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3. iii


After Danny shows me around, I walk back inside to see that dinner is almost ready. 

"Hey, Megan" Miranda walks around the corner and then leads me to the kitchen, "my son will be here soon, but his cousin is coming too if you don't mind"

"Oh, no, I don't" I say. She hands me plate of food and tells me to choose any seat in the dining area. I choose the seat that is the head of the table.

"Man, I'm so hungry!" I hear a boy shout and the doors slam shut.

"Come get some food then!" I hear her laugh.

I see two boys walk in with plates. I literally expected a seven-year-old, but they are both near my age. And oh my God they're so attractive.

"Are you my soon-to-be sister?" The blue-eyed one sits next to me.

"Ahaha...Step-sister, yes" I wave.

"Ahh. I'm Luke. This is Ashton, my cousin, who is in no way related to you, because he's my mom's nephew"

"Um okay. Hi Ashton! I'm Megan" I wave at the shy boy.

"Hi" he says quietly. Just then Miranda walks in with a pitcher of sweet tea. She pours us all some and then my dad walks in.

"Hey" Miranda walks over and kisses his cheek, "your plate is in the kitchen"

"Thanks" he walks to the kitchen.

Miranda sits across from Luke, who is next to me. I look back and forth at both of them to figure out how Luke got his blonde hair, but the blue eyes are definitely from her. My dad walks back in with his plate and sits next to Miranda.

"So did you like the tour Danny gave you?" He asks me. I sit my fork down and wipe my hands on the napkin.

"Yes, I did. I really didn't know you owned all of that property. Why didn't you tell me?"

He looks like he is a little sad, "Well, um, I-I thought you wouldn't care"

I feel like yelling. He knows it's because he was too scared to talk to me.

"Dad, of course I would care. This is awesome... Can I be excused?" I ask. He lets me leave. I walk to my room and put my red chucks on and walk back to the front door. I step outside and sit on the huge porch.

"Hey" I feel someone's presence sitting on the wood panels next to me.

I look over and see Luke.

"Hi" I reply awkwardly.

"So what's exactly going on with your dad? I can see there's a little tension" he asks.

"Um, well...He left me in Connecticut to come down here and have a life with you guys. I thought I wasn't good enough for him. Now, my mother and he did get a divorce, but I was still in existence. Now he only gets to see me once a year instead of every other weekend. It's his own fault we aren't close anymore"

Luke looks at the yard, "And he didn't even call you?"

"No" I shrug, "but I guess I never realized he was actually busy. I'm just here because I was being 'rebellious'" I roll my eyes. He hits his shoes on mine.

"I have those shoes"

"Oh, really?" I laugh.

"Yeah, totally. They're my favorite pair" I see that he is wearing a black pair.

"To be honest, since my dad never called me, I didn't know much about you or Miranda. I thought you were some little kid"

"And you weren't looking forward to meeting me?" He laughs.

"Nope, not at all. But you seem really cool" I smile.

"I am" he smiles, "but Ashton is even cooler. He's just shy around new people"

"Awe, that's cute" I laugh. Luke walks inside to go find Ashton. They both walk back out.

"Alright, Megan, here he is"

"Hey" I stand up and wave at him. He smiles awkwardly, but it's sweet.


"You guys, lets go ride on the golf cart" Luke says.

"And do what?" I look at him. They both look at each other and laugh and drag me to the golf cart Danny drove me around in earlier.

After maybe eight minutes of driving down a dirt rode way in his backyard, there are some woods that still have a cleared path. Luke hops out of the cart and walks over to a small shed. Ashton follows, so I awkwardly sit on the back of the cart alone. I hear a loud sound and see Luke and Ashton ride out on two four wheelers and I get extremely excited.

"Lets go!" Luke shouts. They ride over to me and Luke picks me up by my arm and sits me on the back of Ashton's.

"So where are we going?!" I ask loudly over the engines.

"You'll see!" Ashton shouts back. Luke starts driving down the path in the woods. Ashton follows behind him. They go slow at first but then Luke takes off.

"You good if I go faster?" Ashton asks me.

"Definitely" I say and grip my arms around his waist tightly. He immediately takes off just as fast as Luke. Before I can blink, we're flying through the thick woods. We turn a few sharp corners until they slow down and pull to a stop.

"So is there no more path?" I ask.

"There is, but we're not going there" Luke jumps down from the four wheeler. Ashton does as well and turns to me. He holds out both of his hands, that I grab, and I jump down in front of him.

"Shoot, sorry" I run into him. I look up at him and he smiles. "Sorry" I brush off my pants, "sorry"

"It's okay" he laughs.

"We should um, follow him" I point at Luke who turns to the right.

"Yeah" Ashton still smiles and walks ahead of me. I follow closely behind. There is no longer a path. Just trees and twigs, until I see light. Luke pushes through a few briars and Ashton holds them up so they don't scratch me up. I look up and see a really beautiful lake. It's not big, but it's so cool. There's tall grass surrounding it.

"This is so cool" I say.

"Just wait" Ashton says while smiling.

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