Dear diary,

This book is written about daily life things that in a way might relate to girls and guys so open the first page and dig in.


1. Why am I here?


As I stepped outside in the cold icy air I could hear my heart beating. Today's the day that I would actually talk to someone or as I think it "forced" to talk to someone. "So you hate being different?" gosh what does this stupid lady not get. "Yes." I said under my breath trying not to show Mrs. whatever her name was just how annoyed and how could she not tell that I wanted to be home. "Why? Why do you hate being so different?" I looked up slowly and my heart was filled with something and didn't know what it was. No has never asked why I hated being different. She was beautiful. She had short curly but not to curly hair. She had freckles that ran from her cheeks to the middle of her nose. She had the lightness of a blue sky kept safe in her eyes. I never thought that I would actually tell her why I hated my life as it is. I looked at her paper that read Ms. Amelia. The clock read 3:00 and my mind read "I don't want to go home can I please stay?" I got up walked out the door to find that my day might be a little better than usual. My mom picked me up and we headed to the mall go get new clothes for the beach which I would be leaving for tomorrow. The whole car was quite and I somehow  had this bright smile on my face and I had no explanation. 




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