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5. v


We finally make it to my dad's backyard. I step off the four wheeler and look at Ashton.

"Are you going to get in trouble?" I ask him.

"As long as they don't know where we were, then no" he says and hops off the vehicle. He leads me to the front door and I pause.

"Where did Luke go?"

"He sneaked inside his bedroom window and grabbed a bag of clothes and headed to a big party at his ex's" he says, "and it's not that he isn't allowed to go. He just didn't want to be questioned as to why he was wet"

"Well, what are we going to do?" I ask him.

"Well...I was invited too. We can get you some clothes if you want to go" he offers.

"I'm on the second floor, and my flimsy arms are so weak" I whine.

"Fine, let's go to my house" he says, "it's a few houses down"

"Is it big?" I laugh.

"You know it" he laughs. We walk a little ways down and finally stop at his house. The layout is only a little different from my dad's, but the rest is the same. He leads me inside and a woman with the same color curly hair rushes to the foyer.

"Hi! You must be my 'niece.' You aren't really related to me but I will still treat you like family! I'm Sandy" she shakes my hand.

I shake it back, "I'm Megan, but you may already know that" After meeting her, Ashton leads me upstairs. He grabs some of his clothes and changes in the bathroom connected to his bedroom. I sit on his bed and look around his room. He slings open the door, nearly giving me a heart attack.

"Do you want to wear some of my clothes?" He asks.

"I guess" I shrug. He tosses me a burgundy t-shirt with black letters written on it.

"I'll be back" he rushes out of the room, but quickly appears again. "These are my mom's old jeans" he hands me black and grey bleached pair of skinny jeans. I smile and slide into the bathroom to change. His shirt is a little big on me but I will be alright. I walk out and twirl around.

"What do ya think?" I joke.

He laughs, "I think you look great"

"Thank you" I giggle. He lets me wear a pair of his old converse since they're gender neutral and I mean, who cares right? After changing, we walk back downstairs and out of the house.

"So, why his ex's party?" I ask as we walk.

"I mean, she always throws these parties, even before they dated. We're always invited and almost always go. And they didn't have a dramatic breakup, they just lost feelings for each other"

"Ahh, I see. I guess I'd break up too if I didn't feel anything anymore" I shrug.

"This is it" he points at another large house. I follow him up and down the steep and hill driveway until we meet the small pathway that leads to the large oak door. Ashton knocks loudly. He knocked so hard it sounded like his knuckles shattered. I cringe at the thought but am interrupted by the loud creaking of the opening door.

"Hey, Ash!" I hear a girl squeal. Gross.

"Hey, Cambry" Ashton sighs like he hears this all of the time.

"How are you baby?!" She says in a motherly way and hugs him.

"I'm fine" he says.

"Who's this?" She suddenly steps back in a 'please don't kill me for hugging him' way. I guess she thinks we're dating and doesn't want to be rude. But that's nice of her

"I'm Megan" I say softly.

"Megan...Who?" She smacks on her gum.

"Luke's soon-to-be step-sister" Ashton states.

"Oh! Luke is my old boyfriend"

"I know" I smile.

"Well, come on in!" She says. I was so distracted by her bright teeth and bottle blonde hair, that I nearly didn't notice the loud booming music was blaring. I walk farther in with Ashton and all I see is partying teens. There is drunk people, making out, dancing, eating, etc. Interesting. I'm sure my mother wouldn't approve of this.

I'm automatically pulled into a conga line and Ashton is pushed off somewhere.

"Hey! You're here?!" I feel a pair of hands grab my waist in the line. It's just Luke.

"Yeah! Ashton brought me!" I laugh. He smiles at me and we continue doing whatever. Music keeps playing but everyone scatters around the large house. I hear changing from some rooms, squealing, cheering, and what not. 

"Megan! Come join the game" Cambry sees me in the dining room admiring some of her pictures. She grabs my arm and drags me into the living area. The ceiling is so tall that it's basically not there. It's the typical party game. But instead of truth, it's just dare. Some girls are topless, and some are dared to strip. People have made out and whatever other dirty thing you could think of. Just all weird. It's my turn. Well. 

