Thoughts and Broken Promises

I promised. I promised myself that I wouldn't... I promised myself I'd never.... || Accounts of my life. Updated randomly. Mostly thoughts. Or rants. Don't judge me, whatever I may say


6. 10/22/15

It's morning.

I'm unloading the dishwasher, silently, as I listen to my mom and my brother talk. 

It's like I'm hyper aware of everything when I'm silent. The oven burner, the sounds of socks on the floor.

And I want to make a witty remark, join this conversation. The sarcasm sits on the tip of my tongue, but I'm blocked.

Maybe... they won't find it funny.

Maybe they'll just ignore me. My voice is weak and dry, and anything I say comes out hardly at hearing level. 

And so, as much as I want to speak,

I don't.


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