Thoughts and Broken Promises

I promised. I promised myself that I wouldn't... I promised myself I'd never.... || Accounts of my life. Updated randomly. Mostly thoughts. Or rants. Don't judge me, whatever I may say


1. Preface

It's kind of hard for me to talk about this. I've tried a diary on here twice, and a collection of thoughts several time that I never actually published. I don't know why I find it hard. Maybe it's that one of the people I know in real life will read this, which is likely, and try to give me support in real life. But that's stupid. Everyone I know on here already knows what I'm going to say, and if not, they shouldn't be surprised. Maybe it's because somebody that I don't know in real life, someone I only know on Movellas, will try and give me support. Why do I have a problem with this? I honestly couldn't say. Maybe it's just that I don't want pity, or concern. I'm fine. (I'm probably not) I don't want concern, pity, etc. 

Please refrain from those comments. Thanks.

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