her pussy juices were starting to flow down her leg. Flipping her onto her back, he lifted her onto the table. Her nipples her hard and pointed. His fingers sought her slit, and soon pushed themselves up into her while he continued to thrust into her ass.

Her pussy was soon spasming around his fingers as he finger fucked her pussy, forcing more all his fingers into her hole. Once he accomplished that, he forced his whole hand inside and closing his fingers into a fist, first fucked her tight hole. He was awarded by her cumming all over his hand, and soon enough found himself releasing his load into her ass.

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