"Seven minutes in heaven!" I hear three people say at different times. Hell no. 

"With who?" They all ask.

"Ashton Irwin!!!" They all shove him into the middle of the circle with me. He shyly looks down and I bite my lip. A huge crowd of hilarious, shirtless guys with hella nice abs and teeth and their snap backs  backwards, shove us to some guest bedroom in the back.

"If you want more privacy there's always a closet" one devilishly smiles before shutting the door.


"Megan. I have way more respect for girls. Especially you. I'm not going to make you do this" he says.

"You of all people" I laugh at the fact they chose him.

"Every time it's seven minutes in heaven, I'm the guy they choose" he states. What? Wait. What?

"Huh?" I make an odd sound.

"Like last year. Because I just used to not be the smartest guy. No I did not lose my virginity, but I mean-"

"I get it" I cut him off, "And so they think you're still like that?"

"Yeah. I haven't been to a party in a while"

"Whatever works" I shrug. He sits on the edge of the bed with his head down.

"What's wrong?" I sit beside him. He doesn't look up. He seems embarrassed, "Ashton"

He glances up at me, "I'm just ashamed of the way I was. And now I'm too...Not scared, but shy? In a way to ever do anything again. Like kissing. That's mainly what I mean"

"It's okay. You were just a crazy teen" I smile at him.

"You think?" He looks up at me.

"Yeah" I nod. He smiles and stands up. 

"We have like three minutes"

"Yeah, we do" I follow him to the door. I stand on one side of the door and he's across from me. Silence covers the room like a blanket. I look at him, who looks at me. I smile shyly. We just stare at each other, and quite honestly, the more I stare, the more attractive I find him. And the more his smile grows.

"What?" I bite my lip and shyly look at the shoes he lended me.

"Nothing" he leans his head on the door and crosses his arms, "you're just kind of cute when you're quiet and shy" I'm so embarrassed right now, I can feel my cheeks turning red. I shift my weight against the door as well. I finally look back at him. He laughs a little and I do too. 


"Megan-" We say at the same time again. Something urged both of us. Next thing, I feel his lips brushing up against mine. I wrap my arms around his neck and he makes the kiss more passionate. I'm kissing my soon-to-be stepbrother's cousin...Wow.

I pull away and look at him. He smiles at me.

"Sorry. I just have a good vibe around you"

"Me too. It feels different" I smile back. He quietly unlocks the door and I see the same group of boys out here still chanting at some people lap dancing. 

"Do you really want to stay much longer?!" He asks loudly over the hollering and music.

"Not really!" I shrug. He grabs my arm and leads me out of the front door. In just a short time, we reach his house again. He walks with me inside nonchalantly.

"Does your mom have a lot of rules?" I ask.

"No" he laughs and walks upstairs. I follow him. He reaches his room, well from what I can see by the way he carelessly walks in.

"Cool" I say awkwardly.

"Ashton?" I hear his mom knock and crack the door so her head can stick through.

"Yes?" He looks at her.

"Are you going to take her home or...?" He sits on a chair and looks at me.

"I'll stay I guess" I say quietly.

"She'll stay. Call your sister?"

"I'll let her know, and make sure she tells your father" she waves at me and leaves. If my dad has no rules, and she doesn't, then why should I worry? I sit on the bed and I look at Ashton again, who is staring at me.

"What?" I giggle a little. 

"Why do you always bite your lip?" He asks jokingly.

"I don't know" I smirk, "to seduce men! Just's just a habit of mine"

"It's cute" he walks over to me.

"Really?" I try not to do it again, but I always do when I'm nervous.

"You're doing it again..." He says in a soft, gentle, raspy voice. My eyes blinks slowly as his hand is placed on my jawline. They flutter until they're shut with a small smile as his lips are pressured against mine. It's feels like they're brushing against each other lightly. It's not a hard kiss where they're smashed together. He is bent over, but slowly straightens his back which stands me on my feet.

"I'm sorry" I pull back and whisper but ours lips are barley a millimeter away.

He breathes back into my mouth and grabs the sides of my face, "It's okay" and then we're connected again.

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