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4. iv


"Alright, I'm going to go find the blankets" Luke walks away.

"Blankets?" I look at Ashton.

"Yeah. Lets head over there" he brushes through the tall grass. I do as well. I look over the lake and see a small cabin. He starts stepping on rocks and stones that lead across the small lake.

"Why can't we walk around?" I ask. He turns to me.

"This is more fun. Plus, around it is like a marsh. You could get stuck. Now come on" he motions for me to come to him. I jump onto a stone and skip across with him.

"So, is Luke going to be able to carry the blankets by himself?"

"He always does" Ashton jumps onto the grass. I do also.

"Well, okay. What is this place?" I grip on the hem of my shirt.

"It's where we hang out" he says. We climb up the hill to the top where the cabin is. He leads me up the old steps and opens the forest green door. I look around. There is a small kitchen that is packed with junk food and drinks. I look over and see a huge flat screen and a game console. There's old chairs and couches around it. There's a nice stone fireplace that has ash from previous fires inside of it.

"This is amazing" I look at the old piano that's sitting next to a small table.

"Thanks" he says softly.

"So, why blankets?" I ask.

"It gets cold in here. We actually needed to wash them though. But my aunt and soon-to-be uncle don't know we have stuff here. They know we hang out in the woods, but not this old cabin. I mean, he owns it, but still"

"Oh, so would you be my cousin?"

"Actually no. You are seriously in no way related to me. So I'm your friend" he laughs.

"Okay cool" I sit on the piano bench.

"Do you play?" He asks me.

"No, I like singing" I smile at him.

"Here, I can" he sits next to me, "what do you sing?"

"Um, Across the Sea" I say. He starts playing. I am surprised he knows this song. I song faintly along with the keys. After we finish he looks at me.

"Megan, you're really amazing"

"Thank you" I smile, "no body really knows I sing"

"They should hear you. You're great"

"Keep it between me and you" I hold up my pinky. He latches his on.

"I will"

"I'm here!" Luke kicks the door open and we both jump up. "What were you guys doing?" He sits the blankets on the table and rummages through the old fridge that I was surprised works.

"Ashton was just teaching me some piano keys" I say.

"Yeah, he's always showing off" he pops open a coke.

"Oh, alright. Your place is nice" I shove my hands in my pockets.

"Thanks" he walks over to the tv. I follow him with Ashton by my side.


We played games for a few hours and watched a horror movie.

"I'm going to the bathroom" Luke says and stands up. Ashton turns to me smiling.

"Hi" I say trying to make this situation less awkward. He snickers.

"Sorry to make this awkward...Anyways, may I ask what you did that made you have to stay here?" He asks nervously. Why does everyone care? It's stupid anyways. It's all a big misunderstanding.

"Nothing" I say, "just stupid stuff." I really don't want him to know that I knocked a girl down with one punch, or that I was a queen, or that guys 'touched me inappropriately.' I don't want Ashton or Luke to think I'm trashy.

"Okay, well if you need to talk, I'm here" he says quickly after realizing Luke is wandering back over.

"It's getting darker by the minute" he shoves his hands in his dark jean pockets, "Maybe we should head back?"

"Yeah" I stand up and brush crumbs off of my pants. Ashton does the same and we all rush to the green door.

"Race you guys to the four wheelers! Last one to em has to walk back!" Luke shouts. Clearly they aren't joking. They're boys...And before I can blink, Luke takes off down the porch steps and rushes to the lake. Ashton quickly follows behind him, and I behind Ashton. I nearly kill myself rushing across the disgusting slippery mud. Luke and Ashton skip across the stones extremely fast, leaving me in the dust. They've clearly done this a thousand times. I take my time so I don't fall in the water and get soaked. Luke is the first to hit the other side and runs as fast as possible to his four wheeler. Ashton is second to make it and they jump on the vehicles. As soon as my small feet hit the tall grass, I fall on my face. At least the dirt isn't mud. I see the headlights turn away and the sound of the engines roaming away. I stand up and sigh. 

"What could you do, Megan? They're have super long legs and you have tiny legs" I scuff my red shoes across the light dirt that I can faintly see. I walk and walk and walk until I actually make it to the part of the path that's in the woods. The sun falls away and the moon casts dark shadows over the trees, which cast their shadows upon the path, which I no longer can see. I see a flash. I think in hope it's the boys riding back for me, but it's just lightning. I hear soft rumbles that have just the smallest bit of powers to shake the earth beneath me.

"Please don't-" the rains pours. I only feel small sprinkles at first because the green leaves and brown branches block the downpour. But as I walk farther, the wetter I become. My favorite outfit its soaked. I sigh. Lightning keeps flashing and flashing. I feel thunder again...At least I think. Nope. I see headlights coming for me.

"Hello?!" I shout. I had moved to the side of the path a while back just in case someone came flying through and wouldn't see me. I rush to the middle of the small road and the vehicles halts. I don't know who exactly it is.

"Megan?!" I hear a shout. I run over to the four wheeler and I see saving grace. Ashton. Luke would have been fine, but I feel less awkward around Ashton.

He embraces me into a deep hug, "Are you okay?!"

"Do I look okay?!" I shout over the booms of thunder.

"I'm so sorry!" He says loudly. I nod in acceptance to his apology. He throws me onto the four wheeler but I'm in the front.

"Ashton, I can't drive a four wheeler! I don't know how!"

"It's okay!" He sits close behind me and his arms come underneath my shoulders and grips the handles, "Put your hands here so you don't fall off! I'm trying to keep you warm so you don't get sick!" I place my hands on the handlebars that were revealed when he lifted his hands, and then his rest on top of mine.

"Let's go!"


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