Thoughts and Broken Promises

I promised. I promised myself that I wouldn't... I promised myself I'd never.... || Accounts of my life. Updated randomly. Mostly thoughts. Or rants. Don't judge me, whatever I may say


4. Wishes

I wish that I could take my happiness from some other time, and use is when I'm not feeling so happy.

I wish that I could tell my parents how I feel, without them trying to say something back.

I wish I could express how sometimes I feel so beautiful, and other times I feel so ugly.

I wish I was more secure about my body.

I wish I wouldn't think about hurting myself

I wish that I could never bruise myself.

I wish I wouldn't think about my imperfections.

I wish that I wouldn't look at myself and see something worthless.

I wish that I didn't cry all the time.

I wish that I had the power to put my feelings into words.

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